Written by tamscot

12 Apr 2011

following on from my "second older man takes me" story - i had another older guy last week. he was late fifties - and im now early forties. We'd arranged to meet in a known gay dogging area in the middle of the day. he'd asked if i dressed girly and said he wanted to fuck my bum and watch me swallow his cum. I was very excited and shaking while getting dressed in my wife's mini skirt, thick black tights and my cute black plimsolls with a pink hoody top. Then i put my own clothes on top of that and drove to the woods. Id already asked if he'd wait in his car for a few mins so i could get "ready". He was there when i got there and there were a few cars passing but in the woods i walked, scared shitless but very excited and very horny.

I found a quite spot and took off my own clothes and stood dressed like a little girl waiting for this older guy to come find me and use me. I even crossed one foot onto the other, as teenage girls do. He saw me and giggled but almost rushed up to me, quickly undoing his jeans and pulling out his enormous cock, i swear it was about 9 or 10 inches and 2 inch thick. Kneel down, he said and i did without hesitating and he shoved his cock in my mouth instantly. I sucked it and lickd it all over then he made me gag by trying to get it all in but it was too big. He laughed at me choking. Then he pulled me to my feet and turned me around and said "touch your toes".

bending over i felt his finger probing my bum thro the rip in my tights i made earlier before leaving. Id also lubed up my bum before leaving too. Then i felt his big bell end press against my hole and it hurt like hell as he tried to get it up but it was too big for me though he did get in an inch i guess.

Pulling me up he said, right ill just cum in your mouth you fucking whore. So i knelt before him again and licked the tip as he wanked off in front of me. Some precum leaked out and he said lick it up. Tasted deliciously sweet. then he wanked again and almost shouted "open your fucking mouth" then a thick spurt hit my forehead and ran down into my eye then he spurted another 3 or 4 times into my mouth. I kept my mouth open so he could see it on my tongue. My eye stang but he squeezed it all out and into me then he zipped up and walked off. yet again, i was used by an older man. yet again i loved it - im hooked on older guys now....