Written by D J Woolley

10 May 2015

Our Wild Welsh Weekend

I think I’d better start by saying a little about my wife, Leanne and myself, Derrick. We have been married for thirty-six years and our sons have now left home. I have suffered erectile dysfunction for a number of years; owing to my having multiple sclerosis, I have tried various treatments, with varying success over the years. Most of these have been a bit hit and miss and can leave us both very frustrated. I love my wife very much and I just love to see her in the throes of an orgasm. I have made her come with a variety of toys, but nothing is the same for her as having a good fuck. We used to have fairly regular threesomes with a friend of mine, a few years ago, but he had moved away. We have discussed the possibility of finding someone to try it again with, especially since I had gone a bit of the boil lately.

Leanne has been playing a word game on line and had been chatting to a much younger guy who lived in Cardiff and he had on more than one occasion told her that he would like to have sex with her. He was in his early thirty’s, so Leanne was well flattered, seeing as she is sixty-one. One night I went up to bed while she said she was just going to finish the game she was playing. Leanne came to bed about fifteen minutes later and as I went to kiss her goodnight, she was very passionate and we had a fantastic shag, no other way to put it, she was rampant and we fucked in a good few positions. All too soon I came, as I said I was off the game a little.

We came back downstairs for a drink and that’s when she confessed to me that she had been turned on by Ken, the guy in Cardiff telling her how much he wanted to have sex with her and how he would like to do it. After thinking about this for a moment or two, I said that I thought she should get a good spanking for that. Leanne did enjoy a bit of a spank from time to time.

I told her to wear some black stockings, suspenders, a thong and a blind fold. She was to have her paddle, ostrich feather and her seven inch long liberator on the bedside cabinet along with a tube of lubricant. A couple of nights later, about eight o’clock she came down stairs, having showered and put on everything but the blindfold. I then made her send a message to Ken, telling him what she was wearing and that she was on her way upstairs to be spanked for what she had been up previously. He told her that he wished he was the one who was going to spank her, but he hoped that it wouldn’t be too painful for her.

We then went up to our bedroom, where I had Leanne kneel on the bed with her arse stuck up. I tied the blindfold onto her and picked up the paddle and the feather. After running the feather down her back, making her giggle and shudder a couple of times it caught her completely of her guard when the paddle slapped down on the right cheek of her bum, making her squeal, then she squealed even more when it landed on the left cheek. I spanked her for several minutes alternating between cheeks slowly giving her harder and harder whacks. Then I started to tickle her again which made her wriggle and jiggle on the bed.

I then picked up the vibrator and applied a little of the lubricating jell to it. I switched it on and Leanne crooked her head trying to see what I was going to do next. I pulled her thong to the side and started to gently touch the vibrator to her clit, sliding it from side to side. Leanne was trying her best to ease back and get a firmer contact with it. I move the vibrator away and slapped the paddle hard across both cheeks together, making her yelp. Wait and take what you are given I told her. Then pulling the thong to one side again I eased it into her love chute. She sighed as I slide it in. I worked it back and forth a few times then removed it, at which she moaned and begged me to press it back in and make her come. Instead I spanked her on both cheeks; I landed three or four, before she had time to react to the first blow.

I realised that I was making her bum very red and sore looking, so I gave her another good hard slap on each cheek before telling her to turn over onto her back. She did as she had been told and I slapped the inside of her thighs first three on her left leg, then three on her right leg. “Are you going to be talking dirty with Ken again?” I asked. “Only when I want to get turn on.” She replied. I slapped the outside of her thighs three to each leg in turn. “Are you sure about that?” I asked. “Only if you want me to get rampant again.” She said. I pulled her thong down her legs and off, I through them to the side and pressed the vibrator into her waiting pussy and turned up the power. Working it in and out several times before taking it out and pressing it against her clit. She came shuddering as I pushed it back into her wet hole and held it there for a second or two before turning down the power, moving it around for a while before taking it out.

