Written by Dan420

16 Jul 2012

This is my first experience with a mature woman and the entire story is true

About a year ago I went out for a friends birthday and on the run up to it I had already lined up a meeting with a fuck buddy who I was going to meet later. My friends and I had started partying early but as it got closer to midnight I kept getting enticing messages from my fuck buddy about how she wanted me to run her tongue along the base of my throbbing hard cock and suck my balls until I explode over her face and hair. She sent a picture message of her playing with herself and that was enough for me to cut the night short.

I said goodbye to my friends and stumbled for the bus to make my way her place to let the fun begin as I sat down I took out my phone again and my cock started to ache as I look at the pic of the delicious pussy I’d soon be feasting on. 2 stops down the road this woman gets on as she walks by she smiles and says "y'alright" I reply and smile so she decides to sit behind me and as she does I quickly put my phone away and act like nothing was happening. Now just to describe her she was about 5'5, blonde, 40 something and very curvy she was wearing a low cut top and her rather large tits seemed to sit up in the top which she often caught me looking at as we talked.

We get talking about the night we've had and she asks where I’m from I replied but lied about how far along I lived as I smelled where it was going and she says "oooh good I live there at least I have a big strong lad to make sure I get home safe" I replied "would your man approve of you being walked home by strangers?" to which she said "if I had one I’d be able to tell you." At this point my dick starts to swell and I realised it's on.

We get to hers and while I make myself comfortable on the couch as she fixes a drink, she asks if I smoke at all I reply "nah I only smoke weed" so 'she puts some reggae on and to my surprise she pulls out a bag and asks me to roll one up. As I’m slightly drunk I don’t notice she's slipped off and as I finish rolling she walks back in in nothing but a black corset with blue trim. I spark up and at this point my cock is busting to get out as she walks over and unbuttons my jeans and starts stroking my cock. I give her a blow-back then we start to kiss she pulls back and whispers "I’ve never fucked a young black guy before I hope the rumours are true." I chuckle and she pulls back and puts my cock between her tits and wanks me off using her tits while slowly licking the tip and as I close my eyes and let the weed kick in she deep-throats my cock with minimal effort. It caught me off guard and I nearly exploded down her throat.

She continues sucking while playing with herself and as I’m getting to the point of no return I pull her off lie her on her back and give her the joint while I start kissing down her body and start attacking her clot with my tongue. After a while she groans and says I’m nearly there and mashes my head into her sopping wet pussy so I slide 2 fingers in her and tickle her g-spot and with that her body curled and she orgasmed. I'm in the mood now and don’t allow her any time to get her breath back so I slide up inside her and put her legs on my shoulders and start fucking away, mixing up the pace and stroke length and every now and then giving her the full length just to see her eyes roll back as she feels it all go in.

In between breaths she whimpers fuck....me.....doggy.....treat....me....like....the....whore....I...am. So I roll her on all fours, tease her pussy lips with my cock and then make her whimper as I jam it in, I push her back down tie her hair up in my left hand and start fucking her furiously. She begins moaning and I can see the pain she's in but she keeps screaming for more she reaches back and manages to tickle my balls and this pretty much sent me over the edge and I let her know im about to cum. I pull out stand over her and turn her round so I can finish in her mouth and she swallows my cock whole again while playing with my balls, within seconds I unload into her mouth and without missing a beat she swallowed the whole load.

I she goes to clean up and I check my phone to see missed calls and messages from my fuck buddy so I say to her look it was fun but I gotta go, she was upset but we exchanged details and have linked up on occasions since