Written by Mark

7 Jun 2018

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Meeting 13 - May 19th

I knocked about with Tony over 15 years ago. He was a friend of friends I met playing Rugby and we became buddies for our shared interest in motor racing. He would come with me and a couple of other mates to Car Rally events and we even spent a rain soaked weekend at Le Mans together. Tony met a girl and moved down to Bristol and that was the last time I saw him.

The only reason we got back in touch was that he contacted me on one of the profiles Sally and I have. I had no idea it was him at first and it was only when he sent me an email and I noticed his full name that I asked him the question. This all happened back in March. He happened to have a day out on the job working in Oxford and I arranged to met for dinner on me and that turned into a bit of a drinking session.

Tony had not had a smooth 15 years. He and his wife had split about 4 years ago and he had got in with the wrong crowd, drugs, alcohol and so on as he struggled to get over the split. Tony is a placid guy, but when he does snap he can look after himself. He got into a fight in a club and ended up doing 10 months in prison for ABH. He only got out in November 2017 and has been keeping himself clean since. He got a job in an engineering company and is renting a room in a shared house in the center of Bristol.

Of course I had to tell him all about Sally and this new lifestyle. After all that was the reason for him contacting me in the first place. He was gob smacked with what I had been able to achieve with Sally. He did say that I always had dark side to me and he was not that surprised this is what I had gotten into.

He was well up for getting to fuck Sally. He had not been with a woman since before his prison stay and was desperate... I was more than happy to offer Sally's services to a deserving friend.

Tony was short on cash so there was no chance he could get to Birmingham let alone staying in a hotel. So I booked a Premier Inn in the city center of Bristol on the 19th May.

Tony arrived at the hotel around 5pm and we had a drink in the bar first so he could be introduced to Sally properly. Just take a moment to digest that. Sally is about to be fucked by a guy that she is meeting for the first time in the hotel bar.

We headed up to the room about 30 minutes later. Tony was nervous, but Sally was in her slut mood and asked Tony to get naked and sit up on the bed. She then got naked herself and posed for him momentarily before climbing onto the bed and nestled between his legs. She played with his cock for a while teasing him, although his cock was rock hard so no teasing required.

Poor Tony, though, only lasted about 5 minutes. Even Sally was taken by surprise and took the first spurt on her chin before she realised he was cuming. She soon realised, and without hesitation, covered his erupting cock with her mouth. I watched smiling as she gulped at least 3 times before scooping his cum from her chin into her mouth. She licked and sucked him clean...

Tony was super embarrassed and told Sally to swap places and he settled between her legs his tongue exploring her clit. He was very enthusiastic and very keen to make up for the loss of control. Sally did not mind at all. He was down there for nearly 30 minutes and Sally was in a heaven. He found a position with two fingers in her pussy while licking her clit. Sally bucked and kicked and cried out as she came. I love the 5 or 10 minutes after Sally has had an orgasm. She is totally wasted and would not be able to tell you what day it was.

Tony climbed off her and dragged her by the legs to the edge of the bed, he put her legs over his shoulders and pushed his now hard cock inside her. Sally's pussy was still tender and that action made her shudder and her eyes rolled back into her head. He fucked her slowly watching her shudder beneath him. He leaned forward and kissed her neck, then down to her breasts, licking and sucking each nipple in turn and then groping and squeezing her tits.

He fucked her like this for ages swapping between kissing her breasts and neck and frenzied fucking. When she had finally regained her senses he flipped her onto her hands and knees. He had a much better position to feel the fullness of her now swinging breasts swaying as he fucked her. This proved to much and for the second time he shot his load, this time into her pussy. I love it that he asked me if he could cum inside her, ignoring that he should be asking Sally. I nodded approval and he obliged happily.

I now had my turn and got onto the bed where Tony had started and Sally nestled between my legs and took my hard cock in hand and got down to pleasuring me while Tony got his breath back. I was able to last and controlled her sucking my cock and balls and even lifting myself up so she could rim me. Tony was soon back in the game and this time got on the bed behind her and while she sucked me he lifted her legs into the doggy position and once again pushed his cock into her pussy. Sally was, not for the first time, being spit roasted and she was loving the attention. She had that slutty look in her eye as she sucked me.

Tony casually asked me if he could fuck her arse. I agreed and told him to use the lube in my bag. He was soon balls deep into her bottom. I watched her face contort, grimace and her yelp as she got used to him inside her. Then she settled down, sucking me and being arse fucked by my buddy. This time it was too much for me so I held her head down firmly on my cock as I shot my cum into her mouth. Another 3 gulps and my balls were empty. I climbed out to let Tony finish himself off.

By midnight Sally was shattered and had called the stop word which is the first time she had used it, but she looked very weary and it was a good finish for us both cuming on her face to end the session with my wife.

Tony and I left Sally to sleep and headed down to the bar to finish the night with a few beers.

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