Written by Kathy T

30 Jun 2013

Hi. I’m Kathy(28yrs,5ft7,118lbs,brown hair blue eyes) and my bf (Dave) and I were partying and playing late at night when he suggested we call up one of the chat lines and play with some sexy strangers. I jumped at it but told him to make sure it was a BBC chat line and he laughed saying, of course baby. We’ve done this a few times and every time has been more than we expected. When we would find someone dirty and kinky, I would take over the phone and talk while Dave would go down between my legs, driving me crazy.

This one night we ended up talking to this old black guy who we’ve talked to quite a few times. His name was Harold and he was in his early 50’s! He seemed to enjoy the same kinky things we did and we all got off plenty to each other over the phone. He had sent us a lot of pictures of himself and I have to admit, I really liked his huge hairy old black cock that he said I would make so hard. He liked me a lot too and when we finally sent him a picture of me, he really liked me a whole lot more. I mean, I used to model for a while after high school(only ten years ago) so… he couldn’t believe his luck. At first the pictures were tame, with me in bikini’s or in shorts. Then(with Harold’s constant begging), some lingerie shots. He would send us back pictures of these photos covered in his sperm from him jerking himself all over them. This excited me a lot! His old black cock was so huge and I was making it explode! The pictures progressed and finally Dave sent him a few of me masturbating with my BBC toys(he knew my obsession with BBC). This drove poor old Harold completely crazy and he kept asking to meet us in person, but we weren’t too sure, just yet. He kept saying he just wanted to watch me and watch BBC things being done to me. He kept saying that he might be old, but he still had a real black cock that I should be using, instead of my toys (which he knew I loved and couldn’t live without). Then one night, I guess Harold thought up a plan to make his dreams cum true. He told us that he bought me a couple of new BBC toys as a gift to add to my collection. I got really turned on at the idea and asked when I could have them. He said anytime, saying he wanted to give them to me in person and he wanted to watch me using them. How dirty, how kinky, how incredibly sexy! I got so wet I instantly said yes, but Dave wasn’t sure. I got kind of upset. From that moment on, I began to fantasize about it a lot. An older black man, coming into my room and watching me use these dirty black toys like some horny white slut. Surely wanting to force his old black cock where the toys were. Driving him crazy with lust! Then Harold told Dave, what if he pretended to be a sex toy salesman and came over to deliver the products and inform me on how to use them, with no contact between us, while Dave watched. He knew how much we loved to roll play and knew this was his best chance. I came hard listening, but Dave still wasn’t sure, but I sure was. I wanted my new toys bad and I wanted this old black man to give them to me! Sometimes when Dave would leave the room or get off the phone, Harold would try to talk me into meeting him somewhere or he tried talking his way to our house when Dave wasn’t around. He was being so bad, so dirty, and turning me on so much! I think he knew I wanted this as bad as he did.

By chance, about a week later, Dave got called away to work in another state for the weekend. Within an hour of him leaving, I got so horny, I began playing with myself alone in bed. I decided to call the adult chat line(which I’ve never done on my own, I was so nervous!) and started watching interracial porn on our tv. I couldn’t believe it! Harold was on at the same time I was! We connected instantly and when I let it slip that Dave was away for the weekend, he went crazy, begging to come over. I was on the verge of allowing him to come over when he changed his voice slightly, and pretended to be the sex toy salesman. Oh my gosh! Roll playing, alone with a black older man! My panties were soaking almost instantly! “Uh.. Miss Thomas?” “Yes” I answered. “Your husband’s order has come in for you and he has ok’d me to deliver them to you and give you a basic instruction on how to use them.” I was so turned on and so nervous I just said uhh.. “You don’t have to worry Miss, there is to be no contact between us. Your husband has already approved this. I just need your address real quick and I could be there within the hour.” I was so worked up and lost in this roll play that, next thing you know, I was giving him our real address! I mean, he did say Dave approved it, right? He just hung up on me. Did I really just do this? Should I call Dave and ask him if he really did approved of this? He said within the hour, so I grabbed some sexy clothes and ran off to the shower. I started to dress and I was so nervous. Part of me believed we were just roll playing and he