“What did you think about as you came then?” I demanded. “Your Welshman?” Leanne nodded her head slowly. “You’d better turn over again then hadn’t you, and stick that bum right up in the air.” Leanne slowly rolled over and returned to her knees. I spanked each side of her bum six more times in turn. I then put down the paddle and picked up my camera and took some pictures of her, by now, glowing arse. “Ok, lay on your back again.” I instructed her. Then I took a couple of pictures of her red thighs and sopping pussy. “Do you still want Ken to fuck you” I asked. “If you’d let me, I’d fuck him now.” She said.

I could wait no longer; my prick was so hard I thought it would burst. I dropped my jeans to the bedroom floor and almost dived between her open legs, thrusting my rampant tool into her in one swift motion. Leanne squealed as I pounded into her and she came for the second time that night. She wrapped her legs around my back as she lifted her body of the bed, in an effort to get more of my dick buried into her. It wasn’t long before she was coming again and this time I came with her pumping my spunk deep into her.

After we had got our breath back we downstairs for a drink, to cool us off. “You’ve fair made my bum sore.” Leanne said. “I’m not surprised; look at the picture of how red I’ve made it.” I said, showing her the viewer on the camera. “You had better message your friend and tell him that you have enjoyed your punishment and send him some of the photos to prove it to him.” I told her. Leanne looked at the pictures. “I daren’t send those to him! Some of them show my fanny.” She wailed back. “Well he would see your fanny if he fucked you, wouldn’t he.” I told her. She went quite for a while then. I went to the computer and down loaded the pictures. “Well come on get on with it.” I demanded. Leanne opened her face book page and began doing as she was told and sent three of the pictures to her would be lover, along with a short message, saying why she had been spanked, that she enjoyed being spanked and that she would have a dirty chat with him again if it thought that she would get punished and fucked the way she had been tonight.

His reply came back within a few moments, almost as if he had been expecting to hear from Leanne. Bloody hell, he wrote, that looks keen, but I’m glad that you enjoyed it as I won’t stop telling you how I would like to have you and how I would like to be doing it, until I get to do it. “You’d better message him back, and tell him, we’ll see if we can’t set it up some time soon.” I told her. Leanne swallowed and typed what I had told her to; before she pressed return she asked me if I was sure about it: I said that I was and she hit return. Hs reply took a little longer this time, as Ken must have been wondering if this was for real or not. Where would we be able to get together? He asked. “Tell him we’ll book a hotel near where he lives, if he can be discrete. He assured us that if we booked into the next town then he could be very discrete. After all he was married too, he messaged back. Leanne knew this she told me, but his wife had been ill and unable to have sex for a couple of years now. “Ok I’ll see what I can do then, if it’s what you want.” I said. “You do know I want to be there with you and that he must always wear a condom and not come into Leanne, anything else that Leanne was willing to do was fine by me, but if Ken isn’t ok with that then it’s all off. I informed her. She typed this into the computer and Ken replied that as it was my wife he was going to be fucking, and then it was only right that I should have a few rules and that I should be there.

The following day I checked out hotels in Pontypool. We needed one with a bar and a restaurant so we would be able to have a drink and a meal before hand. I found one that had everything we needed, including king size beds in every room and was large enough for us not to stand out. I booked a room there for the following week-end and then contacted Ken with the details. He arranged to meet us in the bar at eight o’clock the following Friday night.

Leanne could hardly contain herself and we tried sex most night that week, even though I had to resort to using her rabbit to finish her off. Leanne asked me what I thought she should wear for the occasion. I said that she should start by making sure that she was clean shaven under her arms, her legs and her pussy, that was a job for me in the morning before we left home. We decided that she should be wearing a black waist clincher with suspenders, black scanty pants and a push up bra. Not that Leanne’s 36E tits needed much pushing up. Black seamed stockings, black court shoes, with a small hidden platform and six inch heels, poor thing she could hardly walk in them but they were worth the effort as she looked so very sexy in them. To cover this she wore a black low cut top. This drew the eye to her fantastic boobs. Paired with this she wore a tight red skirt which finished about two inches above her knee. With bright red lips and dark smoky eyes she looked gorgeous and I almost chickened out of what we were about to do, but I didn’t and we set off to go down to the bar to meet Ken.

