Written by Geoff

13 Mar 2018

Lisa and I have been married for nearly 15 years, living together for 10 years and had 2 children before we decided to tie the knot. We had (and still have) such a good relationship that we didn’t see the point of getting married in case it spoilt things for us. We had both had boy/girlfriends before we met and neither of us were virgins, but we quickly became a couple and we moved in together. Initially, Lisa moved in to my rented flat and, when we decided after about a year it was going to be worthwhile, we bought our first home together. I told our friends that I would know when the time to propose to Lisa had arrived as she would give me a signal, but we hadn’t actually agreed what the signal would be, and I think that both of us didn’t want to spoil the magic. You hear of so many couples that have been together happily for so long, and it changes when they decide to get married.

We are now late forties, our elder child out in the big wide world of work, and the younger at university. Neither of them live at home now, so we have the house to ourselves, which we both appreciate as we can enjoy our sex life without interruption or inhibition. I am 5’ 10” tall, still have most of my hair and teeth, and I manage to avoid getting overweight by eating sensibly and going to the gym occasionally. Lisa is 5’ 6” tall, dark hair, dress size 10 and a few motherly curves that I find so alluring. Lisa will admit that she is heavier than when we first met, but what I mainly see is the beautiful person inside.

Our sex life is good, several times a week, and we both feel able to instigate it when we are in the mood, and we are both always happy to satisfy the other’s needs. I had the snip after our children were born, so we don’t need to use any other form of contraception. We did have to use condoms for a while after our children were born, but Lisa says she likes the feeling of me cumming inside her, so I had the snip. From time to time, we have tried a little roleplay, one of Lisa’s favourites is when I pretend to be a stranger who sneaks into her bed and seduces her, while I am supposed to be downstairs watching the late night football.

We both work full-time and have very busy working lives, so our recreation time is precious, we enjoy several holidays each year and Lisa likes to go to warm places where she can soak up the sun. Last year, we went to St Lucia, where Lisa was chatted up by a black barman at the hotel, which she was quite flattered by, although she said she could never step outside our marriage. The incident did make me stop and think, and I know we both enjoyed the roleplay that resulted after we got home.

We use a laptop at home, used for all sorts of things including writing letters from home, internet shopping, online banking and general research. The laptop does not have separate logons for each of us as we have no secrets and it avoids complications. At Lisa’s behest, I did set it up so that the internet history was wiped each time the laptop was closed down. Lisa said she didn’t mind if I wanted to look at anything a red-blooded male was inclined to do, and she winked at me with a smile on her face. I must confess I have looked at porn from time to time to get some new ideas for our roleplay.

Several months ago, I noticed I could see what Lisa had been looking at on the internet last and it seemed to be swingers’ sites. The focus of her attention seemed to be cuckolding, which quite surprised me, but I found the thought of watching Lisa with another guy quite turned me on. A week or two went by after that, and I had said nothing to Lisa, when she volunteered that she thought she might have messed something up in the computer settings. I said I had noticed I could now see what she had been looking at and she became a bit embarrassed.

To cut a long story short, Lisa eventually admitted she had changed the settings deliberately, because she wanted me to see what she had viewed and she had, in fact, been doing some research about being a hotwife. I said I thought she had been looking into cuckolding, which she said she had touched upon, but had decided that abusing me was definitely not on her agenda. So we continued to learn more about the subject together, after each session on the laptop, we usually made love, as we were so turned on at the thought of Lisa having sex with another guy. Afterwards, we would often talk about how we might feel after it had actually happened, and I did start to wonder whether my wife was simply using the subject to turn me on, we were really having some amazing sex after we had discussed the subject.

To cut a long story short, Lisa asked me straight out one day whether I could handle watching her with another guy. We both knew it would be a big step, and our conversations became quite serious for a day or so. We knew it would be an even greater step than when we decided to get married, something that could change everything, and when Lisa asked me to start making the arrangements it was as though a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

We followed the good advice given on the internet – fictitious names, separate email account, making it clear in our advert what we were looking for, including safe sex being a must, and a pay as you go mobile for when we had chosen a likely guy. Lisa was very much involved in the process, she said it was like I was her social secretary, although she wanted to be involved in the big decisions.

One day, I noticed a packet of contraceptive pills in Lisa’s bedside draw, I said nothing and after a few days Lisa volunteered that she had decided to go back on the pill. She said we had reached the stage where it was definitely going to happen sometime, and she thought she should have an extra line of protection. Lisa saying ‘it was definitely going to happen’ was a major step for me, as I wasn’t sure whether to feel excitement, jealousy or fear, but it wasn’t long before I was certain I wanted to continue with our plans.

