Written by PaulUk32

22 Apr 2011

I now 38 and have been interested in swinging since I was around 22 or so. In that time I have met a few couples some a few times and visited a few clubs. I have had some fantastic experiences and met some wonderful people. My first ever meet was with a couple back in 1995 with a couple about 30 miles from where I was living at the time. I had just got my first home computer and the internet was in its infancy. I replied to their advert exchanged photos and after a few e-mails and a brief chat on the phone we arranged to meet at a pub close to where they lived. Jim gave me directions to the pub and said they would meet me there at 8. I got totally lost and eventually arrived some 45 minutes late and to my relief they were still there and had not given up on me thinking I was one of the many timewasters. As I was driving I could only have one drink but I fixed a round of drinks and we chatted for a while. Sue was about 5’2” with auburn hair and a really nice body. I was in my early 20’s and she was mid 30’s at the time Jim was about 6’ and athletically built and in his early 40’s. We chatted for an hour or so and Jim said they had met a few couples in the past but never a single guy. Sue disappeared to the toilets and Jim asked if I liked Sue and if I would be happy to go back to their house as Sue liked me and was looking forward to some fun. I said I thought Sue was really nice and I would love to go back with them. Jim said that they only lived just around the corner so I could leave my car in the pub car park and walk round with them. When we got outside Sue told me to hold out my hand and placed her knickers in them and said that she had had to remove them in the toilet as they were soaking, this really broke the ice as I must confess that I was really nervous. Once we got back to theirs Jim went to fix us all a drink and left me chatting with Sue in the living room. Sue asked what sort of women I liked and made general small talk. When Jim returned Sue said she was just going to change and would be back shortly. Jim and I chatted and I could hear Sue moving around upstairs. After a while we heard Sue coming back down the stairs and when she reappeared she was wearing a long silk Chinese style robe and black high heeled shoes. She sat on the sofa next to me and placed her hand on my thigh. Sue leaned over and kissed me quite passionately as Jim watched on. Sue’s hand ran up my thigh and over the bulge in my trousers as we kissed she said mmm is that for me?. I ran my hands over her body and could feel that she had suspenders and a lacy bra under her robe I could also feel her hard nipples beneath. I massaged her boobs for a while as we kissed all the while Jim watched on. Sue then suggested that we head upstairs where we would be more comfortable. We grabbed our drinks and Sue took my hand and led me upstairs as Jim followed behind. When we got in their bedroom she knelt in front of me and unbuckled my belt, unfastened my jeans and pulled my pants down in short order. Sue took hold of my cock and ran her tongue over and around the head before taking most of it in her mouth, her oral skills were fantastic, really gentle yet incredibly stimulating. I was soon on the verge of coming and asked Sue to stop. She looked me in the eyes and asked “was that nice?”. “Absolutely wonderful the best oral I have ever had” I mumbled trying to hold back for all I was worth. Sue said “there is plenty more to come”. Sue stood and we kissed passionately and intensely. I unfastened the belt of her robe to reveal a gorgeous body clad in a set of really sexy skimpy knickers lacy bra and matching suspenders which I love, I could not have imagined a sexier look. I slipped my hand under her robe and massaged her breasts and I could feel her hard nipples beneath the fabric of her bra so I pulled it down slightly to reveal a lovely small dark nipple which was really hard and I could not wait to get my mouth around. As I sucked and very gently nibbled her nipples she pulled back her robe and allowed it to fall to the floor. I ran my hand down her body and over her pussy gently stroking back and forth, I could feel her warmth and moistness through her knickers. I asked if I could return the favour and give her some oral which I genuinely enjoy and I knew I was there to ensure Sue had the most wonderful time and I knew from chatting with Jim earlier that Sue loved oral. I pulled down her knickers and she stepped out of them and I suggested she sat on the edge of the bed. I knelt at the side and she lay back as I got to work on her mostly shaven pussy which was already very wet. Sue tasted wonderfully sweet and fresh. I worked her pussy and clitoris for ages with my tongue and fingers occasionally coming up for breath until I could feel her writhed, trembled and squirmed as she came, Sue tasted fantastic and was incredibly wet my fingers and chin were dripping with her juices. Jim all the while watched on intently from the corner of the bed. We sat on the bed had a drink chatted for a few minutes. Sue asked me if I “would like a blow job or to fuck her?”