Written by JDK_0101

24 Nov 2007

I was surfing the web, looking for someone to meet up with, when a local bi couple im’d me. The questions became quite direct, how sub am I, what do I like etc… the conversation moved onto descriptions of how he would feed me his cock, blindfold me and spank me before fucking me…he was very explicit about how he wanted me when he was to turn up. I was to go out get some black stockings and open the door with nothing else on… by now I was wanking away like there was no tomorrow, at which he forbade me from touching myself until I had permission. All I could think of was how he was going to make me his plaything. I had but a little time to get ready. I went out bought the best looking pair of stockings I could find. I was all ready with some toys to loosen my tight virgin arse, and cleaned myself up.

On the dot he turned up, I opened the door, in my stockings that had me hard, feeling very exposed. He was pleased that I had followed his instructions well. As I turned around he gave my arse a well done spank. As we went into the living room, he dropped his trousers, without being asked I got on my knees and sucked his cock. As I was sucking I could feel it getting hard. He took hold of my head and pulled it into him so that it drove his cock deep into my throat. After a bit he wanted to take some photo’s of me for his mrs back home. He then blindfolded me and had me get in the floor on all fours. He then starting spanking me with different things, starting with a belt, spoon and other things from the bag… each time he had me feel it with my hands and guess what it was, every now and again he would finger my hole or rub my cock. I was so ready to cum. He asked how I wanted to be fucked. I really wanted it, but instead he inserts a butt plug. He has my lie down, suddenly a cock is presented to me to suck, I am not allowed to use my hands and am still blindfolded, so am feed his cock and arse to lick, back and forth. The butt plug keeps reminding me I still need and want to be fucked. When he is ready, he turns me over onto all fours, has me pull out the plug and he fucks me from behind. His is bigger than me and I can feel his weight pushing down on me. It felt so good. He was not too big, so it felt great. I had played with some toys but now I was being used for someone’s pleasure….

It does not take long, I wish it had been more, he pulls out takes off the condom and cums all over my arse and back. I can feel the warm liquid all over :-)

He wipes me down. I was so ready it does not take long and I cum loads….

After he goes I wank all over again, re-living it and ready to meet when both of them will fuck me.