Written by wightman

24 Jan 2015

This relates to an episode that happened a few years ago now. I love the stories on here and thought it was time that i contributed, so here it goes.

My wife enjoys me talking dirty when enjoying sex and the thought of situations, certain people and particularly threesomes gets her going and becomes very moist very quickly. She knows of my desire to enjoy herself outside of our very loving marriage, but has told me many times it was not for her and if we met another guy she would want me there. I am not very big and love the idea of her enjoying a long thick cock.

About her, she is tall blond and in line with all stories on here, very good looking. She is slim, a wonderful bum, perfect boobs and after a few wines, becomes extremely horny. I am 5 11, but in high heels taller than me. Fantastic for screwing both standing up!

We are fairly independant people, i work abroad occasionally and my wifes best friends relocated to Majorca a good few years ago. They were friends before we got together, so after my initial visit, i left her, to go out every spring to catch up, get some early sun and most of all just talk! They have a business out there as well having an apartment that is rented out. Often when she visits, there are other family members or friends enjoying their generosity.

Well as usual, come the Spring off she popped. We chatted every night, neither having a lot to say, but we touched base, yes good weather, good food and a friend of theirs Andrew was also saying. I didn't even think to ask any questions, straight over my head.

Well on here return, looking lovely and brown, i couldn't wait for our children to disapear (old teenagers)so i could ravish her. That evening in bed we had a great time and first thing in the morning, in fact she was insatiable, it went on all week. It was great, but there was something different about her. As the week progressed i kept asking where this was coming from, i loved it, but something happened. Well for myself to orgasm, i like her to tell me a fantasy, anything and it doesn't take long for me to shoot. So i asked her for something just to get me off. This was when the story unfolded.

It turned out, Andrew fancied her. Her friends had told her about him, bit of a black sheep, definatly a player, but equally charming. He was a tall blond guy, nice calves, looked liked there was a decent package in his swimming trunks. Got me very hard, her describing this. The four of them enjoyed the sun, lovely Tapas and good conversation.

As the week progressed, he flirted outrageously with her, she was slightly embarassed this was happening in front of her friends, but he continued and in reality she enjoyed it. They would stay up in the evening watching tv after the others had retired enjoying some red wine.

One day she said she walked by his downstairs apartment, looking in on his dishevelled bedding and felt herself tingle thinking about being ravished on there.

Things kicked off when she was in the pool, she was already admiring his body before he was even in their small pool. At one point, all of them were in there. Its quite small, so a few times she felt himself brushing up against her, maybe an arm around her, even his cock brushing against her bum. Her motor was running, combined with the sun she wanted to put her hand behind her back and touch that cock. She resisted, but god she felt horny.

That evening they all went for a meal, returned for another and sat down to watch some TV. Her friends eventually retired to bed leaving herself and Andrew to finish up. Eventually they to both retired to bed, herself in the main house, Andrew in the apartment. She lay in bed, it was a hot and stifling night, combined with feeling unsatisfied sexually, she lay there unable to sleep. She got up and looked out of the window, Andrews light was on. A decision had been made.

She carefully opened her bedroom door, slipped quietly downstairs, the backdoor was already open enabling their dogs to walk in and out. She tip toed across the patio, past the pool and tapped lightly on Andrews door. He opened it and smiled. She put her finger to her mouth and entered. His shirt was off, but he still had his Jeans on. She dropped to her knees fumbling with his belt, he helped her, his jeans dropped to the floor, his cock was already engorging pressing against the outside of boxers. She pulled them down and his cock sprang into view. She wasn't disapointed it was thick and plenty big enough. She sucked it, feeling it swell in her mouth, a first taste of precum was swirled around with her tongue. He stepped out of his jeans. He pulled her up and proceeded to take what little clothes she was wearing off. He pushed gently back onto the bed, and then parted her legs to slide his tongue up her very wet slit. After a few mins he pulled himself and worked his way up the bed until they were able to kiss. The tip of his cock was gently slipping inside of her, then out. She placed her hands around and grabbed his ass cheeks, desperatly trying to pull him in. He resisted until she felt herself say, 'fuck me'. He slid in until his balls could be felt on her bum. He then picked up a pace, fucking her harder with each stroke. The bed was shaking and she felt herself grabbing both sides of the bed to stop herself moving up the bed. The orgasm, built within her as his cock filled more of her than i ever have. She felt his ass clench, one, two times as he emptied himself in her. Immediatly she shifted to retrieve her clothes, no eye contact wanted, embarassed and keen to get back before she was caught. She returned to her room, spunk having run down her legs on her run of shame back to the house. She found a towel to put under herself to avoid bedding being stained.

The next day, all returned to normal, they never had sex again, but he asked her out to a nightclub near the end of the week, but she knew she would succumb and also aware what her friends would think and maybe me.