Written by Robert

29 Dec 2011

Joan called me after work and asked me over for dinner. When I arrived I met Ann Joan's best friend from school. Over dinner Joan said she told Ann about our sessions together. Ann said she would like to watch me whack for them. Kind of weird but if Joan would do herself in public for me I guess I could put on a show.

After dinner in the lounge Ann sat next to Joan as I stood in front of them. Joan said come on now pull you meat out and stroke it. But where my motivation? Joan raised her skirt and revealed fresh shaven pussy. Joan had a full bush when I met her, then she trimmed it for me to better a better view. I dropped my pants and began to stoke myself if front of the two of them. The woman made comments about my growing cock. I kept on with the show. Joan got out the rabbit and filled her wet hole. Ann watched and had her hand between her leggs rubbing hers through her dress. Soon Joan was creaming, as Ann's breathing got heavy. Ann's dress was at he waist and two fingers were inside her cunt. She then spoke that the was clean and got a condom out. Ann rolled it down my shaft with care and the spread open for me. Her hands guided me into her hot box. Slowly I pummped away. Her cunt clenched as she came and I shot into the condom deep in her box.

Ann is now my fuck buddy and some of our dates include Joan