Written by Paulrcouple

6 Jan 2012

We got to the hotel just after 1pm our room was ready so they let us check in early Jane had a bath and got her self ready nice under wear and stockings with high heels do you thing i look to dressed up for a Tuesday afternoon no you look stunning i said don't for get the couple we are meet are nearly twenty's younger than us.

We had arranged to meet them in the Pitcher and Piano at 3.

On the way there my phone went it was Ricky as he called him self saying his wife was ill but he could come on his own well we have herd that old chest nut before but we do meet single guys so we agreed.

We walked into the bar there was no one else in the place the door opened in came this male Jane said no way he came to us and asked if we were Paul and Jane we both said no at the same time.

He had made no effort with his appearance or dress he went and sat down then another couple came in he went and asked them we got another drink and watched the show he asked two more couples and a single guy if they were us we drank up and left why do people do such things if he had been anything like he said he was he could have had some fun We had the number of a single lad that said he could meet us any tea at short notice his phone just went to answer it did that every time we rang it.

So back to the hotel we went into the bar and there was just one lad at the bar we got talking he said his name was Grant here for one night and on a course on Wednesday we had a few drinks he seemed ok nice and polite and fun Jane had already started to flirt and started getting touchy hand on his thigh he was sat on a bar stool.

We told him we were going out for a meal and a few drinks in the town Jane asked him if he would like to come with us he said i was hoping you would ask.

A Few more drinks then to an Italian were Grant told us his life's history he was 27 been married two years his wife was not that bothered about sex i told him Jane can not get enough of it and sometimes i have got to get someone to give me a hand.

He just laughed i said he thinks were joking nothing more was said left the restaurant went to a bar he went to the toilet i said to Jane hes not up for it Jane said yes he is i was rubbing my foot on his cock under the table before you said that he as rubbed my pussy over the top of my dress as we were walking here.

Jane can be really naughty when she as had a drink he came back to the bar Jane asked him straight out do you want to fuck me he looked at me i said were up for it.

We told him that's what we were doing here looking for adult fun.

We went back to the hotel once in our room he went to the toilet i told Jane just take your dress of i got undressed Jane bent down and started sucking me he came out of the bathroom i made a single for him to take his clothes off which he did one of the most exciting parts of watching your wife is the first sight of another cock it was not that big not as big as mine i love to see a big cock fuck Jane.

I Told him it was his night you can do anything you want but no pain or water sports.

He turned and kissed Jane i got hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down Jane's pussy lips it was to much for him i felt him jerk and his cum came shooting out he said sorry but would be alright shortly he got on his knees and licked Jane's pussy then he got hold of me started to wank me and then sucked me i was kissing Jane and fingering her pussy i told him i was going to cum he wanked me faster into his mouth and sucked every drop of cum out of me.

He told us he had always fantasied doing this with his wife but she was not interested he said it was the first cock he had sucked but i have herd that before.

We all got on the bed with Grant in the middle we both sucked his cock till it got hard he fucked Jane on her back he did not last very long i got down and made her cum with my tongue.

He had got dressed said good night and went i fucked Jane and we both feel asleep.

We saw Grant on our way to breakfast he was checking out he never said a word just looked sheepish turned away and walked out.

Jane said well we would not have met him often nice enough lad but i have been fucked better