Written by Paulrcouple

9 Nov 2010

Hi so it was the forth night of our holiday on the beech all day tan coming on nice bit of lunch in the bar a couple of drinks said hello to the two boys and then back to the apartment a quick fuck on the bed fell asleep then out for the night. We ended up in a bar called banana garden a good pick up spot we have had good luck there in years gone by. After a couple of more drinks Jane on the dance floor pulled straight away slow dance his arms round her her head to one side and bingo there necking she was groping him over his trouser. A bit of small talk he looked over at me i smiled at him Jane brought over I said hello i am Paul and you have met Jane i take yes and smiled he got the drinks in we started talking he side he was on the pull i said so are we I got the camcorder out of Jane's bag and showed him last nights events are you up for it yes you bet never had a 3 some. On the way back he told us he was 37 just split up from his girl friend and came on his own the holiday was already booked We went to our bar and the two lads were there they new what was going on i said to Ian do you recognize them yes there on the video one of the lads brought us drinks over Jane felt is cock and said it feels nice are you up for all three why not we went to the apartment the lads came shortly after Ian said he had always dreamt of this but thought it would never happen. Jane went onto the balcony i went and got the drinks when i got to the balcony Jane was on her knees cock in her mouth i put the drinks down and started to wank his cock Jane stopped sucking it and offered it me are you OK with that i said never done bi but always wanted a go Jane started kissing him i started to suck him and i could feel it stiffen up and the first shot it the back of my throat four good thrust he did i nearly choked the the bell rang the lads were here. The night before was the first time i had seen two fuck Jane but now its three we were all stripped off it was a free for all its true what they say whats the difference between straight and gay 6 pints of lager The chef Raimondo was fucking Jane as she was sucking syeed Ian was sucking me i was trying to video it all i pulled my cock out of his mouth before i came if that was the first time he had sucked a cock he did al wright. Raimundo came i went down on her cleaned her up i started to fuck her they were up to all sorts then there was a cock between our heads we started sucking it there was some one licking my bum hole i could feel a finger go up me then another it felt tight then the sun oil was passed of the dresser the must have been three fingers then i felt some thing else was it Jane rabbit no it was syeed he got his knob end in then a bit more pulled nearly out then all the way Jane held me tight i tried to carry on fucking Jane but could not move Jane was doing all the work grinding her pussy against me it was like a burn feeling at first but after a few strokes it felt OK i started to enjoy it i could feel i was going to come i could tell syeed was not far away then he just stopped i could feel him spirit up me i could not hold back much longer and came just as he pulled his cock out of me. I rolled over on to my stomack Ian started to lick jane out and one of them was licking me. I the bed got a cold lager out of the fridge. went back in the bed room Ian was fucking her doggy way and she had two cocks in her mouth. I video for half an hour and she got it every way they tried to get two up at once she tried dp but they were two big Jane said she had had enough. We all had a drink and they went home. In the morning Jane was too tender so we just went out for our breakfast went round the shops and in to ashop called zara and who did we bump into yes Ian with his wife and children the lying basterd talk about somebody shitting them selevs but you dont kiss and tell day five later