Written by MikeyBoyUK

26 Oct 2010

My wife Kaz is in her mid 50s and (to my knowledge) has been faithful throughout our long marriage. She works in a marketing office with several younger women and a couple of men, they all get on quite well together despite the differences in age and sex.

One of the girls got married a few weeks ago, and before the wedding decided to have the traditional hen night out on the town with her workmates and friends. My wife was of course invited, but wasn't sure if she should go as she was by far the eldest of the

women and thought she would feel out of it. After some persuasion by the bride-to-be she agreed to go for a meal with them, but would then come home early and leave them to go clubbing.

When the day arrived, the women left work early to get ready for their night out, leaving the guys to look after the office. Just as I arrived home, the missus was ready and about to leave for the restaurant. She gave me a peck on the cheek as she said 'see

you soon, I won't be long'. She looked scrummy - 'Don't rush - enjoy yourself' i told her, 'the girls wouldn't have asked you out if they didn't want you to be with them'.

I went inside, made a meal, got a beer, watched tv, then fell asleep. It was midnight when I was woken by my wife who had just come home. Once I had come to and realised the time, I said she had obviously changed her mind and gone clubbing after all.

'Yes', she said, 'and I have very mixed feelings about it' she slurred somewhat drunkenly. When I asked why, she told me that she had really enjoyed herself dancing all night, but it had been spoilt by a young chap trying to chat her up. I quizzed her further and she told me that the girls were all dancing together after the meal and quite a few drinks, when a group of lads came to split them up. My wife had made to sit out as they were all much younger, but one of the boys said she should stay and let her hair down, he would be very happy to accompany her. She agreed to dance with him, and apparently when they got chatting, she found out he was the driver for the night and so stayed away from the booze whilst his mates were all getting progressively pissed. She said he was really quite the gentlemen at first, and she was flattered that he should be so nice and kind to her. As the evening drew on, he had got quite amorous and at one point she could feel him deliberately pushing himself into her as they danced close together.

Later, they went for a walk outside for some fresh air, and leaning against a wall in the car park, he asked her outright if he could fuck her. She was quite pissed but told him there was no way - he was far too young in any case, but, as she protested, he

kissed her and started to feel her up. He had taken her quite by surprise, but she was even more surprised when she realised he had got his cock out. She reached down and touched it, she said it was as hard as iron. He kept trying to kiss her and whisper

dirty things in her ear, but she wouldn't let him go further. She insisted they went back in to the club and finish the dancing.

Nothing more happened until the end of the night as the girls were gathering for taxis, the lad pushed piece of paper into her hand - it had his phone number on it.

So, here we were sitting in our lounge, and if she hadnt been so pissed, I really dont think she would have told me all this. I myself didnt really know how to react to such an honest admission from her. She hadnt appeared to have any anger in her voice when

she told me what had happened, so it crossed my mind she might have secretly enjoyed it. So, I laughed 'chatted up by a young lad - you must have thought it was Christmas' I said. 'To be honest' she replied, 'I feel quite randy at the idea of a still being

able to attract a young man'. We went to bed and shagged, she was certainly ready for it and we both came copiously.

Nothing more happened for a few days, perhaps a week, and then one night she asked to go to bed early and unusually she started turning on to me. 'Bloody hell', I said, 'you are as randy as you were the other night, whats got into you?' For a few seconds she said nothing, then she admitted that she had been thinking about the weekend, and how hard this young chaps cock had been. 'I cant beleive that with all the younger girls at the club, he actually chose me as the target for his dick. I couldn't see in the dark but his cock felt so lovely - not huge but very smooth and hard.'

'Are you beginning to regret not letting him go further with you by any chance?' I asked her, and she hesitated, then said she wasn't really sure and had very mixed feelings about it all, and thought that perhaps if it wasnt for the alcohol she had consumed, she might not have even danced with him.

Over the next week or so, this whole subject cropped again several times, and each time we fucked like teenagers as soon as we had discussed the events of that evening. After the last session, I remembered the piece of paper she had come home with, and asked if

she still had his phone number. It will be in my handbag if I have, she said, I dont remember seeing it but I dont remember throwing it away either. She got out of bed and went to look, sure enough it was still there, a mobile number roughly scrawled on it. 'Do you want to call him and arrange to see him again?' I asked her. 'What, to let him fuck me?' she replied with surprise. 'No, no, just to meet him and chat, to see if he is anything like your drunken memories' I laughed - 'you never know he might have 2 heads!'. She thought about it more seriously than I had intended, and decided that perhaps he might not be as she remembered and that she should find out more about the young chap that so urgently wanted to fuck her that night.

