Written by michael

6 Mar 2008

Stopping for the night in a layby on the side of the A4, just getting ready to bed down i got out of my lorry to have a p,when i noticed a car parked behind me with a couple in it having what i thought was a kiss and cuddle[little did i know].The guy saw me and waved at me to come over witch i did,not expecting to see his girlfriend openly wanking him. He opened the window and said something which i didn\\\'t take in as i was a little taken aback then she said do you like what you see and would i like to watch,i just nodded and she carried on slowly wanking his very large cock. This was really turning me on now and then she said do you want have a touch, i\\\'ve never touched another cock before but i was really taken in by the moment and thought why not, so they opened the door and i lent in and started to slowly rub his very hard cock it felt lovely, the next thing i knew her hand was on the back of my head pulling it down towards his cock.I stuck my tongue out and tasted his glistening bellend it tasted much better than i thought and proceded to take it in my mouth, she said he wont last long with a new one sucking him and sure enough he started to pump away into my mouth and holding my head so i couldn\\\'t move away then i felt him tighten up and he started to come in my throat i thought he was never going to stop i managed to swallow most of it but there was just to much and i had to let it dribble out . My cock was straining in my jeans and she reached over and to undo me and reached in and got my cock out and presented to him which he took straight in his mouth and wow what a feeling her wanking me and him sucking it wasn\\\'t long before i shot my load in his mouth and he swallow every drop.I stood at the side of their car a little stunned but very relieved then she said now it\\\'s my turn after watching you too and she pulled down her jeans and knickers and started rubbing herself my cock didn\\\'t even have time to go down this was so good it was like all my xmas and b\\\'days at once.He then started rubbing me again and i returned the favour just watching wondering what was going to happen next i didn\\\'t have to wonder for long as she said i want you to fuck us both i was a little confused but not for long he got out of the car and she moved across legs wide apart and dragging my cock towards her wide fanny i just slid in all the way i started pumping away then felt a finger rubbing my arse which was scarry as i never thought i\\\'d get that huge cock in there, but he was good and managed to get in very slowly it was bloody painful but when he was all the way it felt weird but good. we carried on like that for a while then she wanted a change he bent over and started licking her out and i fucked his arse just as i was about to come again i heard her start to moan out load that she was coming and we finished together he then turned to me and ask me to finish him off in my mouth again which i did without hesitation. With that they dressed themselves said thank you and that they would be there most thursdays if i was interested i certainly am and look forward to telling you about next time