Written by Jill

9 Sep 2007

By Jill

I was married to Dan for three years when he said that he wanted to watch me have sex with another man. At first I was confused but as we talked more about this, I soon realized his desire was real and his excitement about seeing me do it perked my interest. With great curiosity, I asked him what he wanted to see me and this other person do. Then, as he described these ideas to me, I found myself getting sexually aroused with the thought of doing those things with other men. He said he wants to see me suck on another mans dick followed by me spreading my legs and watching him put his dick in me. He wants to see and hear me have orgasms. He wants to watch this guy come in me. In less than an hour, he had me convinced that he really did in fact want to see me do these things.

I asked him several times if he really meant it and each time he answered with an emphatic yes.

My life changed after I told him I would consider doing it. From that point onwards, I viewed every man I saw as a potential sex partner. On crowded streets, in restaurants, even at work I would zero in on a guy and wonder what sex with him would be like. Those that really interested me caused me to imagine how sex with that person would unfold. I wondered it would start.

Where would he touch me? Where would I touch him? What would he say? What would I say? I even went so far as to go to bars alone to flirt with strange men. I liked having these guys show interest in me but once they made their move and invited me to go off with them, I pulled back and nothing ever happened. When I told my husband about these adventures he went wild with arousal and wanted me to tell him everything that happened during those encounters.

One night I told him about a guy named Joe that I had met at lunch time that day in the bar of the Hilton in our town. Joe is from out of town and was hitting on me but I said no. As I left he gave me phone number in case I changed my mind.

Later at home when I told Dan about what had happened; he asked if I wanted to have sex with Joe. When I told him I would if he wanted me to, Dan asked me to call Joe and set it up.

I explained on the phone to Joe that that my husband wanted to watch me have sex with another man. Joe said he didn't care who was watching and he would do it whenever and wherever I wanted it.

On the drive over the Hilton where Joe was staying, I asked my husband what he wanted to see me do with Joe.

Dan said, "When we get to his room, I would like to see you at some point pull up your dress and show him your pussey and then I want to see you fuck him."

I replied, "You are playing with fire. Suppose we do this and I like it. Then what"?

He said, "I want you to like it. Seeing you get excited and having orgasms is what I want to see."

When my husband and I got to the Hilton, I asked him to wait across the room as I talked to Joe. It was a surreal experience to look Joe over as I walked towards where he was sitting at the bar. My last rational thought before I sat next to Joe was whether or not anything was really going to happen. Dan sat across the bar and watched us.

After some small talk, Joe soon asked, "So, your husband wants to watch you have sex with me?"

"That's right."

"Where is he now?"

"He's sitting across the room watching us."

Joe asked, "Have you ever done this before?"


"Are you Ok with doing this?"

"That is why we are here" I replied "

"How do you want to do this?" he asked.

"We go up to your room, have a few drinks and then make love."

Joe then put his hand on my knee and while I was staring into his eyes, he slid his hand up under my dress and as he did this, I spread my legs to give him access to my most very private of parts. I quickly looked around the bar to see if anyone else was watching us and saw that only Dan could see what we were doing. When he found and began feeling my bare femaleness, he asked, "Does he want to see me do this?"

Now staring into his eyes, I said, "He wants to watch us do what ever we want".

Joe with his finger massaging my clit added, "What I want is to fuck you right now".

With my legs where wide apart, I was still staring straight into his eyes when I said, "I want that too".

"Let's do it" he said and we both went to the table where Dan was and Joe invited him to come up to his room to have some wine and to see his stunning view of the lake surrounding this hotel. Going up the elevator it was very quiet as all three of were each imagining what was soon to happen.

When the three of us got to the room, Joe opened a bottle of wine and we were talking and sipping from wine glasses while standing beside the large window enjoying the awesome view. I sat down in a large upholstered chair facing Dan and Joe who continued talking by the window.

Joe looked my way and I couldn't stop staring back at him. When Dan noticed we were staring at each other he said "It looks like you guys are ready to go at it."

Hearing that, Joe turned to Dan and asked, "Do you really want to watch me fuck your wife?"

When Dan replied, "That's why we are here", I kicked off my shoes and spread my legs a little with my dress slightly above my knees so that Joe could see a little up my bare inner thigh. Mentally, I was out of control with the idea of having sex with him.

I then heard Dan say to me, "Show him your pussey".

Without thinking, I slowly pulled up my dress to bring my pubic area into view. I was enjoying the look of desire in Joe's eyes as he walked towards me while staring at my now exposed bare pussey. His eyes were locked on my pubic as he said "I want you all to myself. I don't want a threesome thing. I want it understood that it is to be only you and me alone having sex."

After a short pause, he commanded, "Tell your husband that he is only to watch; nothing else."

I then looked at Dan and said, "You are here only here to watch...Nothing else"

I could see that Joes' hardon was now extremely evident in his pants and I knew that we were going to fuck.

By then I was completely out of control and couldn't stop my self.