As we had exchanged photos we all know what one and the other looked like. As we entered the bar we saw him sat on a bar stool with a pint of beer. He turned around as we approached him, “Wow! You look bloody lush” He complimented Leanne; he then offered to buy us a drink. I asked for a pint of beer and Leanne ordered a large vodka and lemonade, as she said she needed the courage. When our drinks arrived we took them and sat at a quite table away from other people in the room. Leanne had soon finished her drink and Ken went to fetch another one. “Are you sure about this?” Leanne asked as soon as he was out of ear shot. I nodded and assured her that I was up for it all. Ken returned with the drink, and he then asked us if we were sure that we wanted to go through with this. We told him that we had just had that conversation and if he still fancied Leanne, now he had seen her in the flesh, we were ready to go on. He picked up his pint and finished it off in one swallow. I did the same and Leanne followed suit. We told him our room number and told him to follow us up in about ten minutes. We returned to our room to await Ken.

“I hope he hasn’t changed his mind and left” Leanne said, but she needn’t have worried as there was a gentle knock at the door and I opened the door to let Ken in he had bought Leanne and myself another drink each, for which we thanked him. Leanne downed hers in one and Ken put his on the dressing table, then Leanne sat on the side of the bed. I sat down on a chair to one side, from where I expected to get a good view of the proceedings. Ken took off his jacket and tie, he turned to me just to be sure, and I gave him a nod. He then stood in front of Leanne. She stood up and put her arms around his neck and he took her by the waist and they kissed. Gently at first, only too aware that I was in the room, but as Ken rubbed his hands down her back and squeezed her bum Leanne relaxed and the kiss got hotter. Ken lifted Leanne’s top and she helped him take it off her, he then unfastened her bra and set her tits free. “They are beauties” He enthralled, and lowered his head to take a nipple between his lips to suck on. Leanne moaned deep in her throat, she loves having her tits sucked and nibbled. Ken turned his head to suck the other one and gently pulled on her nipple with his teeth. He slid his hands down her back to unzip her skirt; Leanne wiggled her hips so that it fell to the floor. She lifted her leg and stepped out of it. She had been undoing the buttons on Ken’s shirt while he had been sucking her nipples and now she pulled it down his muscle arms and dropped it on the floor. She then knelt down in front of him and unfastened his trousers, eased down the zip then pulled them along with his boxer shorts, down to his ankles. Leanne could not have looked more pleased if she had won the lottery, Kens cock was about the length of mine, Eight inches there about, but the thickness must have been almost half as much again as I had. She opened her mouth wide, put her hand around it then bought her mouth around the end of it. I could see she was sucking hard as her cheeks were drawn in and she pressed as much as she could of his monster into her mouth. Still sucking hard she withdrew her head and took it from her mouth to lick around the rim of his bell end. Ken shuddered and pushed forward, holding onto the top of Leanne’s head as his prick re-entered her mouth. Again she sucked as much as she could into the back of her throat, and then pulled her head back. I knew from experience that she would be running her tongue along the length of his prick, Leanne does give amazing head.

Ken could stand no more and he put his hands under Leanne’s arms and lifted her up and laid her on her back on the bed. Her feet were still on the floor; Ken lifted her legs over his shoulders then reached out and pulled her pants down to her knees, then raised her legs a little more and took them off completely. He knelt down in front of her, with her legs still over his shoulders and buried his face in her muff licking and sucking. Leanne was obviously enjoying what he was doing, as she squirmed and twisted on the bed with her hands holding onto the back of his head, pulling him in to her. It wasn’t long before Leanne was squealing in orgasm and poor Ken was almost drowning in her juices as she creamed into his mouth.

Ken stood up and rolled on one of the condoms he had bought with him, then he picked up Leanne’s legs held them against his waist and slid his prick into her wet and willing cunt. He thrust in and out of her, her pussy was making loud squelching sound as he did; I hadn’t known her get that wet for years. It wasn’t long before she was coming again moaning and squealing, rolling her head from side to side and lifting her pelvic off the bed, in a bid to get more cock inside her. After she had calmed down a bit, Ken withdraw his prick from her and bade her to kneel on the edge of the bed, then re-entered her from the back, Leanne’s favourite position, I knew she would soon be coming again. Ten minutes into this and I was proved right as she came screaming, looking straight into my eyes. It was the sexiest thing I have ever seen, the woman I loved in the throes of orgasm, her hair wild, with sweat sticking it to her face, her eyes almost glazed over and her head thrown back. It was too much for Ken; he thrust harder into her and emptied his load into the Johnny.