Sorting through the possible candidates proved a lengthy process, details of which I won’t bore you with. I’m sure any readers who have done this will know what I am talking about. Eventually, Lisa settled on one guy that she wanted to meet face to face to see if there was a ‘spark’. I suppose I should have known before we even started that he would be black, Lisa’s memories of being chatted up by the barman in St Lucia would somehow play a part. We had chatted to him online quite a few times and even Skyped him once, and Lisa was clearly taken with him. Josh, as he called himself, said he had some experience, but he wouldn’t go into detail, and Lisa said she found his modesty quite attractive.

We arranged to meet Josh at a city centre pub on a weekday evening, we assumed the pub would not be too busy, so we would be able to find a quiet spot and talk in confidence. We made it clear to Josh that it would be a social ‘get to know you’ meeting and nothing significant would happen, which he said he was happy with. Lisa said that he seemed to be a really patient chap, which she said made her feel comfortable. We had talked about most things during the chats on the internet, our likes and dislikes, whether Lisa did oral, and we had made it clear Lisa wasn’t interested in pain or water sports.

Josh was pretty much as we expected in the flesh, 31 years of age, 6’ 1” tall and looked as though he worked out regularly. His complexion was very smooth, so I assumed he ate a healthy diet. All of a sudden Josh asked “do you like to kiss”, which strangely had not been mentioned before, and there was a brief silence. It was Lisa who responded when she said “yes of course” as she rubbed my thigh under the table, and I think her body language changed towards Josh, which he must have noticed, I could see it clearly sitting beside her.

Josh said he needed to use the gents, and I thought afterwards he had noticed the change in Lisa and wanted to give us time to talk. As soon as he had gone, Lisa turned to me and said “I want to do it tonight, I want him”. We had talked previously about whether Lisa could handle me being in the same room and she now said I had to be there, otherwise it would feel like she was cheating on me. Lisa rubbed my thigh more vigorously, going all the way up to stroke my cock through my trousers, and it was clear we had made a decision.

When Josh returned to the table, we told him what we had decided, I wondered whether we should have asked him what he wanted but his smile said it all. Josh suggested we should get a room at the local Premier Inn, which was close by and he said he knew the layout of the place. We left Josh finishing his drink while we walked to the hotel. It only occurred to me afterwards that we checked in under our own names and I paid with my credit card, but I concluded that we already knew Josh well enough to trust him with what was about to happen, so perhaps it was something we could feel comfortable with. I texted “Premier Inn room xxx” to Josh and we awaited his arrival with a great feeling of excitement.

When Josh tapped on the door 10 minutes later, Lisa was in the bathroom touching up her makeup, so I let him in and it seemed natural to shake his hand. When Lisa came out of the bathroom, she looked so alluring and we all stood there with Lisa and me not quite knowing where to start. Josh took the initiative by suggesting I sat in the chair against the wall, the room had 2 double beds and he said I could move onto the other bed if Lisa was comfortable with it later. He then stood in front of my wife (my ever-loving and faithful wife of nearly 25 years) and reached down to gently caress her lips with his. The thought that ran through my mind was ‘God, it is going to happen’, and the sight of them kissing sent a pang of jealousy through me.

Josh then stepped back to take charge and he told Lisa to unbutton her blouse, which she did slowly, I don’t think she was reluctant in any way, but was doing it slowly for effect. Once the buttons were undone, he slipped it off her shoulders and threw it aside. I was slightly surprised that Lisa voluntarily reached behind her to undo her bra, and she then held it against her ample breasts briefly before Josh took the bra all the way off, and reached down to nibble her nipples. He then stepped back to sit on the edge of the bed, pulling Lisa towards him to continue sucking her nipples. From time to time, he reached up to grasp her head and kiss her passionately, which she responded to with equal passion. Lisa was moaning softly and I noticed when he pulled away that her nipples were standing to attention, Lisa was clearly very aroused.

After sucking her nipples and mauling her ample tits for about 5 minutes, Josh said something quietly to Lisa, which I didn’t quite catch, but it became clear what it was when Lisa dropped to her knees and began undoing his belt. Having undone the front of his trousers, Lisa pulled out a very impressive cock and she couldn’t wait to pull his trousers and pants down to his knees. We already knew he has an 8” circumcised cock with a 5” girth but he was not yet fully erect, and it looked a lot bigger than that to me. He certainly put my skinny 6” to shame and it crossed my mind whether Lisa would have difficulty accommodating his weapon.

My wife did not seem to be concerned with the size of his cock as she began greedily sucking his helmet and licking his full length. I am very familiar with Lisa’s oral skills, so I knew he would be enjoying what she was doing. Having sucked Josh to full erection, I noticed a look of concern on Lisa’s face as she realised what I had thought when she first pulled out his cock. Josh was combing his fingers through my wife’s hair and murmuring his approval, so Lisa didn’t have a chance to say anything.

I moved over to sit on the vacant bed closer to them so I could watch the action closer, and Lisa turned her head to smile at me. Josh said it was time he started to warm Lisa up and he grasped her shoulders to move her over onto the bed beside him, standing up to remove his trousers and pants, quickly followed by his shirt. He looked so threatening as he stood naked over my wife, with his massive erection standing out from his body, but there seemed to be no fear on Lisa’s face, simply lust.

