Written by Paulrcouple

5 Nov 2010

I like i told you about the bar man in the bar who had a grope with Jane the year before and she got him in the bar on our second night. Well went in the next afternoon after a day on the beech we had been and got showered it was just a bit of dinner and a couple of drinks then back to our room for a bit of fun.The bar man and the chef were talking and looking over they both kept smiling at us. So i told Jane to smile back i went to the bar got a couple of drinks and said did you like last night he said yes i said dose your mate know yes he would like to have some fun got my drinks and went back to Jane and told her what had been said. She was up for it. Had our snack went to our room and fucked like mad talking about it. Went out at night called in the bar had a couple of drinks and said we would see them later. Jane said she wanted it in our bed room so on our way home called in the bar same as the night before sat away from the bar were customers could not see us and finger fucked Jane under the table so they could see.Right at the end of the night went to the bar got two drinks told them our room number see them later. we was sat on our balcony have a quiet drink i said another 5 minuets then i am going to fuck you i can't wait any longer. Then the bell went Jane let them in the bar man got hold of Jane and started kissing he had her clothes off in a flash by the time i had got the video camera she was geting spit roasted yes he was a big bor the bar man the chief was only half the size i could match him easley. I WAS Also stripped off Jane was sucking me and the chef at the same time and getting a good fucking at the same time then the swooped places we could not know what they were saying but there was no room for my cock as well with is already in there the chef bent forward got hold of my cock and started sucking me it was great.He pulled out of Jane and we all swooped round but it was no good for me it was like throwing a sausage down the m1/ I shot my spunk all on Jane's lips and his cock and her face. I went and got a drink when i came back Jane was one her back get fucker by the bar man i got hold of the chefs cock he was stud at the side of the bed and wanked it all over Jane's tits and face he licked it off as he was shagging her he started shouting see see see i cum he laid on her for a while then rolled over i got a goose shot with the web cam of his spunk running out of her pussy then i went down to clear up with the last drop i kissed Jane and let her have a taste the lads went but that was not the end of it