Written by Travelbird

14 Oct 2009

When Richard left the new house he didn’t tell me, so i was left wandering about upstairs on the landing measuring for curtains and things, the surveyor from the furniture company must have had a great time, looking up my skirt, he certainly didn’t make his presence known for ages.

We had gone to our new house to meet surveyors and planners for bedrooms, I thought it appropriate to dress smartly, so my tartan skirt and suede boots were worn along with some opaque stockings and Richards favourite six strap suspender belt.

The surveyor lets call him Mr Sharp, eventually caught my attention, and together we measured and planned two rooms. I did notice that this called for a lot of bending, and stretching, my skirt was quite tight and easily rode up. I however did my best to maintain my composure. Mr Sharp was actually quite a nice guy with an easy manner. At one point. I needed to show him a detail which needed to be built, and which could be seen in one of the other part built houses. So off we went, into the other house, which didn’t have a staircase only a ladder, without thinking i climbed the ladder followed by him, once again it must have been a great show, this only occurred to me when i was coming back down, with him standing on the hall floor. 3 steps to go on a commercial ladder and i slipped my heeled boots not suited to narrow rungs. I have to give it to Mr Sharp he was quick but subtle, one hand onto my bum, his right hand whether accidentally or by design held my right thigh under my skirt and on my stocking top. I was lowered to the ground, much to my embarrassment.

To set the record straight i am happily married and love my husband and we have a good sex life, so what happened next is well out of character. We both returned to our new house and climbed the stairs onto the small galleried part overlooking the stairwell. After that things get a little vague. I reached the room door and turned to find Mr Sharp virtually on top of me. I recall my back against the ballestrade and his mouth over mine, his tongue probing my mouth, what was shocking is that i responded. The rest is a blur i am leaning over the stairwell, looking onto the stairs i can see my black panties on the ground then i feel Mr Sharp. I recall thinking this is funny, now the surveyor is surveying me, except with his cock. It was quick and hard. I didn’t think i could climax as quickly.He wasn’t far behind; the whole thing was over in what seemed like seconds.

He made some comment about finishing off, I picked up my panties and put them back on; I noticed he had left something behind on my opaque stockings, several small white stains. Richard would not have to see this, or the gusset of my panties which seemed to be absorbing what had been left inside me !

The entire time nothing was said, however Mr Sharp is visiting our home next week with drawings and costs. I think I will have to behave.