Written by username

10 Jan 2016

we were married for 8 years, during that time we had plenty of sex as the wife liked to try every hole, and liked the cum to go in one of the holes, she hated it getting wasted. One evening a work friend stayed over so the wife made up the bed in the spare room. When the time came for us going to bed I left the wife to show my friend where his room was. After a while I noticed the wife taking along time and wondering where she was I decided to look for her only to hear sex groans coming from the room where my friend was. So I waited on her coming to bed her pussy was very wet and sticky with his cum. which turned me on.

This was the start of my great obsession of me wanting to see my wife with another cock in her. so we put an ad in a paper and she got many reply's to it. so we got in contact with some of them. I wasn't disappointed in the display she put on, She had the cocks in her pussy, her ass and sucking them in her mouth, sometimes I joined in, it was nice to see her face light up getting shagged at one end and sucking at the other. or being double penetrated in the pussy or ass. she was game for


we also had a few swinging sessions with a few couples. when I was working she used to arrange for men to come to the house for sex. she new I liked all the details of what she got up to with them. and when I lost my job she kept the money coming in by doing escort work. again telling me all the details of the job. I loved playing with her wet cum filled snatch.

She loved to have the photo taken naked, and said she would love to be in a porn film. she did do a few photo shoots with

a chap and one day when I took her for the photo shoot the chap brought out a video camera and her filmed the both of us

having sex after I came the wife told him to give me the camera so I could film her having sex with him. So the rest of the day me and the chap shagged her in every position you could think of. when she went clubbing she always went knicker- less coming home with a wet sticky pussy.

sadly the wife moved on to my brother, end of our marriage , but the memories live on what a great whore she was and I loved every minuet of it. She would shag anything, anywhere, anyhow.