15 Jun 2019

So I was surfing my local swinging sites both swinger and bi sites due to my wife being ill in bed again when I started chatting to my guy I met before. He was bi and I let him face fuck me

He said he was gagging for a repeat session I told him I can't accommodate because wife was in bed sick I begged me to let him come over even asked if I could just suck him off quick drop pants quick cum and go. I said to risky but I checked on the wife - I opened bedroom door she was sparked out and snoring heavy mmm dare I risk it

I texted back again promised he be here in 5 mins and out in 10 mins

God it's risky but mmm kinky at same time I told him if we do it, he stands in passage way I suck him in silence he said great, see you in 5 mins my heart was racing I even tried to text him to abort whole thing but no reply suddenly a light tap on front door it was him I let him in whispered total silent so here we went to my bedroom door as I listen I could hear wife snoring as I turned to give him the silent thumbs up i got a shock he had his joggers round his ankles and I stiff cock was pointing at me

God I was passed caring now I whispered In his ear just face fuck me and go he nodded soon as I was on my knees he rammed his cock balls deep but I couldn't dare make a sound and he knew it boy was he Horny he just fucked my face in total silence hard and fast mmmm then I felt that old twitching and knee tremble. hes about to cum splat splat a good load hit my throat he had his hand over his mouth boy it tasted good how be did it in total silence was unreal he pulled out of my mouth wiped his cock on my mouth pulled his joggers up and left I checked my wife was still sleeping while I taste his cum in my mouth it was great but don't think my heart can stand it again