Written by Stud of Mrs G a Hot Wife

20 Jan 2011

I have known Mrs G for just over a year and we enjoy each others company and erotic times together. Of course being "Mrs" she is married and a real hot wife at that. Her husband is unable to satisfy her wanton sexual needs and of course she loves cock and she confesses to being a greedy girl where I am concerned.

Just in December leading up to the Christmas holidays, we arranged one of our coffee meets as we hadn't seen each other for sometime. We had been chatting and texting or even acting out our fantasies over the phone, but we had been longing to hold each other close and feel each others passion rise. During the week ahead Mrs G had got her husband to buy a new black car and we fantasised about how much fun we were going to have in our new car together. We say ours because everything she or we do, her cuck husband is paying for. Mrs G phoned me up and asked if we could meet for coffee in the city near us. I was of course delighted and we discussed arrangements which did not involve her husband at all. Cuck was going to be looking after his offspring whilst I was getting to see to his wife - the naughty hot wife had not told him a thing.

I woke up Saturday morning and Mrs G had sent me a text to say she was on her way to our rendezvous. I would be travelling to meet her and she would be getting there early so we would meet after she had done some shopping. After sex with her stud, the next best thing Mrs G likes is her shopping and it usually involves sexy dresses, shoes and underwear. Sex with her husband is not as satisfying and comes further down the list after shopping and a great many other things. Mrs G has an eye for something sexy, but always dresses well and looks fine.

I drove to the car park in the city and as I drove around in between all the Christmas shoppers, I recognised Mrs G's new black car by the registration plates and was fortunate to get a space close by her car. It was uncanny how there happened to be a space right there and it felt good that I was near her. Knowing I was in the same town as her again got my heart rate up.

As I strolled through the town, I felt very pleased and excitable that I was almost there and let her know I was close. Mrs G sent me a text from a changing room where she was busy trying on her latest store purchase and I let her continue to finish her shopping as I walked to the coffee shop. I recalled how when we go shopping together, like any good partner I always have a peak and comment on her selections whether it be a skirt, top, dress or her underwear.

On arrival at the coffee shop I bought each of us our usual coffee and sat down and waited in anticipation for my hot wife Mrs G to arrive. I sat there wondering if people I knew or she knew would see us - what would we do, but this was nothing compared to the risk of being caught we would later expose ourselves to.

Mrs G arrived looking perfect as ever. Her pretty smiling face was a warming and welcome sight on such a cold day. She put her shopping to one side, kissed me a greeting kiss and sat down beside me at the table. Wearing a light brown pullover, brown winter jacket, jeans and brown below knee boots, Mrs G looked as hot as ever and I was of course turned on to see her and to receive the first kiss of what would be many that day and kisses which would be far deeper to come.

We chatted away and I on occasion held her hands in mine, rubbed my knee against hers or moved in close to feel her soft face against mine. Of course she was wearing her wedding ring as I held her hand on the table so it would have been evident to all that at least she was married – only I wondered how many concluded it was not to me. She loved this but every now and then I could sense she was feeling the mixture of passion welling within and the danger of being a hot wife caught out. It was not surprising as one of the employees for the firm her husband and Mrs G worked for was definitely in town. Nevertheless we continued our chatting and ordered lunch together.

During lunch Mrs G got a phone call, it was her hubby. He was just checking she was okay and asking her where about she was. Instantly she looked at me and signalled not to speak as she deceived him further saying she was just having coffee and alone. Whilst her husband had doubt in his voice Mrs G just smiled knowingly at me and I continued to stroke her thigh through her jeans as she chatted with hubby and I gazed at her pretty face and kissed her on the neck just below where her amber ear ring hung down. I so wanted to bite and nibble her ears and neck but had to restrain myself as we had an audience in the coffee shop and I could feel my cock starting to swell.

We continued our lunch and Mrs G asked if we should go somewhere quiet for another coffee. We couldn't think of anywhere but due to location and our different direction of travel we decided we would head to the local coffee stop on the motorway. I picked up Mrs G's shopping and carried them for her - all her sexy and delicate purchases, I followed her discretely, almost like a stalker watching how she moved through the crowd and how her legs looked in those lovely fuck me boots. I even took photos of her like a spy watching his target. We loaded the shopping into Mrs G's new ride and little did I know it was going to be exactly that as we headed for the services.