Josh then knelt on the bed beside Lisa to undo the zip at the side of her skirt, and tug it downwards, Lisa lifting her hips to help him. He then hooked his hands into the sides of her panties and she raised her hips again as he slid them off, leaving her in stockings and suspenders. The look of anticipation on Lisa’s face clearly said she wanted whatever he was going to do. I realised that I could easily cum in my pants so, to avoid any embarrassment, I undid the front of my trousers and grasped the end of my cock firmly to cool my arousal.

The look on Lisa’s face as Josh went down on her was absolutely wonderful. I could never have imagined I would feel so happy for her. Josh expertly brought her to orgasm, licking her clit and sliding two fingers between her labia, before allowing her orgasm to subside and then starting over again. Lisa had orgasmed at least four times, not just a little flutter in her tummy but full-blown massive orgasms that I have rarely been able to achieve, when Josh asked her whether she was ready to fuck.

Lisa’s initial reaction was “oh yes please” but I noticed a look of doubt pass over her face when Josh stood up to put a condom on and she realised the full size of his cock. I had put some condoms on the bedside table, but Josh said they would be too small and produced a much larger one from his trousers. As Josh knelt beside her putting on the condom, Lisa said she might not be able to take his massive cock. Josh bent forward to kiss her on the lips tenderly and, with a smile, he said they would take it slowly, and that he had never failed in the past. He then climbed between my wife’s legs and gently started to nudge his cock against her pussy. Josh was obviously meeting resistance, his knob end would not pass her labia and Lisa was gasping with discomfort, so he pulled out again.

Josh then suggested they should put her in charge by getting Lisa to kneel over him and control the speed of penetration, so Josh lay on his back with Lisa kneeling over him. I moved up towards the top of the bed I was lying on so I could watch the look on Lisa’s face as she almost stood up over him, placed his cock at the entrance to her love tunnel and slowly allowed his cock to stretch her labia wide. The look on her face of what I thought was pain, quickly changed as her labia seemed to be stretched to breaking point and then relax as his cock penetrated her. Lisa gasped “oh my God, that’s …… that’s …… that’s” and I noticed a broad smile on Josh’s face.

Having accommodated about half his length by lowering herself slowly, Lisa began slowly sliding up and down on his cock until his balls were slapping against her arse, all the time gasping that it was beautiful, quickly bringing herself to another orgasm. She seemed to enjoy controlling her repeated orgasms, Josh reaching up to maul her tits, which kept her on the boil. Perhaps strangely, I felt no jealousy when Lisa bent forward to kiss him passionately on the lips.

I could write pages about how they continued to fuck – Lisa on top, reverse cowgirl, doggy, missionary – before Josh asked my very sweaty wife whether she was ready for him to cum yet. Lisa said “oh yes, I want to feel your cock throbbing inside me” so he began to fuck Lisa with increasing urgency. The point at which he started to cum was clear when his thrusts became long and slow, his gasps turning to loud groans as he ejaculated into the condom. Lisa grabbed hold of his head and kissed him passionately on the lips as he calmed down, which I assumed signified her enjoyment of their coupling.

As they lay side by side recovering their breath, Lisa turned to look at me and she smiled broadly, mouthing “I love you” to me. Josh said we would want some time together and he gathered up his clothes to go into the bathroom and clean up. By the time he came out of the bathroom, we were in the bed cuddled together naked with the bedclothes pulled up to our chins. Josh smiled and said “I’ll leave you to it then, if you want to meet again, that would be nice” and with that he was gone.

I had wondered beforehand whether, when I got my wife back, she might be ‘wrecked’, covered in love bites and a bit of a mess. She was a bit sweaty, which was not surprising given the fucking I had just witnessed, but she was the same beautiful Lisa I have known for years and she had the happiest look on her face. She said “can you fuck me …… straight away …… I want you inside me now”. Having controlled my arousal while watching Lisa with Josh, I had to ask her to perform her oral magic first, but it was never going to take too long. Her pussy felt very stretched and slack, but I found it a very emotional moment as I splattered her inside with my sperm.

I was keen to stay in the hotel room, but Lisa wanted to shower and go home, which we did. Lisa said she was a bit sore down below but she insisted on sucking me off again when we awoke the following morning, and we managed to fuck again that evening. It was even more passionate than normal, it was clear we were both motivated by the events of the previous evening.

I had hoped to write about the 2nd and 3rd times we met Josh, but this posting has gone on much longer than I had intended, so they will have to wait for a later date. Suffice to say Lisa has now said she wants to end our friendship with Josh before she becomes too fond of him. She says she wants me to find another bull for her. I wonder whether there is any truth in the saying ‘once she’s gone black, there’s no going back’.