Written by Younguns2011

18 Apr 2012

We have been members of the site for around six months and had a few good meets away from home when living at the in laws. We now have our own home and were keen to make good use of it to explore our fantasy's further. I have been aroused by erotic stories for many years fantasizing about myself Jess and others been the characters as I have read on.

Below is a true story of what took place at our house with an SH member and hopefully others can appreciate it. I am by no means an author so I apologies if its not perfect, but I would welcome constructive comments as I hope to further share our adventures with you. There are three photos on our profile that accompany our story for those that have access to it.

We recently changed our profile to include bi single males, wow what a response the usual jerks and time wasters but over a couple of weeks several guys stood out, one further than the rest. We spoke in chat and Jess put on a very sexy horny show for him in a private cam room as he wanked his cock for her. We made plans with this chap Bob (Not real name) to meet up for a drink one evening in the week ahead work dependent.

The next day (Monday) Jess was at work and text me saying how wet she was and how nice it would be when we could finally have fun with Bob. There had been a few email exchanges between the two that day. She was horny as hell and wanted to share his cock with me before he fucked her in front of me. Well wouldn't you no it Bob was online that afternoon, we chatted for ages and then I made him an offer, "Why don't you come to our's, I'll suck your cock and send the pic's to Jess" This is something we had done before with another member on here.

Bob agreed and said it would be about an hour before he could make it. I was so nervous, would Jess be angry if I had first suck ? Would it turn her on ? Would she get pisssed and never come on the site again ? She was still texting as I got out of the shower, Bob had left his house and there was no going back. I dropped a few hints at what I was abut to do, and in the end she just asked me straight out what I was up to, so I told her.

Wow, her response blew me away, "Will he still be there when I get home?" Well by this time Bob had arrived at ours, I made him a coffee and explained that Jess wanted to join in. He was more than fine, but now we had an hour to kill. We chatted on the sofa and poor Bob was very polite and friendly a really nice guy, we got on so well.

Then Jess came home. I went to greet her at the front door, we were both so nervous, excited and horny. We shared a long deep kiss as she took off her coat and bag, then she followed me into the back room where Bob was waiting sat on the sofa. Jess sat between us and I started to stroke her neck and behind her ears as introductions and small talk were made.

Jess was obviously nervous, as was I. My hand made its way slowly down her back then round to the front of her jumper dress (In fairness she hadn't planned on fucking straight after work) I started to massage her right breast, she closed her eyes, tilted her head back. All this time Bob had just been making polite conversation, putting Jess at ease and putting no pressure on either of us. I gave him a cheeky wink and he reached out for her left breast. We continued to play with her breasts, our hands making there way under her jumper. I undid her bra and soon the jumper was pushed over her breasts and we took a nipple each into our mouths.

After some nipple nibbling I moved my hand south, towards her pants. I was shocked to find the dirty girl had already started to undo her buttons! I slipped my hand in to be quickly joined by Bob's finding a very moist wet thong and a smoothly shaven wet pussy almost sucking our fingers deep within. From there Jess was quickly disrobed leaving only her thong on and lay naked on the sofa. Her shyness gone, she was stroking my cock, her hand inside my loose trackys and fondling Bob's over his slacks as we continued to play with both her breast's and pussy.

Bob soon had his slacks off and presented us with a hard throbbing cock, well shaven leaving just a hint of hair at the base. Together we both sank to our knees as he stood before us, we both reached for his cock and proceeded to give him a joint blow job, both of us deep throating him and passing it back to the other. When we were both at the top of his cock we french kissed with his helmet between us, tasting all his sweet sticky pre cum and sharing between us.

Bob now fully disrobed sat on the sofa legs spread, Jess knelt before him and took his hard cock back into her wet willing mouth, I lay under Jess my back on the floor and pulling her now drenched thong to the side, let my tongue explore her clit and pussy. I since found out that whilst she was sucking Bob's cock, my licking of her clit caused her to jerk forwards, her tits encased his cock and she ended up giving him a tit wank, Sucking his bell end.

With Bob's cock now coated in the saliva of us both, there was only ever going to be one outcome, Jess rose lifting off my face and straddled Bob on our sofa facing him. A sofa we have only had two weeks and here was my fiance, sliding her tight young pussy onto another mans hard throbbing cock, mmmmm what a sight. They soon got into a good rhythm, Jess's arse was facing me and as she bounced on his cock I managed to get my tongue to her ass hole and as she rocked back my tongue slid deeper inside it.

I couldn't say how long they fucked, all I no is I was horny as hell and Jess was moaning throughout, at one stage I stood/knelt on the back and arm of the sofa and Jess took me into her mouth as Bob reached and fondled my balls, still sliding deep into her wet pussy.

Then as all good things must come to an end, Jess slammed her self onto Bob's cock as he shot his hot spunk deep inside her. The pair just remained in the position for some time as I reached behind Jess kneading her breasts. When she had come down for her sexual hi Jess slipped off Bob's cock and sat on the sofa, her legs spread as I knelt between them and licked the juicy cream pie they had so freshly made for me moments before right in front of me. Bob stood and offered his softening cock to Jess, which she eagerly cleaned up for him.

All to soon, it was over Bob had work and so he dressed and left us, Jess still naked lay out on the sofa, dreaming of when he would next come to fuck her.