. I said that I would probably come quite quickly first time but that I was there to please Sue so it was totally up to her. She said that she loved the taste of cum and that I was not leaving until she had extracted every drop from me and I was not going to argue. She told me lie back on the bed and began to give me a wonderful blow job again I reached over and started to play with her clit and her pussy with my fingers as she worked on my cock with her mouth and tongue gently stroking my balls with her long nails which felt exquisite. After a few minutes I was on the verge of coming and warned her but she just continued and if anything sucked harder and deeper until I came in her mouth in several powerful spasms, Sue swallowed every last drop which was a first for me at that time. She continued until I could not take it any longer. She looked up at me and smiled asking “did you like that?”. “That was awesome” I replied “good she said I hope you have saved some for later”. We sat on the bed for a while and Jim went off to fix us another drink and we chatted for a while. Sue was now more explicit and seemed a lot more relaxed and chatted really openly. I asked I Jim was going to join in. Sue said he will when he is ready he really loves watching me with other people both men and women. Well that’s lucky for me I replied. Jim returned with the drinks and we all chatted away for a while. We finished our drinks and I could sense that Sue was wanting to continue so I suggested that she lay back and I would give her some more oral which she did and I got to work on her pussy and clit with my tongue and fingers she put her hand around my head and pulled me in harder as I tongued her wet pussy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Jim now had is cock out and was wanking himself slowly. After a while Jim joined Sue on the bed positioning himself so she could suck his cock which she did for a while as I continued on her pussy. Sue then beckoned me up on the bed and took turns sucking mine and Jim’s cock alternately until I was fully hard again. Jim the passed me a condom and said “shall we roast her now?”. I don’t think Sue needed asking twice as she positioned herself on the bed on all fours and took Jims cock in her mouth. I had took some condoms with me but apparently Sue was allergic to some so had to use latex free ones. I donned the condom and positioned myself behind Sue between her legs and rubbed my cock up and down her pussy before slowly sliding in. I could not believe how tight her pussy was and she seemed to squeeze my cock with the muscles as I steadily fucked her, I could sense that she was going to come so I upped my pace slightly and she moaned and literally gushed over me before collapsing on the bed. I had never experienced a woman coming like that before so I did not really know what to think. Jim said that Sue must have enjoyed that as she only gushed when she is very aroused. Sue soon let us know that she was ready to continue and this time she lay on her back and pulled her legs up, I gently guided my cock in to her pussy and she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me in deep with her dictating the pace which was really quite fast and a little rough. After a while I could feel that I was going to come so told Sue and I tried to slow down a little but Sue was for none of it she just gripped harder and pulled me in faster and faster until I let out a groan shot my load in the condom, as I tried to withdraw Sue held me back and we kissed passionately until she eventually released me. Jim then took over and fucked her as I headed off to the bath room to clean myself up and dispose of the condom. I could hear Jim banging way and sue must have come again as I could hear her groans. I watched on as Jim continued to fuck Sue eventually shooting his load inside her. Sue disappeared off to the bathroom and Jim and I chatted. When she returned she just knelt between my legs and took my soft cock in her mouth, I was really surprised when I started to get another erection so quickly but Sue was fantastic at oral. I asked Sue if she would like some 69 but she said she was totally satisfied and wanted me to come in her mouth again. It took ages for me to come again but Sue persisted and took another load in her mouth again only this time she did not swallow she stood and moved over to Jim and kissed him making him take my come, he did not seem to mind though. Sue and Jim both had my come on their faces and chins. We all cleaned ourselves up and Sue said she had had a great time and I thanked them for a wonderful evening. Sue and I kissed and I am sure I could still taste my come in her mouth. We chatted as I dressed and Sue said that She would love to meet again and I said that I would love that and we would keep in contact. Jim showed me out and off I went with a big smile on my face. We met up about 6 times in all until I moved away from the area due to work commitments but we do still stay in touch and we had some very memorable meetings but the first time will always be special to me and we became good friends.