Written by durham_trio

23 May 2007

Hi im Linda and 43 am slim 34b. I thought id tell you about our first swinging party we went to.

Im married but not to Mark. I have had a pretty dull sex life until i met him. We seemed to click straight away and we started having an affair. I let him talk me into going to a adult party which he organised without any haste. My husband was on a golfing weekend and the kids at their grandparents, so had time to myself.

Saturday night of the party came around. I wore a short skirt (to short i thought for my age) but hey some how knew i not have it on for long. Low cut blouse, sheer see thro bra, lace thong. To be honest i looked and felt like a tart. But that thought seemed to turn me on.

Mark met me at 7pm as arranged. Made the usual male compliments. Got to the house and was escorted into a smallish room. About 8 other couples were sat there. Thankfully nobody i knew. We were all introduced and as we were the last to arrive was the shown into another room. There was 2 large sofas, A giant sheepskin rug on the floor. Very dimmly lit. When doors closed all you could make out was shadows.

We sat on one of the sofas. Mark started to kiss me passionately. His hands were fondling my small but firm tits. Nipples were probably hardest they ever been.

A wave of anticipation shot throw me for a brief moment as i felt a 3rd hand on me then a 4th. But that turned to excitement.

I felt my legs being parted. A hand was slowly working its way up my leg. By this time i was getting quite wet. The hand had founds its way to where i liked it. A finger pulled my thong to one side and started rubbing my clit.

Mark whispered in my ear was i enjoying it. Oh yes was the reply. As i said it my legs were opened wider and i felt a warm breath on my legs. I knew someone was lick me. But who?

After few seconds i felt that warm breath on my clit. Boy did it feel good. I felt Mark shuffle away i knew he was off for some fun. I let out a gasp as whoevers tongue flicked my clit. I was then greeted by a semi hard cock on my lips. Which i took into my mouth without haste. A hand placed itself on my tit tweaking my nipple.

As the tongue worked eagerly on my clit. I was moaning loudly. As was a few of the other women. Hearing them turned me on too. Another guy came over and place his hard cock into my hand. He was a big boy. 9" at least i briefly thought i gotta have him up me. But that thought quickly went as the sensations from my pussy were getting more thrilling. id never had my pussy so expertly eaten.

The cock in my mouth was oozin precum. i felt sorry for the guy as i sucked so dam hard on it. I could feel my first orgasm building up in me. I released the cock in my hand and reached down and cupped the head between my legs. To my surprise i felt soft long hair it was a woman eating me. My first. That sent me over the edge.