Three climaxes were never going to be enough for Leanne, once she had been worked up to this pitch. As Ken slipped his prick from her she lay in the middle of the bed, on her back and reached out for the lubricant and the rabbit vibrator we had brought with us and after applying some lube to it she switched it on and eased it into her, making sure that the ears were making good contact with her clit. I had to let my prick out of the confines of my trousers, as it was getting very uncomfortable scrunched up like it was, even if all I could manage was a semi I went over and knelt at the side of the bed and took one of Leanne’s nipples into my mouth and began sucking and nibbling on it: Ken did the same with her other tit and in next to no time she was coming again and again, as the rabbit squirmed and twisted inside her.

Ken changed position and offered his semi-hard dick for her to suck, which she did willingly and soon had him as hard as rock again. I move back to my chair, taking my cock in my hand began to rub it slowly as Ken lay on top of my wife and slipped his hard cock up her love chute again. They fucked in the missionary position for about fifteen minutes, with Leanne coming again, her legs wrapped around Ken’s back calling out like a whore for him to fuck her harder. He then ordered a change and he lay on his back for Leanne to climb on top of him and ride his cock. She arched her back and supported herself with her hands as she came the first time in this position, then she leaned forward, smothering him with her tits, as she came again. Ken came thrusting hard into her and they both lay panting for a while.

Ken rolled off the bed, picked up the drink he had left on the dressing table and took a long draft of his beer, then went to get a shower. I went over to Leanne, who had now sat up on the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed next to her, Put my arms around her and gave her a long deep kiss. “I love you.” I whispered in her ear. “That was the best show of any kind I have ever seen.” I told her. I went on to say how much I had loved seeing her come. “I love you too.” She replied. “Can we do this again some time.” She almost begged of me. “As soon as you want to, I’ll see what we can arrange.” I assured her.

Ken came out of the bathroom then, he started to get dressed. “That was the best sex I have ever had.” He told us and went on. “I would love to fuck you again if I could.” I informed him that we had booked the room for two nights, so we would still be here tomorrow, if he had nothing better to do. “Bloody hell, I don’t think there is anything better to do.” He said. “The same time tomorrow then.” I asked him. “Yes I’ll be here then and if you’re going to be as rampant as you were tonight I may have to bring a mate with me.” Was Ken’s come back. “Maybe next time, but for now I don’t think I could handle two of you.” Leanne jumped in with; she had a twinkle in her eye that told me it was going to happen soon. Ken said his good nights and Leanne got off the bed to kiss good night. He couldn’t resist giving one of her tits a last squeeze. “I will see you tomorrow then.” He said and left.

After he had gone Leanne asked if I would nip down to the bar for another drink each. “Bugger that.” I replied. “I ring room service and get two bought up.” Leanne was sat on the bed wearing just her stockings and the black waist clincher when room service arrived at the door. The young guy bustled into the room pushing a trolley as soon as the door opened seeing her sat on the bed he did a double take, looking her up and down. “You’re lush for an older woman.” He remarked. Leanne grabbed one of the pillows that was on the bed and placed it over fanny, blushing madly. The waiter then placed the drinks on the dressing table and left. I passed Leanne one of the drinks and took a swallow of one of mine. “Come and sit on the bed.” Leanne instructed. I did as I was told and sat on the bed, Leanne slid of the bed and knelt in front of reached out and freed my poor aching prick from the confines of my trousers wrapped her hands around it and placed her lips over my bell, sucking greedily, taking more and more of my semi hard cock into her mouth, until I felt it reach the back of her throat. Her head worked backward and forward several time, licking the length of it as she did. I held onto her hair with both hands as I pushed my prick into face as far as I could, making Leanne choke slightly as I empted my balls directly down her gullet. Yes this had been a night to remember and tomorrow was going to be at least as good, with an even better one promised in the near future. I know we were going to be regular visitors to Wales from now on.