Written by berksmasseur

5 May 2013

I had met some women and couples from this site in the old days when meets were easier and not so many time wasters on here. All were good fun, start with a massage and go from there. It would be down to the girl as to what happened after that. If hubby was with her then he would either watch or join in.

I had been chatting to a very sexy girl on here for some time, she would go on cam and fill a room in seconds.... lovely big breasts and nipples you could hang your hat on.he said she would like a massage but did not have the nerve to meet She was so much in demand I never thought I would get to meet her in the flesh. She said that she would love a massage but did not have the nerve to meet. I told her it could be just a sexy massage and the rest is up to her. This naughty chat went on for a few weeks with me asking her to come over and her saying she just could not.......

Then one morning she called and asked if I was in, I said yes, thats good as I am outside.

I got an instant hard on and told her to get her sexy arse in here. I opened the door and saw her in the flesh for the first time. She looking amazing, I let her in and could not help but kiss her. She responded and our tongues fighting to get in each others mouth. I had her against the wall kissing and feeling her sexy body for what seemed like ages. When we came up for air I led her in to the kitchen and made her coffee and cooled thing down a bit. After a chat I asked to to go into the bedroom and get ready for her massage and I wold follow when she was ready. She called out and I went in. Wow wahat a sexy body. She was laying face down on the bed with her beautiful arse on view mmmmmmmmm.

I started the massage on her fee a little oil and took my time first one then the other then both together. I heard a few moans of pleasure so she was enjoying herself. Moving up her legs and thighs, one then the other and both together. More moans of pleasure....

Hot work so off came my top and trousers so now we are both naked. Moving up her body to her back and shoulders so I am now kneeling with my legs either side of her thighes. As I lean forward my cock slides between her arse cheeks, I massage her neck and I feel her arse push up against my cock. A moan from me now.... lol.

I move back down her body and by now her legs are parted, I dribble some oil between the chheeks of her bum and it runs down to her to her pussy and my hands follow. Now massaging her pussy and clit which is hard under my fingers. Two, three fingers fucking her with my thumb rubbing her clit. first orgasm and the juices flowing.

As we get our breath back I turn her over and get see see her amazing breasts and nipples for the first time.

Time for the massage to start again. Thighs, stomach and then her breasts and nipples. This time I was kneeling between her legs. As I massaged her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers her moans got louder the harder I squeezed her nipples which made me squeeze harder which she loved. She almost orgasmed from me playing with her nipples. Back down to her juicy pussy, first massaging her clit then finger fucking. I now just had to taste her pussy, A lick of my tongue on her clit and she was pushing against my mouth, now sucking her clit and she is pushing harder so that her clit is now between my teeh and I have to bite, second orgasm for her............

Thar was the way the first massage went on. She had many orgasms that day bit no cock. A man of my word.........

We made up for it on the second massage but thats another story.