After driving along to the services I phoned Mrs G, I asked her to drive her car into the lorry park as there were less cars parked up there and we could be alone. Of course we were not completely alone, there a few larger trucks and articulated trailers parked up with their trucker trampers resting or reading their favourite paper or no doubt just pictures. I got out of my car and into Mrs G’s new black car. By now a number of truckers had clocked my little rendezvous with Mrs G.

We could tell we were in view of the nosey truckers peering down on Mrs G’s new black car which isn’t a small car, but still the viewers elevated up in their cabs meant they had a good view of me pushing my head towards Mrs G, kissing her lips hard and moving my hands up under the back of her jumper to hold her. With my hands flat on the soft and smooth skin of her back I pulled her towards me. They will have seen as my hands moved to pull her bra undone and my hands cupped her breasts instead, her flesh being exposed to any of the truckers near by.

We then got a call from a similarly inquisitive cuck and the hot wife just told him she had been having a nice time shopping and it wouldn’t be long before she went home. All the time Mrs G and I were holding each other and the sparkle in her eye meant she was not going home just yet – but her husband was still in the dark.

As I continued to kiss and nibble her tender skin, from her ears and down her neck I wanted to kiss her now exposed nipples. I pulled her jumper even further up and twisted her nipples between my fingers before moving in for kissing her erect nipples and gently biting them intermittently and alternating between sucking her tits. Mrs G meanwhile had made a move for my cock. By now my desire to uncover more and more of the gorgeous body of this beautiful hot wife meant that my cock was straining at my boxers. She eagerly started pulling at the buttons on my jeans and belt. Almost in frustration she could not get them undone quick enough. I knew her cuck husband didn’t satisfy her that much, but Mrs G was behaving as if she had been on a sex hunger strike – she was eager for my cock.

I moved along and started to smooth the inside of her jeans and could feel that the gusset of her jeans were sodden with moisture from her pussy, which was further proof if indeed proof were needed that she was well turned on by our exhibitionism. With that she pulled my cock out from my boxers and insisted on taking a picture on her camera phone to send to our cuck just to show what she was getting next – my hard throbbing cock. Well in broad daylight we were both in a state of semi undress and still deep throat kissing in front of strangers. At that moment Mrs G said all she wanted was my cock.

We calmed it down slightly and Mrs G asked me could we go anywhere else. I hadn’t thought she meant the motel and suggested she could follow me in her new car. By now night was falling and in the coldest December on record we made a detour from her journey home and drove over the near mountain range to an exposed car park next to the single track mountain road. The only inhabitants a near by farmhouse linked to the road by the car park we pulled up in. Not a bad off road test for Mrs G’s new car. In the cold and wind I jumped again from my car into Mrs G’s new black car and perched myself next to her in the front. We immediately embraced and commenced to kiss madly and deeply. We were right back at the frenzy we were in on leaving the truck stop and Mrs G says for me to get in the back.

Both of us climbed into the back of her large black car. This car had a wide and deep seat and it was very comfortable for us to kiss and explore each other. I pushed her up against the door and started groping her all over and tugging at her clothes to de-robe her whilst kissing and licking each other furiously with lust. Mrs G grabbed for my cock again and the cock hungry wife wasted no time at all in getting my clothes off either. She tugged and pulled my belt off and feverishly worked to undo my button fly to my jeans. With one sharp pull she pulled down my boxers and jeans together and got down to lick and suck my cock.

Mrs G loves to suck my cock. I’m sure she likes a lot of cock the sex hungry hot wife she is, but she especially likes the feel and taste of my cock and takes great care and time to feel it in her mouth. She closed her lips over the head of my cock and gently began to move her head up and down slow then fast coating my cock in her saliva. She swirled her tongue all over my cock licking from my balls up my shaft to the tip around the top and back down again. This was making me extremely hard and wanting to push inside to fuck her pussy, which is exactly what she wanted and she had prepared my cock well for it.

She moved up over me and tried to pull her jeans down and clamber onto me in a sort of cow girl position. She said to herself that’s not going to work and whipped off her jeans and knickers and straddled my lap, even though we were in this public car park. Then the noise of traffic, only a single car but we were alarmed and stopped in case we had to make good. But the car just drove on by and didn’t stop our fun and games in the back of Mrs G’s new black vehicle.

