Written by Roy

14 Jun 2007

After Lauras first meet with the pizza man i decided to watch for signs of any further fun and games between them. It was the following weekend when she came home from the shops with a bag full of sexy underwear, telling me it was about time she treated herself, not knowing that i'd seen her last treat a few days ago ! When i saw her putting on her new bra and knickers on the Monday morning i realised round two must be happening today, i told her i was getting the bus to work today and would see her tonight, knowing i could see from the bus stop she left the house and drove away, i quickly crossed the road and let myself back into the house. After about 10 minutes of watching rom the window i saw Lauras car pull up outside again,i quickly ran upstairs to our bedroom and hid inside our large wardrobe, a couple of moments later Laura came into the room, she was straight onto the phone obviously talking to pizza man telling him how horny she was feeling and to get round here as soon as possible, the chat must have been turning her on because by now she was sat on the bed with her hand inside her knickers fingering herself, she undressed down to her underwear and just lay there playing with herself until ten minutes later i heard the front door open and close within seconds pizza man walked into the bedroom (the cheeky bastard had a key to my house !) Laura just lay there still touching herself while looking at him, he couldn't get his clothes of fast enough showing a impressive 8 inch cock already with pre cum glistening on the end, he walked over to Laura and offered his cock to her mouth which she greedily accepted, he moved her hand away and started fingering her and rubbing her clitoris, he stopped for a moment and removed her bra and knickers releasing her beautiful tits, i could tell by her rock hard nipples she was as horny as hell by now, he bent over and sucked and licked these for a while which with his fingering as well was making her moan like mad, he stopped this and shifted himself into the 69 position where the two of them started licking and sucking each other like mad, within moments they were both writhing on the bed as they cum in each others mouths, Laura must have been so horny she straight away straddled him before his cock had time to go limp and eased it into her soaking wet pussy, she gently started moving up and down, obviously this had the desired affect on him because within moments she was telling him how big he felt and she wanted him to fill her full of his cum, she started pounding faster while pushing her breasts in his face for him to suck, he told her he was ready and wanted her to cum on his cock at the same time which seemed to tip her over the edge as she started twitching and shouting till they both collapsed in a heap. They lay there for a while just touching each other till he said suck my cock hard again then i want to fuck you from behind, Laura seemed more than happy to take his dripping 8 inches in her mouth again and got straight to work, i must say shes great at it and in no time she had him hard and ready again, he then said lean against the wardrobe mirror so i can watch myself cum in you, luckily they picked my wardrobe where i was hiding, i was inches away as i watched him slide his cock into her from behind i could see her face (so close i could have touched it ) and was she enjoying it, after 5 minutes or so he started pounding so hard i could hear his balls slapping against Lauras arse, once again their timing was perfect and they both started cumming together again, Laura was shaking by now where she'd cum so much but she still found the energy to turn round and drop to her knees to suck the last drop of cum from pizza mans sagging dick, he told her he had to go then but would see her again and with a lingering kiss he was dressed and gone, Laura lay on the bed for a while recovering before leaving the bedroom, then i heard the shower running which gave me the chance to leave my hiding place and creep back downstairs, i left for work deciding that i might confront Laura tonight and suggest a threesome, then again i might just watch out for round three first and accidentally walk in on them ! i'll let you know when i work it out