Written by Mark

23 Sep 2018

Sunday 9th September

Back in May Sally was introduced to Steve, a friend of Lee who is a Sky engineer and has fucked Sally on a number of occasions. Steve subsequently introduced us to George who is a football buddy of his. Sally had called George and introduced herself  on our way home after our meeting with Steve,  but unfortunately we never actually got to organise that meet due to the pregnancy scare. Now that Sally is back up and running I called George and rearranged for this weekend. I decided on neutral ground to meet George and booked into a hotel in Birmingham. We even had to make this a Sunday meeting as England were playing on the 8th and he wasn't going to miss the game!!! So Sally and I checked in at 3pm and met George in the bar at 4pm.

These recommendations are an amazing way to meet people, not only remove the burden of having to check out guys to make sure they are not axe murderers, however, it also means I get to introduce Sally to men we might not otherwise have met. What I mean by that is that I usually chat with guys online that I am able to connect with in some way. Both Steve and George, however, would not be included in that category. These guys come from different worlds entirely. George is an avid football fan and follows Birmingham home and away. I met George back in July to check him out and was with him for about an hour. In that hour he consumed 4 pints of Stellar to my one. The man was a machine! As with Steve he is a typical football fan, my apologies if this offends, but I did show George this post and he agreed with my view. He loves football, women and fighting. In fact I am sure George could have an argument in an empty room once he was drunk. Steve had assured me that he was fine when sober and I should make sure we met when before he got to that place.

Sally had not actually met George face to face and had only spoken to him once back in May. I love this approach it really tests Sally's commitment and proves she gets off fucking strange men. Although I could tell Sally was in a horny mood, she was a little nervous and he was larger than life from the moment we met. George is in his late 20s, 6ft and has to be around 15 or 16st. Apparently he used to be a gym nut a few years back and he still has some shape although the beer is starting to take effect. He assumed the alpha male role immediately and was crude and a little over bearing from the off... He referred to her on more than one occasion as a dirty whore. Sally took it in her stride and laughed with him and took the crudeness as compliments.

Most of the guys we meet like the idea of fucking a guys wife in front of her husband, but no more so than George. He really got off on the fact that he was using Sally, my wife, in front of me. He played up to that for the entire 2 or 3 hours he was with us.

Since the pregnancy Sally's sex drive has just increased steadily week after week to a point where it does consume her somewhat. This does happen regularly and I have got used to the cycles. Being in this mood makes these meetings far easier to arrange and she has fewer inhibitions. George was in for a good evening.

We barely got into the door when Sally, unusually, took the lead and initiated passionate kissing with him. She was actually the one starting the play. I watched Sally undo his belt and pop his buttons while she was kissing him. I saw her smile as she asked him, "How do you want me today?" It was clear to see that she was horny and wanted to be fucked. I can't being to explain how thrilling it is to see your wife wanting it so much with another guy in front of you.

Sally continued to take the lead and I liked this different approach.

"Take my clothes off!" she said to him breathlessly. "What do you want to do to me?"

George was loving it although a bit surprised as everything I had said to him suggested Sally would be passive. He was not complaining. He pulled at her vest top putting his hand up her shirt and gripped then mauled her breasts. He pulled off the top and roughly pulled up her bra so her breasts popped out. He leaned down and sucked long and hard on both nipples. They then continued to kiss passionately.

"Your wife is a fucking dirty whore mate" George said to me in between kisses

By the time they got over to the bed they were practically naked, clothes strewn across the floor. I watched as he laid her face down across the bed with her legs apart in a doggy position. He told me to go and sit opposite so I could watch her face and then he settled behind her and entered her pussy from behind. I listened to her beg and encourage him as it appeared that he was punishing her with sex. It even sounded like a little crying laced in with the screaming and begging as he drove his cock into my wife. George was giving me and Sally commentary through out.

"Your wife is fucking cock monster mate!", "She is loving my cock", "Do you like being my fuck pig baby?" and so on.

He changed position, moving her onto her back and then taking each leg over each shoulder. He continued to fuck her roughly, leaning down to kiss and maul her breasts and then kissing her passionately. He then got her back on her hands and knees and repeated. This time as well as mauling her breasts he put his fingers in her mouth and fish hooked Sally. Again giving us both commentary on where his cock was, how slutty she was and how he was loving fucking my wife.

When she felt that he was about to cum, she begged, "Cum inside me. I want it in me. Cum in me please?".

That was enough for him to lose control and seconds later he was emptying his balls into my wife. He moaned out loud as he did so, shaking and pushing at the same time. When he finished he didn't pull out instantly instead leaving his cock inside her twitching.

"I want you to clean my cock slut?" he instructed,

After catching his breath he withdrew and Sally immediately hopped off the bed got down on her knees in front of him.   I could see cum on his cock. She did not even seem to notice and took his still hard cock in her mouth, and started to lick and suck him clean as asked. George had his phone in his hand and was taking pictures of her sucking. As she kissed, licked and sucked his cock she looked up, smiled into the camera, and told him that he didn't have to leave just yet. She clearly wanted more. George just smiled down at her and told her he was not finished with her just yet. He let her finish and then replaced me in the chair across the bedroom to recover while I performed for him with Sally. He had his phone out and I am sure he was now sending a couple of those snaps to his mates.

I fucked Sally as George had done, I had her on her knees and then on her back. He looked on smiling throughout. Sally was enjoying performing for him, but I could tell she wanted to cum. So I propped her up on the head board and went down on her. It probably took no more than 10 minutes and she was cuming like a train. She groaned and bucked and groaned some more before collapsing in a heap on the bed.

George was ready again and he was not worried that she was now wasted and lying spread eagle on the bed, her eyes rolled back into her skull. He rolled her over onto her stomach, propped her bottom up, added some lube that I had brought along and pushed his cock into her arse. She never really moved and offered no resistance other than a moan as his cock head popped inside her. He took his time to get comfortable, then laid on top of her, his cock now balls deep into her arse. He then fucked her back into reality with his whole weight on top of her pushing her head into the pillow and his groin deep into her bottom.

He again started to verbally abuse her and making comments to me about what a whore of a wife I had and how we was going to stretch her arse so she could not sit down. I had sat back in my chair and was watching fascinated once again. He stayed like that for a while, then flipped her over onto her back and continued to fuck her arse with her legs over his shoulders. They kissed again in this position which only made him fuck her harder. He flipped over again so this time it was doggy position and still fucking her arse. He was like this for over an hour before finally, with her on her back and him kissing her, shot his second load into my wife, this time up her arse.

It was an amazing evening and even after George left us Sally was in a tremendously horny mood so we fucked again until well after midnight. I was even tempted to head downstairs to find another guy, but she just wanted to fuck me. I was not going to argue.