Written by Sheila_Jane

25 Aug 2008

My name is Sheila and I have written once before on here about my first ever attempt at dogging. That was risky as I had gone by myself and happily had turned out OK. I had a nice experience. The second time I tried the same. I went by myself to the spot I had had a good time at before. Nothing bad happened, but neither did much good. I seemed to have chosen gay night and I saw a number of men getting in each other’s cars or going off into the woods by themselves or in pairs. I watched one pair having oral sex and that was a mild turn on and certainly something I had never experienced before. But by and large it was a waste of time. Another try resulted in no action at all. Perhaps I should announce I was going to be there in advance!

My position as an serving officer’s wife difficult for me to engage in too many detailed confidences with other women friends (we are a tight community especially when the guys are posted to dangerous areas of the world and the least comment gets round all and magnified out of all proportion). I did talk to my niece who lived in Lancashire which is a long way from me about my new found interest and she was intrigued and we planned a little scenario to see what would happen.

So next time I tried, Anna came along too. At her behest we took a couple of mace sprays to deter unwanted men. We did not dress up specifically sexily. Short full skirts, modest tops, neat rather than sexy makeup. Off we went and parked discretely, but I hoped obviously by some bushes. We waited a while and a few other cars parked up not far away so we put our plan to attract men into action. We started to kiss and obviously fondle each other. Neither of us is gay, but we had both had a little experience with other women so we could put on a decent show.

It worked. Scarcely had I slipped my hand under Anna’s skirt and a guy walked across to us. Could he watch? Yes of course we said, but would he not prefer to join in? He looked fairly presentable in his mid 30s, dark hair and obviously turned on from the lump in the front of his trousers. I suggested we get out of the car and go to the picnic area. It was dark so we stumbled our way a hundred metres or so. I sat up on a wooden picnic table, pulled up my skirt and slipped my panties off. Anna kissed me again and then licked pussy while our new friend had his cock out and was wanking hard. She moved to him and kissed and sucked his cock for a few moments before bringing him to me – still skirt up and open legged so he could fuck me. A moment taken to roll a condom down the length of his shaft and in he went. I was wet already so no problem getting all the way inside and then a nice but rather quick fuck. He came off, but I did not. Anna was standing a little way off masturbating like crazy watching us and she definitely did orgasm.

We had a little audience by this time. Four others, three men and a woman had arrived while we were enjoying ourselves. Then we had more fun all round. I got fucked three times and Anna twice. Both of us played with the woman , but that was not so much fun as it might have been if she could have just spoken once. Total silence and no name as we both licked her and she also took a couple of cocks. And finally, what I had wanted most, one of the men buggered me. I have liked this since I was much younger, not all the time and not so rough as to hurt, but it is nice and kinky, the bloke always loves it