Written by older guy

17 Aug 2012

This is a story about a girl I met once off this site. We had arranged to meet in Russel Square. I saw a girl I thought was her. As I walked past, she crossed her legs! I could see everything. It was her! I went to the cafe and she came over. I wanted to run my hand up her leg to be sure there were no panties, but there were too many people, it was too risky. I suggested we go to my hotel and to my delight she agreed! We walked across the square and there was a tell-tale bulge in my thin summer shorts. It must have been obvious because we walked past a couple of teenage girls and they started giggling. Perhaps they noticed a damp patch where my cock was. She was just wearing a short skirt and a t-shirt. Her breasts looked amazing as we quickened our pace. We got to the hotel, and went to my room. She said no touching. I said, fine as long as you undress. So we both got naked, and I wished I had a tape measure as I thought my erect cock must be at least half an inch longer than usual. I started wanking while she watched intensely. Her nipples were standing proud and she couldn't resist touching herr pussy. It was so amazing. I came buckets all over her. I was proud that she let my cum trickle slowly down her naked body. A drop fell slowly from her nipple. Then it was time for her to go. She dressed but made no effort to clean up first. I opened the day still naked with cum still dripping from my cock. As she left, 2 50-ish women walked past and saw me. It was obvious what we had been doing. Oops!