Written by Mark

3 Jan 2018

Dec 2017

As usual Sally was so nervous about our introduction meeting this evening with Dean. I like to vet the guys that Sally meets as much as possible and that includes a face to face meeting if convenient. Sally did not know what to wear and that freaked her out. She must have changed her mind about a dozen times. Finally I managed to get her out of the door, but looking very anxious.

We met up in a bar in Birmingham and luckily Dean was already there. He was over 6ft, an athletic guy in really great shape. He was charming, but at the same time he made every opportunity to ogle her breasts and touch her back, bottom and arms. They seemed to get along really well and after a few glasses of wine she did relax and started to enjoy the evening. Dean was a gentlemen the whole time and only once at the end did the conversation turn remotely sexy and she just laughed and smiled and flirted with him. I could not believe my luck.

Before we said our goodbyes Dean asked if she wanted to touch his cock before he left. With a few glasses of wine to help her inhibitions she agreed giggling as they disappeared into the toilets. They were gone for for nearly 20 and when they returned Dean had a big smile on his face and Sally was looking very sheepish. He showed me his phone and I got a shock when I saw Sally looking into the camera with his very thick black cock in her mouth. He later told me that she had reluctantly swallowed when he shot his load in her mouth. She was apparently more worried about getting cum on her clothes. What an awesome result.

We said our goodbyes and agreed to make a date for a proper meeting. We got back in the car and Sally seemed to be really guilty about what she had just done. I just smiled and told her that she had been amazing. Little did she know, but this was just the beginning!