Written by Sam

27 Sep 2012

After my experience with the remote control egg I wanted to do it again, but sadly it didn't happen for weeks. I was continually reliving that night and was desperate to do it again. Tom said the best thing to do was take it on holiday with us and have some fun in the sun. So I had to wait even longer.

Off we went on the hols and arrived at the resort and booked into the hotel. It was about 3 pm, so I thought to myself, at last we can do it tonight. Tom agreed that we would go out after dinner and play it by ear. We showered and got dressed for dinner. I'd bought a new dress, which Tom hadn't seen and was keen to put it on for him to see. His eyes virtually pooped out of his head when I walked out of the bathroom. The dress was about 4 inches above the knee, was white and had a split from the neckline down to just above the waist, with the same at the back. Of course there was no way I could wear a bra, but did have a really small g-string on to keep the egg in place. I asked if he approved. Hed nodded. So it was down to dinner. The number of guys that just stared was unreal, even if they were with their own partners. For the first time ever I felt a bit sluttish.

After an enjoyable meal, with a fair amount of wine, we set off on our night out. The first bar we went into was loud and very busy, with the likelyhood of some slow stuff quite remote, so we moved on. The next was better and had quite a few folk drinking and dancing, but it wasn't that noisy. This time of course Tom was with me, so we had to do things differently. We found a table in the corner, but close to the dance floor and had a few drinks. I was now quite tipsy and ready for some action. A guy came up to the table, when Tom went to the bar to get another drink. It was a slow number and I was enjoying the slow rythem and had forgotten all about the egg inside me. The dance finished and Stuart took me back to the table. I was just about to introduce my hubby, when he stood up and said Hi, I'm Tom, this is my little sis. Stuart's eyes lit up a the tought of maybe getting into my knickers. We all chatted away and the next time a slow dance came on, Stuart took me up. This is when the egg started to vibrate and appart from taking me by surprise, had slip almost out of my virgina, rubbing hard against my clit. I put my hand in between us and pushed it back in, whilst rubbing Stuart's cock with the back of my hand. Talk about an instant erection, wow. He became hard so quickly and with the egg and his hard cock rubbing against me, I was in heaven. He kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth and with his hands on my bottom, pulled me close to him.

After the dance, I excused myself and went to the loo. I took the egg out and popped it and my sodden g string into my handbag. When I got back Tom suggested that it was getting late and was going back to the hotel, but he added that Stuart would look after me and get me back OK. Of he went. I didn't have a clue how to find my way back to the hotel so was totally in Stuarts hands. He thought we should und to his hotel for a nightcap, he was a gentleman. I was amazed when I got to his hotel, it was a 5 star and was so luxurious. We had a drink in the bar, which was empty. Sitting on the high bar stool, I felt like a prostitute picking up a guy for money. Stuart was full of compliments, which alwasy goes down well with me, and asked if I would like to have a look at his room. At last, I thought, I'm now going to get shagged. Intoi the lift and a passionate ambarce and kiss until we reached his floor. He opened the door and I expected to see the usual batroom on one side and the usual twin beds. How wrong could I be. It was a huge suite, with lounge, dining area, bathroom and bedroom. He showed me round and we went into the bathroom,which again was enormous. It had a very large spa bath and a television. He said, why don't we try it out, to which I nodded. He put the taps on to fill the bath and while we were waiting we went into the lounge for a drink. What sort of video would you like to watch, he asked. What, I thought. He wants to watch a film. He must have seen the puzzles look on my face and said it's OK, I'll put something on I'm sure you'll enjoy. Back we went into the bathroom, where the bath was now filled. I'll go and get changed, if you'd like to hang your dress on the back of the door and jump in, I'll only be a minute. I slipped the dress and shoes off and stepped into the foam filled bath. A few minutes later Stuart appeared, totally naked, with a remote control in his hand. He stood at the side of the bath and aimed the remote at the TV. On came the film, which was a blue one. He climbed into the bath and put the jets on. It was nice watching a blue movie, a jet pulsating against my pussy and Stuart with his arm around me. I was really getting turned on and when I turned to kiss Stuart, felt him woking a finger inside me, rubbing gently as he did so. I grabbed hold of his cock, which was really hard and pulled back the foreskin and started to wank him. We were both really turend on now and he said that we should now go through to the bedroom. He took my hand led me through, to the bottom of the bed where there were towels. He dried me off and I dried I off. Again he took my hand and led me to the side of the bed, inviting me to get in. I slid betwen what I think were silk sheets and he got in beside me. I lay on my back and he immediately got on top of me, we kissed and he again inserted 2 fingers into my pussy, hitting exactly the right spot and he knew it. He then proceeded to slip his thick cock into me. I didn't realise how big it was as he pushed deeper inside me. I felt myself coming quite quickly and rolled us over so that I could ride him. His hands were tweeking my nipples quite hard, which sent a judder through my body. He pulled me down onto him and we kissed again I came and wondered how long he would be able to continue, because I was so enjoying it and didn't want it to stop. I came twice more before he eventually flooded me with his spunk. It was terrific and I told him so and said he certainly had the staying power, to which he siad yes thanks to Viagra. As promised he took me back to the hotel and when I suggested meeting the following day, he apologised and said he was returning to the UK the following morning. I did get his mobile though.