Written by Alan_2012

8 Sep 2012

As a teenager a group of us used to get together to have wanking sessions but then I got married and the bi side of my life just went on old and due to a heart attack I had retired early and my wife was still working full time so had time on my hands. Well one day I was just surfing as you do when I received a message from a guy asking if I ever met. Well he was on his way to London on the M3 and I agreed to meet him at Fleet Services and so we walked out of the service entrance into a small wooded area. I was somewhat nervous never having done this outside before. However he put me at ease and soon had my belt undone and pulled down my trousers and pants and for the first time I experienced my cock being sucked. It wasn't long before I came and it seemed to go on for ever with him swallowing as much as he could. He then stood up and taking out his massive erect cock and started to tease my arse with it but that is as far as it went and to this day I have never had my cock sucked better than it was that day. I am still waiting to feel a cock inside me.

And none of this would have happened if my wife hadn't strayed but that's another story