Written by Sluttycpl

5 Dec 2013

My good lady and I have been together for some time now. We have a fantastic sex life and neither of us is shy. Kaz loves to give oral and she can cum time and time again and loves to dress up in stockings. Sometimes I find her in hall waiting for me to walk in and pin her against the wall, kiss her hard and passionately while my finger works her pussy. Spreading her legs wide apart she loves me to drop to my knees as she pulls my head in before rubbing her wet soaking cunt up and down my face. She loves the feel of my cock hard under my trousers before taking the length in her mouth. She then enjoys taking my cock in hand and leading me through to bedroom, kitchen or living room.

One night we were watching a programme on swingers and she asked the question what were my views on this. Given we love sex I said I had open mind and asked should we find out more. We both went on to laptop and came across this site, registered and became members. We just browsed for a while, lurking in chat rooms, watching cams at times and we could see that we got aroused. We then started to explore each others fantasies and the more we shared the more turned on we both became. We enjoy playing with toys and once she fucked herself with toy and asked if I would like to lick her juices from it. I nodded, feeling excited and feeling myself getting harder I took it in my mouth. She squealed as I sucked on it before telling me she wished it was real cock I was sucking.I almost exploded at that time as up until that point had never given it any thought of sucking on cock.

I asked her what would be her ideal fantasy and she said she would love to see me with another guy, to watch us undress each other as she fingers her cunt, to watch us both kiss each other and to see our hard cocks rubbing against each other. When I asked what else she would like she went on to say her fantasy would be to see me take a cock in my mouth and to watch as I suck and lick the length of it. To run my tongue over his balls. To take cock into bedroom and to get into 69 position and watch as we both suck on each other. I must confess the thought of it turns me on and even as I am typing this, I can feel my cock hard. Kaz went on to say she would love to see my arse being rimmed before a real cock fucks me. Only our toys have had that pleasure. She would then want to join in and take both cocks. I asked how she would feel if she walked in to find me in bed with cock and she was purring at the thought. Now when i am working away from home at times and we are on the phone to each other, we have each other cuming down the phone lots. The thought of more than one cock drives her wild but that is another story...........for now,I am hoping I can carry out this fantasy with her and for us both to experience cock......