29 May 2017

Followed on from Part 1 on the 17th May 2017.

When Claire patted the sofa next to her I held out my hands and invited her to join me standing up in the middle of the floor.

When she joined me we kissed gently which quickly turned in to a deep tongue exploring kiss with hands exploring each other’s bodies. I was determined that when Peter came back with the drinks the first thing he would see is his wife in my arms and me exploring her body. Sure enough when he came back in he froze seeing us kissing me with one hand on her bum outside her dress and the other hand clearly exploring her leg under her dress.

We stopped kissing had a drink and gave our glasses back to a very static Peter. I pointed to where he should sit and he did without one word. I slowly unbuttoned the buttons down Claire’s summer dress and then slipped the dress of her and it landed on the floor. I then removed her bra so I could reach down and tease one nipple between my fingers whilst sucking on and teasing the other one with my teeth.

When she flung her head back I whispered in her ear what I wanted her to do. She went over to Peter kissed him and said thank you for arranging this and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do then went to sit on the sofa. I went over to her said thank you for doing that, kissed her lips before kissing down her body. I removed her panties then pulled her forward to the edge of the sofa spreading her legs so I had unlimited access to her. After kissing around her lips I concentrated on her lips before moving on to her clit. She surprised me at how quickly she came but I carried on licking her clit not letting her come down from her orgasm. I started finger her with one then two fingers and for the first time heard her moan out. I kept my tongue going at the same pace whilst quickening my fingering until she came a second time this time her hands pushing my head on to her clit.

I asked her, loudly enough for Peter to hear, if she had enjoyed that and she replied God yes. I took her hand and led her towards the stairs looking back telling Peter to top up the drinks and bring them upstairs. At the top of the stairs she went to go to the spare room but I took her into the main bedroom as I wanted to claim her as my own on her marital bed.

I sat her on the side of the bed and she quickly latched on to what I wanted her to do. She undid my trousers while I took my shirt off and the felt me through my underwear before pushing them down too. When Peter walked into the room she had just taken my cock in to her mouth and once again he froze to the spot. We both looked at him and Claire smiled before carrying on teasing me.

At this point I did not want to cum so I repositioned in her into the missionary position on the bed where Peter could see everything. From on top I kissed her whilst teasing her nipples then asked her what she wanted. She told me quite clearly she wanted me to fuck her. I asked Peter to come round and hold his wife’s hand and when he did I asked Claire to use her other hand to guide my cock into her. She was so wet from my oral that I slipped in to her easily and quickly built a steady rhythm. It was only when she put her arms round my shoulders I realised she had let go of Peter’s hand and he was now just standing staring at me going in and out of his wife’s pussy.

As delightful as this position was it was never going to get Claire to orgasm so I got off the bed and pulled her bum towards the end of it. Putting her legs against my chest, I pushed myself back into her this time getting even deeper. She gasped the first time I pushed into her deeply and I asked her if she wanted me to stop. Her no no response was enough and I continued to push into her alternating the speed until she said she was close to coming when I speeded up and pounded her for all I was worth until she came in what appeared to be a whole series of orgasms.

I stayed inside her letting her come down from her orgasms. She said that was great but you haven’t cum yet. She looked pleased when I told her I was only just starting. When she recovered we carried on and Claire was eager to try different positions so we started with cowgirl and reverse cowgirl so she could feel like she had some control. Claire was obviously enjoying herself and when I looked over Peter had his cock in his hand and appeared quite surprised when I told him he could only cum when I told him to. Quick as a flash Claire told him to do as he was told. She was now joining me in cucking her hubby.

By now Claire had come again and she told me she wanted to feel my cum inside her. I took her over to where Peter was standing and told him to hold her hands and got her to bend over into the doggy position and slid my cock inside her. I wanted Peter to see her face close up as she felt me going deep inside her. After a minute of two of building a steady rhythm and knowing from Claire’s moaning she was enjoying this I reached down and gathered up some of her juices on my finger and slowly spread them around her puckered bum hole doing nothing but teasing her. She screamed out for me to fuck her and not liking to let a Lady down I did quickening my strokes now just concentrating on me cumming as deep inside Claire as I could. As I came so did Claire which was an unexpected bonus. I looked at Peter who now kissed his wife gently.

When we calmed down Claire lay on her back on the bed I went over to Peter and told him to fuck his wife. The poor man only lasted half a dozen strokes before he came and Claire cast me a look which said oh well no surprise there.

Peter got off Claire and lay on the bed and I lay next to her on the other side. She turned to me and thanked me for a great time and asked when we could do it again which appeared to shock Peter. I told her I would arrange something but they would have to fit in with what I arranged. Claire said if you can make me cum as many times and as strongly as you did tonight then I will be your martini girl any time any place anywhere.

At this point I got up got dressed and asked Peter to show me out. At the door I shook his hand thanked him for tonight and told him that from now on I would make love to his wife as often as I wanted. He just said OK before closing the door after me.

This was the start of a long and on-going relationship with Claire and Peter.

Let me know if you would like to hear about pour subsequent meetings.