Written by loonytunes

27 Jul 2012


We were all now sat there drinking and chatting the girls all moaning jokingly about leaking cum apart from Debbie who was pulling a sad face saying “she had not had any cock in here”. Now Greg was still stroking Dave’s and Bill’s cocks Tracey saying “he was bi when they had met but never seen him wanking cock before” to which Bill said “he had never had a male wanking him before but he was broad minded and did not mind”. Hayley had placed her head on my shoulders Gail saying “she fancies you Rob” I thought it was great to have had sex with her and it made me feel special and good, but could never see her liking me in a relationship. Greg then lowered his head on to Dave’s hard on licking at the head and kissing it before taking him in his mouth and slowly sucking him. This was the first time I had been in a situation like this I was shocked, but excited at the same time intently looking on. I could feel myself getting hard as I watched, Hayley noticing my growing cock began teasing my newly shaven pubic area just gliding her hand against my cock, Gail and Tracey going to toilet.

As Debbie then stood and was in front of me saying to Hayley “he is fucking me!” Hayley replying “it’s ok I will let you have him” Debbie straddled me sitting on my lap kissing me softly on the lips as her body moved closer, with Hayley still keeping her head on my shoulders. She raised slightly guiding the head of my cock to her waiting pussy then lowering slowly, she was very tight but wet so it was long before I had my full 7 ½ inch inside her and she was easing herself slowly up and down on me. She was loving it as she lowered she pull her stomach in her bum moving away from me grinding onto me. I could see behind her that Greg was no on his knees in front of Dave with his head bobbing up and down, Hayley kissing my neck as with her legs open slowly rotating her fingers around her clit. Dave then let out that large moan and I could see Greg still sucking him off and taking his cum in his mouth!. Debbie was now riding me hard, my hands on her hips trying to control the rhythm to no avail she was using my cock at this moment in time it was hers. She moaned and bucked as her body spasmed, I could see a bead of sweat trickle through her cleavage as she then orgasmed riding me getting her full pleasure from the moment then kissing me and dismounting from me taking her seat next to Hayley.

I stood up and made my way to the toilet as I got near it I could hear Tracey and Gail talking the door was open so looked in, Tracey was sat on the toilet peeing with Gail looking in the mirror trying to manage her hair. Tracey laughing saying “its rude to come into the toilet while a girl was peeing” me saying “it’s ok I don’t mind and wanted pee too” Gail stating that she had taken so long because of having to get Greg’s cum out of her. I was once again stood in front of Tracey with a hard on, her saying that it’s getting to be a habit seeing my hard on in front of her” she stood and wiped herself joining Gail to wash her hands. I was stood there trying to pee but finding it difficult not only with them 2 there but as any bloke knows when hard it’s a problem. I moved my feet back and pointed in the direction of the toilet and finally began to pee, I could feel hands stroking my back then kissing I wiped myself, flushed and turned to see both Gail and Tracey in front of me, Tracey then took my cock in her hand slowly stroking me back to being fully erect, Gail taking my hand and leading me to the their bedroom. The both of them getting onto the bed me then joining between them, Tracey once again taking hold of my cock slowly wanking me I laid down to allow her full access, Gail was kissing my chest, biting my at my nipples feeling Tracey sucking my balls as she continued to slowly stroke my shaft, I could then feel her moving but not wanting her to stop! She then straddled me rubbing my cock on her clit I could see my cock sliding back and forth between her now swollen lips, and then it was in her slowly I could see it disappear. She began riding me murmuring softly, Gail was now kissing her body by my side as she fingered herself. Gail the straddled my face forcing her wet pussy hard into my face my tongue finding it difficult to lick her as she rode my face my hands exploring her body. I could feel Tracey’s pussy tighten her thrusting faster onto my cock as her body exploded as she came. As if a tag team Tracey then laying next to me and Gail moved down my body I could feel her wet pussy slide across my chest and as if catching a ball slide onto my cock with great expertise. She was slowly taking me in kissing me as she did then began to move up and down her nicely wet pussy gliding effortlessly over my cock. I then asked her to get off I wanted to try another position I laid her on her back knelt between her and entered her lifting her legs above her head I then moved forward I was now fucking her so deep her moans loud as I hit her cervix faster and faster I fucked her. I then felt Tracey playing with my balls as they slapped into Gail’s arse Tracey then began to slide a finger into my arse! Me being very surprised by this! But it only had the effect of me fucking Gail harder. It was not long before Gail was cuming biting on her lip saying YES! YES! FASTER! She seemed to be cuming for ages until finally saying that was an excellent orgasm.

We then headed off back to the lounge and could see the back of Greg’s head sat where Hayley was sat and she was straddling him facing away from him with Bill’s cock in her mouth. Tracey and Gail took their seats and I sat next to Greg looking at him fucking Hayley her small body being violated by the thick cock of Greg and Bill’s beast she had about half of Bill’s cock in her mouth not been able to take any more. Greg however had his full cock in her ramming it into her trying to back away from her as if to get a better distance for him to thrust into her, but she was also thrusting onto him hard too. She was soon cuming having to take Bill out of her mouth as she did, almost together Greg was cumin too his face showing his pleasure as Hayley milked him dry. Then Hayley taking Bill in her mouth once again sucking faster on Bill’s cock, he then laid her back on Greg’s chest kneeled between their legs and pulled her off Greg’s cock and now replacing it with his, he was soon inside her very deep indeed and fucking her fast n hard making her pert tits bounce up and down making Greg then start to play with them. You could hear Bill slapping against her as he fucked her all of his 10 now going in and out of her making her come again screaming as her body was experiencing pleasure and pain. Bill was not far behind but unlike before he continued to ram into her hard as he came her pussy squelching with his and Greg’s cum, I then watched as I took is cock out of her and slumping to sit next to Debbie and Dave.

Hayley sat next to Greg, but he then began to stroke my cock in shear shock I looked at him ey! He said “have you never had the male experience before” “errr no” I replied but still gliding his finger tips over the shaft of my cock, I looked down at his fingers stroking me this was so weird but once again exciting in no time at all he was now wanking me slowly my heart pounding in my chest as he did so. I could feel everyone looking at me knowing I was now strangely enjoying it. He then lowered his head and I could feel being inside his warm mouth his tongue licking the head of me cock his speed increased sucking faster and it was not long till I reached the point of no return feeling my body explode as each jet of cum shot into his mouth as he continued to suck and wank me getting all my juice into his mouth before sitting back up, I laid there in a coma state for a few moments before turning to him to say “now that was different” he and the others laughing. It was getting dark and Tracey saying her and Greg had to leave to meet her sister and husband as they had been on a boat trip so they dressed said there good byes and would see them again soon. Bill asked me if I wanted to stay as he had 2 bedrooms free and loving the situation I was now in agreed but did not want to over stay my welcome. Hayley however said I could stay with her, Gail saying “I told ya Rob” laughing there was no more playing but we had some more drinks and laughs until Hayley took my hand and said we was off to bed. We both showered together, I sensually rubbing her down with shower gel and a scrunchy as she washed her bits trying to release all the cum from her, I washed my dick which was a bit tender now! We dried down and got into bed and we cuddled up chatting for some time before falling asleep in each other’s arms.