wasn’t coming but the other half of me wanted this old black toy salesman to come in and devour me! I slipped on a white lace thong with white shorts and a tank top. My hands were shaking as I was combing my hair when I heard the doorbell ring. OMG!! I ran upstairs to answer it and when I opened the door, there he stood. He looked a little different than his pictures because in his pictures he was always naked. Today he wore a suit and tie and held a briefcase. “Kathy? We spoke on the phone earlier?” he said. “Yes, of course. Come in please.” I told him as I shut the door behind him. “Where do you want to conduct our business, Miss… I’ve always known the bedroom to be the best place. Do you mind?” he asked me. Staying in character I said sure, and I led him downstairs and into our bedroom. He told me to have a seat while he walked to the front of the room and opened up his case. My stomach and my head were dizzy with sexy lust. Everything was happening so fast. Did my bf really know about this, and if not, how bad am I being? He turned to me holding a huge black toy in each hand and told me(in a very stern voice, almost ordering me), to strip off my shorts. I hesitated and was about to say something when he said, “Look, this has already been ok’d by your husband and I’m a very busy man.. so.. If you’re not going to listen and follow my instructions, I can leave right now and take my products with me!” I knew(more than anything!), that I didn’t want this to end so I stood quickly in front of him, and undid my tight shorts and pulled them down and off. I sat down back on the bed sitting up with my back against the bed board, at the edge of the bed. He had a sly smirk on his face as he walked right up to me and showed me the first big black toy that looked just like a real black cock but super huge, with veins, a fat cock head and even hanging big balls. “Suck it!” he says as he put it in front of my mouth. I looked up at him with my sweet innocent blue eyes and opened my mouth up as far as I could. He jams it in my mouth as he begins breathing really hard and mumbling things to me I couldn’t understand. He then shows me the other toy and it looks just like a black cock also, but its smaller and looks smoother. As I struggle to suck on the monster in my mouth, he twists the bottom of the other toy and it begins to make a buzzing sound. He first puts the buzzing toy right over my right nipple on my t-shirt and it feels so good that the huge black cock falls out of my mouth and I moan out loud! He gets mad, “Keep sucking on that black cock, I didn’t tell you to stop!” I obey his command and open up wide again. He brings it to the other nipple and it has the same effect on me. I’m moaning as I suck my best on this black monster. Then he slides it down my stomach and rubs it over my covered pussy! I lose it completely and the huge cock falls from my mouth once more. “Oh my gosh, sir. Oh.. That feels so good! You are such a good instructor! Don’t stop!” Before he could order me to continue sucking, I open my mouth wide again and bend forward, catching that huge, ugly monster back between my lips and start sucking hard. He asks me if I would like to take my panties off and continue his instruction even further and I nod up to him and pull them quickly down and off of me while still sucking hard on my new fat BBC toy! He looks down at my tight, freshly trimmed hot pussy and says, “Oh my, Kathy. That might be the prettiest pussy I have ever seen.” Staring down at me(as if in a trance) and then lets go of the huge cock in my face, telling me to put it between my tits and keep jerking and sucking on it. Without being told, I smile and quickly pull my t-shirt off and I lay that black beast between my breasts. Its so huge, the monstrous head passes higher than my mouth. I look down at him as he lays on his stomach on my bed, less than a foot from my spread legs. He keeps staring at my aching hot pussy and driving me crazy. I’m so horny that I think I even begin slightly lifting my hips off the bed and towards him. He smiles up at me and I put the huge dick back in my mouth to make him happy. He tells me that everything beyond this point was not agreed or discussed with my hubby, and asks me if he should continue. I look down at him almost out of breath and say, “Please, it’s the only way I‘ll truly learn…” He has this look of sheer happiness and hunger on his face as he reaches up with that buzzing black cock and slides it slowly up and down my wet slit. It slides by against my clit and my body jolts violently. He slides it again and again by my clit and I begin to cum hard, screaming around the fat black cock in my mouth. When I come back to earth, he asks me if I’m enjoying myself and I nod wildly, yes! He then orders me to close my eyes shut and not to open them till he tells me to. He says if I disobey, he will finish the instruction and leave instantly. I tell him that I understand and I shut