The next day at work, not being able to get it all out of her mind, she decided to send a text to the number he had given. It simply said

'Thinking of going clubbing this weekend, do you want to join me - Kaz?'.

Within seconds, she got a reply

'Would love to - just us 2 or with mates?'

She text back

'Just us 2'.

When she got home, she showed me what she had done. 'You don't mind do you?' she asked. 'Will you be okay with him alone?' I asked back to her, and she said she was only going to dance and chat, and if he got too pushy she would ring me. With that she sent a text

'Meet you at the club 8.00pm sat'

By reply came a simple

'Cant wait - what wil you be wearing'.

She looked at me quizzingly, 'Dont look at me' I said, 'you are making the arrangements'. With that she smiled and texted

'Same as the other week - why do you ask?'.

'Want to know if you will have the same effect on me again' came the reply.

She smiled and looked at me in a devilish little girl kind of way then sent back

'And what effect was that?'.

Then came the bombshell, a picture message showing his erect cock. We were both

taken aback. I must admit even though I'm pretty straight that it was beautiful. As she had described, not huge (in fact smaller than mine by the looks) but fantastically smooth, straight, hard, with the most suckable helmet you could imagine. We both looked at each other. 'This is getting serious now' I uttered to her, 'he really does want to fuck you'. She then surprised me again by saying 'Now that I've seen what he was pushing at me all night, I think I do regret not taking it when I had the chance'.

I knew at this point that she was going to let him fuck her. All of a sudden my feelings veered all over the place, not wanting her to go, wanting to be there and watch them, wanting to hit him. She sensed my unease and said she would cancel if I really wanted her to. I couldnt do that to her, 'If you want to go, to get it out of your system, you must go'. She said nothing and kissed me, then we shagged each other silly.

Saturday came, she spent an hour doing herself up and getting ready to go. At 7.30 she said, 'Are you going to take me to the club and pick me up?' 'Of course'. With that we set off. I asked her if she was nervous and she said not really because she had spent some time with him before and although worse for drink thought she really did get to know a bit about him - he wasn't a complete stranger after all and she was sure he didnt have 2 heads!.

As we pulled up in the car park, she pointed to the wall and said 'that is where he wanted to fuck me - cheeky bugger'. I waited in the car, she waited outside the club, and after just a few mnutes, this lad turned up and as soon as he got to her, he took her arm and walked straight inside the club. I didnt really get a chance to see what he was like.

I started the car and set off home, waiting for the call to collect her later. All night long I couldnt stop thinking about them. Was she going to fuck him or not, Would she experience that hard shaft that he had so wanted her to take the other week, or would she find that she didnt like him when she was sober and come home early.

Well the last option was clearly not on the cards by the time the clock reached 12.30pm - that was when the phone rang.

'Hi darling, please come and pick me up I'm ready to come home' was all she said.

I set off, not knowing what to expect, the anticipation, the unknown was eating me up inside. I went into the car park, she was standing alone by the door and came over straight away, got in and kissed me on the lips.

'Home Jeaves' was all she said.

'Did you have a good time, was he as nice a person as you thought, did he try to get into your pants all night?' I blurted out all at once.

'I had a lovely time and yes and yes' she said.

'And did you let him this time?'.

'I got it out of my system' she said, 'I'll tell you later'.

When we got home she went upstairs, called me to the room and pointed to our bed for me to get in with her. Then she related the evening whilst very slowly rubbing my swollen cock.

'He is a very nice young lad, and he did want to fuck me, and I wanted desperately to feel that beautiful cock both in my hands and in my pussy. We danced most of the night, teasing each other to distraction, and very late on, we went outside and found a quiet

spot. We fumbled around, feeling each other up, he was rock hard again, I was soaking and breathing deeply. This time I let him pull my knicks aside and put it inside me, and it felt fucking gorgeous. But, he couldnt hold out long enough to satisfy me. So, I'm so thankful you let me satisfy my curiosity, but I need this thing in my hands right now'.

I fucked her there and then, making her reach one of the noisiest climaxes I've ever heard from her. When we had finished, and we were drifting into sleep, I said 'funny, I thought you would still be full of his juice - it didnt feel any different?' She reached down the side of the bed, lifting up her skirt which was absolutely covered in spunk all down the inside of the back.

'I told you he couldnt hold out on me. It felt gorgeous to have him inside but after just a few strokes he slipped out and came all over my clothes leaving me up on the ceiling. I switched my thoughts straight back to good old reliable hubby there and then - I know when I'm well off'.

Hmmmm, good job things didn't turn out the other way!