Written by Chimps

10 Jul 2009

Well, my first attempt at writing a story, as i was sat here reminissing on previous encounters, and thought it would be good to share it with you.

I was away at university, my girlfriend at a differnet one, and i often felt frustrated, so thought some NSA fun would do no harm.

I had been emailing Becky for a while, having seen her profile on a website. We agreed to meet up, the first time i had even considered cheating on my girlfriend. We both knew that we wanted some no strings fun. I was 21 and she was younger, only 19. We agreed to meet in a public place, and the anxiety was very high. I saw her walking down the street, in a tight white top and very short denim skirt. She was about 5ft2, slim to medium build but very well proportioned in boob size, especially for being so young. She looked even younger than her 19 years, so if she was i wasnt going to argue.

We got in my car, and drove around for a bit. Neither of us knew where we were going, so both kept an eye out for potential places to park up and have a bit of fun.

We decided to park at Heaton Woods and get out and have a walk around. We chatted a little about what turned us on etc, and we soon had to find a secluded spot to get down to some fun.

Becky seemed very experieced for her young age and was soon pulling down my trousers and releasing my already hard cock. She got onto her knees, and unbuttoned my boxers, gently kissing the top of my cock, before, without any warning engulfed it with her young hot mouth. I held gently onto her head for balance as she ravishley sucked away at it. She was certainly an expert, and i knew it wouldnt take me long, so i pulled her up, and reached under her skirt to reveal already wet panties. SHe kissed me hard as i ran my finger up her slit and across her clit. She sat on the picnic bench that was there, and spread her legs. I had no hesitation to accept this invitation, and i pulled down her panties to reveal a young shaven pussy that my tongue went to work on straight away. She moaned loudly everytime my tongue flicked her clit, and looking up at her could see the redness in her chest and face.

I knew then i needed to feel how warm it was with my cock, and i stood up reaching for protection, but she just said no, dont worrk about that. Well i wasnt one to argue and i slid my pre cummed cock straight into her pussy. It was so tight, much tighter than i had experienced before. She moaned constantly as i thrust long and deep into her. I was getting carried away, and i looked at her, and she wasnt looking back at me, but to the side of me. THere was stood a man, probably late 40s with his cock out slowly wanking. This turned me on immensley, as i had never been watched or dogging at this point. I continued to fuck Becky, but the excitement was too much. I shot my load deep inside of her, and by the time i had looked around again the man had gone. We quickly got ourselves sorted and i dropped her back off in Prestwich with a cum filled pussy.

We did meet up again once, that was just as good and i might post that meeting at a later date.