them tight, wondering what he will do next. I hear the buzzing turn off and I feel him get off the bed. I hear what sounds like clothes being taken off. I lay there holding the huge black cock toy to my mouth as I suck and lick all over it. He grabs it from me and asks me if I want to play with a third black toy he brought along as a surprise. I nod yes to him as he guides my hand onto another hard cock. I wrap my hand around it and its warm and soft. It must be his own black cock! I tiny smile comes across my face as I begin to jerk on his nice old black cock. “Keep those eyes shut, baby. Now… do you want to suck on this one too?” I nod yes again and I feel him climb up on the bed and straddles my chest with a knee on each side of my shoulders. Then I feel his hot dripping cock head jabbing at my mouth and I go crazy and open up and suck him in hard! He begins to slip out of character and moaning real loud saying things like, “Oh yeah baby, suck that black cock…it feels so good baby..” I slip it out my mouth for a second and start jerking on it hard as I tell him how much better this cock tastes than the other one and how much I love this toy and cant wait to feel him use it on me, like the other one. He doesn’t even say anything and he pulls away and slides down my body and shoves his hard black cock deep inside me. I wrap my legs around him and feel his hot breath on my neck. He’s pounding down hard on me as I pound up back at him. “Oh my gosh. Sir, can I open my eyes?” I ask. “No, not yet Miss. Here, open your mouth again for me.” I do and he has me sucking that huge black toy again. “That’s it. Suck that big black cock slut. You are a beautiful white girl but even more beautiful with a big black cock in your mouth!” I explode again while he keeps pounding me and talking dirty to me. In my lustful state, I open my eyes for a second and he covers them quickly with a hand, then turns me around and tells me to put my face in a pillow as he’s going to use a toy on me from behind. I do as I’m told and even begin to sway my ass back and forth at him seductively. He continues to talk dirty to me as he slaps my ass cheeks hard a couple of times. He then starts rubbing that huge black toy along my slit, driving me crazy all over again. I begin to push my ass back at him to get it inside me but he teasingly pulls it away and back at me. “Please Mister, demonstrate how that fat thing works on me…please..” Right then he shoves it in me and I scream into the pillow. Its so fat and stretching my sweet white pussy. After a few minutes, I can feel it all the way in me and he’s ramming it in and out of me hard and fast. This climax is larger than the others and seems to never end as I’m cumming all over that fat toy and screaming into the pillow. Just then he puts the drenched black toy in my face and tells me to suck my juices off of it and as I start to, I feel his hard black cock ram inside me from behind! I start cumming again while telling him that this cock is my favorite and how I wish I could suck all the sweet cum out of it, but its just a toy. He tells me not to move and to keep my eyes shut and I feel him crawl around me and sit down in front of me. He then says, “Surprise! Open your eyes and have your dreams answered!” I open my eyes and stay in character. “Oh my gosh sir! A real black cock! Yum!” and I bend forward taking all of his black cock down my throat. He grabs a handful of my hair and guides me up and down his black cock, hard. I’m keeping up and moaning as his cock is delicious with my cum on it and his juices seeping. Within a couple of minutes, he fills my mouth with his hot cum and I swallow as much as I could, but some escapes down his cock and on my bed sheets. When he’s done, I still have his slowly softening black cock in my mouth and he tells me to let go. I do and look up into his old eyes with a slight smile. He says “Listen.. I’m going to give you one chance and one chance only. It will be up to you for the next 20 seconds or so. What ever you say will be done. Now listen, if you want me to leave now.. I will. I will leave my toys and be gone in minutes… or… I will stay here and leave just before Dave arrives and you have to continue to listen to me as I instruct you further. You have ten seconds, my dear. What will it be?” I knew the whole time what my response was going to be but I teased him anyway. Looking up to the ceiling I said, “Well…. I don’t know….” He looked angry and about to roll off the bed when I said, “Please.. I want you to stay and teach me more, sir.” “Are you sure…. This is your last chance….” he said. I nodded yes to him and he said, “Very well. Take me to your shower and wash me off.. Now!” I took his hand in mine and led him away. That weekend was the most unbelievable weekend of my life. It was non-stop till about an hour before Dave arrived. I wanted to tell him all about it but Harold made me promise him it would be our dirty secret.