I had her on my lap and in front of me. I held her arse and rubbed her body as we kissed once more, our tongues sliding over each others lips and dipping into each others mouths, our tongues crossing over each other tasting each other. Her breasts hanging in her bra in front of me I reached around and pulled them free so I could kiss and nibble her tits while Mrs G rubbed my cock against her pubic mound which was all soft and smooth and starting to get wet.

As I looked up at her pretty face we continued to hear the odd car, pausing to catch our breath and wonder if we had to ready ourselves to go. However Mrs G only wanted me to go one place and that was inside her. She pulled my cock and fed it into the mouth of her hungry pussy lowering herself onto my cock until my shaft disappeared into her hot wet cunt.

Mrs G moved her self up and down grasping hold of the top edge of the rear seat for leverage. She kept pulling her self up and letting herself glide back down onto my cock. As she moved up and down fucking herself lustfully I was anchored to the centre of the car seat between her legs and my legs wedged behind the two front seats. As we fucked away I could feel the cars stiff springs holding rigid with little give compared to a normal road car. This meant we fucked hard and Mrs G got my cock deep inside her and she fucked hard on my cock. On times I could hear the car strain on its hand break as we fucked like mad – so much in fact I wondered if it might not hold. Anyone wondering by may not have seen the car bouncing but if they had walked up to the bonnet and looked over it they will have seen Mrs G’s labia spread wide over my cock as she fucked me again and my length disappeared inside her engorged love hole.

She continued to ride me cowgirl and I got my hand free and slipped it between our bodies down to her pussy. I fingered her lips as we fucked massaging her as she fucked rampantly on my cock. Mrs G was soaking from her pussy, not unusual but then it continued as we fucked and it got more pronounced. She was getting more and more wet to the point she had to stop fucking because she couldn’t actually believe how wet she had got either. She was amazed there was so much and she was so aroused.

I rubbed her pussy with my hand and it felt smooth and silky as the girl juice leaked out of her. I encouraged her back on to my cock and she did not need to be asked twice. Neither of us could believe just how much she was dripping but that just turned us both on even more. She had certainly never come like that with her useless cuck of a husband.

Even as I looked up at her and the car headlights of passing cars shone in her blushed crimson face nothing was stopping us now. We were lost in our lust and the juices dripping from Mrs G’s cunt were so much it was running down both of our thighs and over our stomachs, up her arse and over my cock and balls. She said I can’t help it, it just keeps cumming and cumming as she moaned with pleasure and I continued to fuck her with my cock and my hands played with her pussy and her arsehole. I relished fingering her cunt and arse as the copious girl juice flooded out of her love hole and I smeared it all over her arse crack and cheeks. As she came further I caught some of the juices from the inside of her thighs and coated it into her skin all up and down her thighs, pussy and up and over her tits and nipples where I licked at it.

Mrs G now wanted my cum. She returned to expertly sucking me off again and wanked me. I came and she guzzled on my cock as I put her head down, she wrapped her mouth around my cock to catch the hot sperm ejaculating into her open mouth. The spunk traced her lips as it tried to trickle from the corner of her mouth.

We both just lay there in a feeling of orgasmic warmth and cum, both completely fucked. Even then we were so spent we couldn’t be bothered who may still be watching near by or whether we may still be caught half naked in the back of Mrs G’s new car at this public car park. Once recovered to our senses, but still feeling that warmth and buzz of excitement we kissed our parting kisses and headed on our home ward journeys.

When I got home Mrs G sent me a text to say she could still smell me on her and she thought it smelt so good to have me on her, she wasn’t going to clean up. She told me that she was then going to have the cuck home and give him some treatment even if that meant letting him cum as she was now happily satisfied. “I feel so well and truly fucked” is how she actually described to cuck the satisfaction gained from her meet. She described all this as useless cuck did his best to please her - but to no avail. He hadn’t been told a thing of Mrs G’s mischief until after he had got home.

If she could smell my cum on her, I could definitely smell Mrs G’s sweet scent on me – especially after all of her cum dripping all over me. I know we’ll both want it again soon but that will be another episode in the life of hot wife Mrs G and her stud. You lucky people get to share all these stories the only loser is our cuck who is on here somewhere reading also – hopefully whilst I’m out fucking his hot wife.

Stud of Mrs G a Hot Wife