Written by Jake_even

3 Apr 2014

Hi im jake and i live with my extremely hot gf amy she is tall has long blond hair blue eyes and a slim figure we have been together since she was 18 and ever since we met we started experimenting with different sexual fantasies shes 20 now and im 28 but it didn't take me long to realise how i enjoyed other people using my hot gf we were in a bar one day and i had gone out to buy fags leaving amy at the bar when i returned i found a older guy around 35 sat next to her and his hand was creeping from her knee up her leg :o this was so hot i was frozen in shock but then quickly returned to my gf and the guy was fast to leave i asked amy about the guy and she seemed quirt for a moment before she could answer i just blurted out "i saw his hand running up your leg and you didn't stop him" amy blushed and then turned to me and said "i was nervous jake the guy surprised me" i then surprised her admitting how hot i found it and that it would be hot watching more watching her used like a cheep slut touched and fucked every way posable amy looked shocked and refused but i knew before the night was out i could persuade her in to trying something i was right and she agreed so i sent her over to sit with a guy across the room he also looked about 35 was tall and big built i told her to invite him up to our hotel room and when i had given them time to get in i would follow them up and then watch as the night unfolds i watched as amy talked to the guy and then she led him out of the bar soon it was time for me to join them i walked to the hotel room opened the door and already they were both on the bed the guy jumped up and started to cover him self as i walked over to the bed "amy what are you doing" i said "jack this is david" she replied i continue ignoring anything she said "you think you can bring guys back to our hotel room a stranger ? He could do anything" she went to speak again but i butted in before a word came from her lips "you want this guy then amy? Maybe u should get him david how rough can you use my girl? How hard will you fuck her and teach her not to play games again" david got back on the bed and slid his cock straight in to amy as he dragged her across the bed "watch this" david said as he slammed in to amy over and over making her scream holding her still with his big built arms and shouting about how he would use her and rip her he was fucking her extremely fast pounding her tight pussy making her scream he started to moan amy shouted "please stop jake make him stop i cant take it im going to cuuummmm" she exploded as he shot deep inside her "yes horny bitch" i shouted "from now on i own your slutty body and im in controll of who shall use and abuse your cunt"