Written by Sam

23 Sep 2012

Tom and I have a good sex life, but felt that we should add a bit of spice to it. We've never strayed from our marriage and thought this would be a good idea. We were looking on the Internet for some ideas and read about a couple who had used a remote control egg. The story was great and we decided to do the same. I searched the net for what I needed, ordered it and it arrived. Tom was ta work when it was delivered, so I had the chance to play with it and get used to the feelings it created in my body.

We decided to go to night club, not too far from our house. I put on a black mini skirt, white blouse, hold ups, high heels and a very small thong, just big enough to keep the egg inside me,so it wouldn't fall out. We arrived at the club and went to the bar, where Tom bought me a large drink to steady my nerves. He asked if I still wanted to go ahead with the idea and said yes, although I was quite nervous. Tom said he would go to the loo for a while and leave me on my own. Within a few minutes of his departure, a group of lads came in and came up to the bar. 2 of them started to chat with me and I felt quite good that for the first time in my marriage I was being chatted up. They invited me to join them at a table, after of course buying me a drink. I noticed Tom had come back in and was stood at the bar drinking. I wondered to myself when he was going to switch on the remote, but I had to wait for his convenience.

After about an hour of chatting and a few more drinks, I was getting quite tipsy and noticed that one of the lads, Greg, had put his hand on my leg. There was a slow number being played and he asked if I'd like to dance. I'd forgotten all about the egg and Tom by this stage. We danced close and his hands were on the middle of my back. Suddenly the egg came to life and it was vibrating merrily inside me. My vagina muscles gripped onto it tightly so that Greg wouldn't feel it, but that made it worse and I knew that I was starting to move a little against Greg. He responded by moving his hands onto my bum and pulled me close to him. The vibrations were getting more intense and I was finding it difficult to contain myself. I decided to kiss my dance partner. We kissed passionately, his tongue pushing into my mouth and I could feel him growing against me.

Tom decided to turn off the egg, as it had done what it was supposed to have done and I was now ready for a good fuck from Greg. We left the dance floor and I excused myself for a moment. I nipped into the ladies and quickly removed the egg from my dripping pussy, plus my soaking thong. He was waiting outside the door for me, took my hand and led me outside. We went round the back of the club, where we grabbed each other, kissing passionately, his hand on my bum, pulling up my skirt and finding my naked bum. He spun me round and put his hands onto my boobs, then unbuttoning my blouse, releasing my naked boobs, which he was now massaging quite hard. I could feel myself starting to cum and I'm sure he sensed it as well, as I felt him put his hand between us and pull down his zip. Seconds later he was deep inside me and I had my first orgasm. I could feel him growing inside me as he was approaching his orgasm and then filled me with a huge amount of spunk. The poor guy must not have had it for months. We tidied ourselves up and went back to join his friends and it wasn't long before another lad Jason asked me up to dance. By the end of the night I'd had sex with all for of the guys and I'm sure the batteries in the egg must have been almost drained. One of the guys walked me home, followed at a safe distance by Tom, who made the most of my condition when we got to bed.