When he stopped in front of my chair, I stood up to be next to him and I took off his belt as we walked to the bed. Standing beside the bed, we were kissing as I began to stroke and feel the outline of his engorged dick still buried under his pants while he again fingered my bare pussey under my dress. I pulled down the zipper of his pants reached in and pulled out his dick. As I stroked it, he stopped kissing me and said "suck it".

I dropped to my knees in front of him and slipped his dick into my mouth. As I began to give him a blow job, he undid his pants and they fell to be around his ankles. I was feeling his balls with one hand, holding his dick with my other hand as I continued sucking him while looking up into his excited eyes which were staring down into mine.

Joe was still looking down into my eyes when he proclaimed, "I'm ready to come".

I then heard Dan shout "fuck her now".

Behind me was a large king size bed with a tall headboard hiding most of the wall behind it. I jumped to my feet, sat down on the bed, pulled up my dress again past my waist and again displayed my pussy to him. I then lay backwards on my back and spread my legs as far apart as I could get them.

When he was on top of me, I still had my dress on when I took his very hard dick in my hand which was bigger than my husbands. As I guided it to my pussey I used my fingers to feel and massage its hard manliness.

"God that's big" I said before he began kissing me. His tongue was then in my mouth as I kissed him back. As I guided his dick into me I slowly began fucking him to allow it to slide in slow. The intensity of the pleasure was beyond belief. He began slowly fucking me in time with my pelvic thrusts. Immediately I felt an orgasm begin to build inside of my pelvis. He raised his head and looked down into my eyes and said, "Fuck me until I come'.

With an orgasm rippling through my body I heard him say to me, "fuck me... fuck me ..." And then my husband wasn't there any more at all, at least in my mind anyway. I began to feel another orgasm overcome my body... then another one. I was wailing, "Ohh...Ohh...Ohh..." as this strange man fucked me. As I viscously fucked him back, Joe groaned that he was coming, I wailed, "Don't stop... Don't stop..."

I pulled his head down and we were deeply kissing again as his bouncing dick began to fill my inner parts with his seed. But we didn't stop there. He continued to fuck me as his hands pulled the top of my dress down and began to feel my tits. As he chewed on my nipple, I began moaning again, "Don't stop...Oh please don't stop".

Joe continued pounding his dick into me and I fucked him back. Then he rolled onto his back and told me to take off my dress, which I did. When I was completely naked I got on top of him in order to sit on his dick. As he held it vertical I moved to slide down on it. When it was all the way inside of me, I began to fuck him while siting on top of him. He was feeling my tits as I stared down into his eyes as we fucked. I dropped my head down and we began deeply kissing one more time.

As I bounced on his bucking penis I could feel his hands on my ass. Then he rolled me over and was on top of me and we continued fucking. After he came in me again, we laid there together side by side for quite a long time. He was telling me how good the sex was and asked if I liked it too, which I told him I did.

After quite awhile passed by, Joe looked at Dan and asked, "Is that what you wanted to see?'

Dan told him it was better than he thought it would be.

Joe then asked my husband, "would you like to see more?'

When Dan said 'yes', I forcibly turned Joes head so he was now looking up into my face again and while staring into his eyes, I begged "I want to make love you to now".

Joe then pushed his face onto my exposed crotch. I fell back on my back, spread my legs as wide as I could and put my hands on the back of Joes head.

Then as Joe began eating my pussey, I took another quick look at Dan and saw him intently watching us. I lustfully smiled at Dan and he smiled back. Then I heard my husband say to Joe, "Make her 'come' Joe. Use your tongue to make her moan".

It didn't take long before I began moaning, "Oh yeah...right there... Oh God that feels good..." I still had my hands on Joes head trying to guide his tounge to my most sensitive parts. He was holding the bottom of my bare ass with both of his hands when I began begging in a deep guttural voice, "...Oh God yes..." Right there.. Right there... Don't stop... Ohhh...Ohhhh...Ohhh...Ohhh..."

As I began coming, I started pushing my hips into and around his face. With each push of my hips I groaned, "...Ohh... Yess... Ohh... Yess.."

Then when an orgasm completely engulfed me, I began shuddering and shaking as my hands held his head such that his mouth stayed on my pussey. My hips kept grinding into his face and his hands on my ass were pushing my pussey upwards into his face.

Finally, I raised his head, looked down into his eyes and said, "I want you to fuck me again"

Joe then got on top of me, pushed my knees to be on my shoulders and pushed his dick deep inside of me. we fucked for an hour in many different positions before he came again

As I was getting ready to leave his room, he told me he would be back in town next week. "Would I do it again?" he asked me.

I said I would I think about it and Dan and I soon left.

Later after we left Joes room, I was giving Dan a blow job in our car in the downstairs garage and he came very quickly. Later, on the way home, he was telling me how excited he became while watching me with Joe. He said he wanted to do it again next week. "Would I do that?" he asked.

I said "yes".