Written by Gene12001

26 Jul 2010

We have been having some infrequent liaisons in our local park for a couple of years now.

Pollok Park with its heavy forestry has allowed both me and Julie to fuck outdoors, whilst also allowing some fit male joggers to give my partner some extra attention. She loves to have her pussy licked, making her all juicy and ready to get stretched.

Julie is a hot 40 something, slim, but with a solid arse that loves a good pounding from behind. Recently we had bought some sex aids, including a 12" dildo, but this made Julie crave for guys with large, thick cocks even more. Our park encounters have led us to meet a regular guy, Alan. He is 6'4", big hands, big feet, and a lovely thick 10" cock.

With the weather not being so good, we opted out of dogging last week, but instead invited Alan to our flat in the Southside which overlooks the river. Alan arrived at 3pm as planned. Julie had barely finished bathing, and greeted Alan with her white robe half open showing her pert breasts. As Alan entered the hall she kissed him fully on the mouth and made straight to his groin with her left hand.

Julie and I had fucked like rabbits the night before, using her dildos and me wearing a 2 1/2 inch extension. Julie loves being taken from behind, and being spanked as I thrusted into her. Whilst fucking we were role playing and discussing Alan and what he was going to do with her. With him arriving at the door, Julie was going to make the most of her time with him and immediately unbuttoned his shirt and started biting at his nipples. Alan is a big guy, and walked her into the lounge. He grabbed her shoulders from behind and pulled off her robe leaving her in just a white thong.

He asked me to move the footstool to the large glazed doors which over look the river and he bent her onto it, allowing her bum to point upwards. He told her she was a naughty woman and spanked her bum with a large slap. Julie recoiled and called him a dirty bastard. Alan crouched over her and felt round to squeeze her tits, pinching the nipples until she squealed. He then stood up, gathered her long blond hair and tugged her head back before spanking her again. He said to me that my bitch needs a good fucking right now and that I should go first whilst she sucks on his dick.

This was better than expected. In the park Alan would normally just fuck her against a tree and after cumming inside her would leave quite quickly afterwards. Today Alan was preparing Julie for a lot more. I was as hard as the brass budda that sits in the lounge. I pulled at Julie's thong, tearing it apart. Julie was wet and I slipped straight into her cunt from behind. I am 7"s and quite thick, and I knew I would be a good warm up for Alan. Alan positioned his cock at her face and slapped her cheeks with his already solid meat. I thrusted harder into her pussy just as Julie took Alan's thick veiny monster into her mouth. Julie was getting her first spit roasting for a very long time. Alan and I smiled at each other as he fucked her face, and as I spanked her for being a dirty bitch. As I dug my forefinger into her arsehole I exploded my cum inside her. My squirting hitting her cervix made Julie cum too, and I kept on thrusting until every drop was inside her. When I dismounted :-) Julie lay back on the footstool, now just wanking Alan's cock. With her legs splayed and her fingers exploring her cunt she invited both of us to lick her pussy.

Alan lifted Julie's knees to her chest, and as my cum ran out of her swollen pussy he darted his tongue deep inside and then rested his mouth to feast on her cunt and flick his tongue on her clit bringing her to another orgasm. Alan kissed Julie hard, and when her tongue locked with his he entered her hole causing her to gasp aloud. Slowly he started fucking her. Each thrust would push more of his 10"s inside her, until he was in her right up to the hilt, and Julie was breathing deeply as she came over his big dick.

For 5 minutes I stood there transfixed as my wife got the fuck of her life. 5 minutes solid pounding later and Alan was emptying his sperm inside her. All Julie could do was dig into his back with her long nails as she shuddered to a screaming orgasm.

After a few moments Alan stood up. He raised Julie with one hand and the 2 of them moved towards me. Together we kissed Julies face and breasts. We each had half of her, and she in kind stroked both our cocks. I felt between Julies thighs and her pussy was dripping Alan's cum. I rubbed his sperm against her clit and then fed my fingers into her mouth to taste and lick clean. Sperm dripped onto the wooden flooring, but Julie just bent over and licked it up, then offering me a taste which I swallowed.

I left Julie and Alan kissing, and ran the corner bath. I knew we were going to have a full day, and once all washed we would start again.

After some pre-prepared food and some wine we three retired to the bedroom. Alan was agreeable to videoing him fucking my wife, and Julie said later that Alan had suggested we visit his place as he has a mate that would like to meet us. Julie was a little sore the following day, but now she is back to her normal self and is aching for my cock, and some offer of large cock from other professional men. We will continue meeting Alan, and will develop the notion of Julie with 3 or more men.