2 Jan 2017

I am a married man, married to Julie since 1970 but I also have a mistress, her name is Julie.

She dominates me and abuses me verbally physically and sexually and also she is a working pro with a number of men friends.

I see her about once per month when time and finances avail and if I know I can see her at a specific time then she will not was her body for a few days before as she knows I love the smell of her unwashed body.

I ranger her a few weeks ago to arrange a meeting with her on Tuesday afternoon as Julie my wife was out for the afternoon.

I arrived at Julies and was immediately ordered upstairs and told to strip off. She provided me with a tiny g string to wear and then said she had got a client coming in a few minutes and I had to go upstairs to the attic room and not make a sound as she though he was coming to fuck her.

I told her I really wanted to watch her getting fucked but she told me to be quiet. slapped my arse really hard and told me she was the mistress and I was her slut and slave.

I went upstairs with one of the gay mags and sat in the room reading the mag and getting harder and harder looking at means cocks.

I heard her client come and there was some small talk for a few minutes then she shouted me Get down her you dirty slut.

I obeyed and came down into the room.

She was laid there naked on the bed with him naked.

He had his arm round her and she had her head on his shoulder stroking his balls and he had a huge erection on.

He wants sucking she said

I walked round to that side of the bed and took hold of his cock and started to stroke it.

He reached out and started to stroke my panty clad member and I made to slip the thong down bug-t Julie said leave it alone don’t touch yourself

I was obedient.

Julie said that he wanted sucking and I said did he want me to suck him

He said yes and I bent over and took his cock in my mouth - Julie was still playing with his balls

I felt him thrust up into my mouth and his cock hit the back of my throat. mmm you do want it don’t you I said to him,. Julie continued to play with his balls.

I said to Julie I think this would go up my arse better what do you think.

He looked shocked as he thought I said I wanted to fuck his arse and he said he had never had anything up his bum.

I went to get a condom and rolled it onto his erect cock, Julie was still fondling his balls and I said I need some lube.

Julie allowed me to remove the thong and applied lube to my arse and slipped a finger into my arse hole to make sure the lube was well in.

I straddled him and Julie directed his cock into my arse. It was a beautiful cock slim at the head and then thickened out on the shaft.

I told him to go steady but as soon as he was in he shoved hard and hurt me. I screamed out and told him that hurt but Julie slapped my arse and said to stop being a wimp.

My cock and balls were rubbing on his tummy and Julie touched me cock an d stroked my balls

I rode up and down on him for a while and then told him to trust up into my arse.

Julie stroked both out balls and squeezed mine really hard and eventually he shot his load into my arse. However I wasn’t finished with him and I sat down on him with his cock right up my arse and then I started to lift up and down. It was very sensitive for him and he was now begging for me to stop but I refused I thought you fucking bastard you raped my arse and now I am making you pay for it.

Julie reached between us and took hold of my cock and started to wank it.

She continued wanking till I shot my load all over his chest.

I got off him and released his cock from my bum and he said he had really enjoyed it.

My arse felt good. it have been too long since I had had a man in there far too long