Written by Marc

29 Oct 2017

I have been married to my wife Joanne for over ten years and for the past three we have started to explore our sexuality with other couples and have found this exciting and invigorating. We are both in our early 40s and keep fairly trim.

Joanne is a brunette with a curvy figure, which many seem to adore. Her pussy hair is neatly trimmed but not completely shaven and her nipples are hyper sensitive and extremely lickable.

Over the past few years we holiday in Maspolomas once a year, we have met a few lovely couples on our travels and the sex has always been exciting and fun. We enjoy the dunes on occasion but often find the attention of some men a little overbearing.

However, my story relates to a session in the dunes the other week we were there. It was towards the end of the week and we had met two couples that were wonderful and we had enjoyed having sex with them. Joanne said she would like to try the dunes and she would like to make as many men come as possible, but she told me only one could have sex with her.

So off we set, we like to move away from ‘pussy hills’ and find a spot more in the middle between ‘pussy hills ‘and the Riu, it is a little quieter and away from the through traffic! That said, it never takes long before we get spotted.

Joanne stripped to her bikini bottoms and enjoyed some sunbathing whilst she read some erotic fiction, something that gets her very wet. I also stripped and enjoyed sunbathing.

Within 20 minutes there were five men watching and wanking their cocks.

After an hour I could count 12 men, most wanking their cocks. Joanne was teasing them by moving her bikini bottoms to the side to show her pussy and at she opened her legs from time to time. She whispered to me that she wanted some men to come on her so I signalled to five.

The chosen five came forward and Joanne lay on her back and I explained they could come over her. One man rested his balls on Joanne’s mouth to lick and he shot his cum over her tits, another wanted to do the same whilst the other scame over her pussy and tummy.

Joanne wanted more and I signalled for five more guys to come over and they did the same. Joanne then took a fancy to a guy with a large cock and she said she wanted him to fuck her. I gave him a condom and Joanne got on all fours and this guy started to fuck her, she sucked my cock as he gave it to her. She told me it was a good fuck and she could feel him coming even with a condom on. After he had finished I got Joanne on her back and plunged my cock into her and came quite quickly. Joanne lay on her back with her legs wide open and my come seeping out, I signalled to the other guys if they wanted to lick and three of them enjoyed licking her pussy and shooting their come over her tits.

We signalled the end of the session and to be fair most went away. We wiped up, and walked to the sea for a lovely swim. What an afternoon. Joanne tells me it was such a thrill making so many men come, just goes to show the power these women have over us!

Joanne says she wants to do something like that more regularly than once a year in Maspolomas but it is just working out how!