Written by Johnboy

27 Sep 2012

Why wife and I were out at our local pub one friday night when we caught up with our neighbour kevin . It was a karioke night and I got up and did a couple of songs while kevin kept my mife occuppied.We ended up giving Keven a lift home and went back inside for a few drinks as his wife was away on a horse event down country.Kevin put on a blue movie and then one of his wife with a vibrator. I think it was to keep Kevin amused while she was away.I started rubbing my wifes tits and pulling them out from her top and she says "do you know where this might go" and I said don't worry.Kevin came over and started sucking on my wifes 36d's and fingering her juicy clit.Next thing she was naked on the carpet and I was between her legs sucking her clit for all it was worth.Kevin lean't over my wife for her to suck his cock and she was presented with something she had never sean in her life before. She could bareely fit the tip of his enornous cock in her mouth. We had seen him once naked in our spa pool some weeks before and thought that he had had a hard on but apparentley 6 inches was a slack.Now it was 9 inches and like a beer can.We changed positions and kevin enterde doggy style. We had given him a condom and after about 10 minutes you could almost smell burnt rubber and my my wife had to halt proceedings as it was too dry.( No KY jelly about).She has never had anything before and since and even thoughwe have had threesomes since there has never been anything like the night with Kevin .Moral to the story ....Keep some KY jelly fpr those unpredicted BIG events.