Written by beachboy1959

14 Oct 2014

As promised, this is the story of our Hotel meet (see not dates now just fun October 6th)

We were staying away for a couple of nights ,and my wife said it would be really horny if we could get her FB to join us for a couple of hours, as she liked the thought of being chatted up in the bar and taking him back to our room.

So it was arranged he was coming around lunchtime, and meet her on her own in the bar, so she arranged to have a pamper morning to get herself looking gorgeous for him, when the girl had finished and complimented her on how good she was looking, she asked if it was for anyone special, and my wife replied yes I am going to meet my lover in a hotel, not sure who was more shocked (as my wife had her wedding ring on) the girl, my wife for saying it, or me when she told me!!

She was looking gorgeous in a blouse, flowing skirt, heels and her under wear was an orange bra and matching thong finished off with tan stockings, he texted to say he was in the bar, so she kissed me goodbye and made her way to the bar area, where he met her and they went in, I was upstairs in our room wondering what was happening.

After about half an hour she texted me to say be up in 10 minutes. she had wanted us to be on a high floor so she could have a long snog in the lift on the way up unfortunately we were only on the 4th so not much time for that, although she told me as soon as they got in the lift he was snogging her and feeling her arse.

I was in the bathroom when they came in, shouting hello,(standard hotel room corridor from the door opens into bed space ,the bathroom was in this area as opposed to next to front door as in most rooms) I came out of the bathroom and the sight that greeted me was my wife up against the wall just inside the door as her FB snogged her and felt her breasts, I watched from the far side of the room, as he then started to feel her pussy through her skirt, then his hand went up her skirt, and I could tell by her sighs he was rubbing her and she was loving it, she started to rub his cock through his pants ,he was fingering her now and she had her head back eyes closed as he kissed her neck and down to her breasts.

She then pushed him back against the wall, got on her knees, got his trousers down and kissed his cock through his white boxers, before getting it out and sucking it and wanking it, she did this for a few minutes ,before looking at me and ordering me to strip to my black boxers (she likes boxers on a man and us having opposite colours was a planned move on her instructions) she carried on sucking him and wanking him while I stood and watched, then she told him to get the rest of his clothes off (leaving the boxers on) and that she wanted to play with me now, she told me to sit in the chair, got down on her knees again and kissed my cock through the boxers and then got it out to suck and wank, he meanwhile got on the floor behind her and put his hand through her legs to rub her clit and finger her, she enjoyed this as she kept stopping sucking to moan in ecstasy.

After a while she ordered us (she likes to be the mistress in charge of her boys, as she calls us) to sit side by side on the bed, where she got down in front of us and alternated between sucking and wanking first him then me, then she stood up and we kissed and I played with and sucked her breasts, he got behind her and started to kiss her neck, which she loves and at the same time his hand went between her legs where mine already was and we caressed her pussy together, before he pulled her thong off and she stepped out of it, as we kissed he went over to bedside cabinet got himself a condom, and when it was on went back behind her and put his cock inside her and started to fuck her, she stopped kissing while she gasped in pleasure, he pushed her forward and we both ended up on the bed, so she was lying on top of me as he fucked her from behind, as each thrust went in she moved forward on me and her body rubbed my cock, which was different but so horny and sexy, we kissed and I sucked her boobs, when he pulled out she got onto the bed, and as he no longer had boxers on I joined him and took mine off, she said oh you wanted to be the same, I nodded and then she said the words I’d been longing to hear, Do you want to get in me? as in all previous meetings even when I eventually joined in, she had never let me fuck her in front of him.

So I got between her legs and entered her with somebody watching us for the first time, she was so wet, and it felt great, he then produced a blindfold (she had given it to him downstairs and told him at some point she would like it on) and put it on her ,I said now you won’t know who is doing what to you.(just fantasy stuff as she would know who’s cock was who’s) so after fucking her for a while and as she couldn’t see I motioned for him to take over, which he did while I got on the bed and gave her my cock to suck, then we swapped places again, we did this a couple of times and when she came on my cock, I lay still before saying to him as he lay beside us that we hadn’t eaten her yet but she had eaten us, so I pulled out and went down to eat her gorgeous tasting pussy, while he kissed her and played/sucked her boobs, then we swapped places, the last time I went down on her she was wanking his condom covered cock, and he said you can take it off if you want, she answered she wouldn’t as he would be using it again soon, I knew from this she wanted fucking by him, so stopped licking and let him take his place between her legs and watched as he entered her and went about fucking her for all he was worth, he shouted I’m cumming she said yes, don’t stop so am I, they both came as I gently caressed her boobs and nipples.

He went for a shower and left us alone where I fingered her soaking pussy and she wanked and sucked me to orgasm.

We said our goodbyes us naked on the bed him dressed and ready to go and agreed to meet again when we could, since then we have had a couple of pub meets with another guy which I will post in 2 parts.