Written by beachboy1959

15 Oct 2014

Here is part 2 of the pub meet, we arranged to meet him again in the same pub, and as before I was to join later.

After about 45 minutes again I was texted to join them, and they had moved pubs, they had too many people close by and couldn’t really discuss sex/threesomes and any other aspect of sex discreetly, so when I joined them in the next pub they were cosied up together on a 2 seat sofa, my wife with her legs up, him with his arm around her, when he saw me arrive and I could see what he was doing he put his hand on her leg and moved it up the inside of her thigh.

Then he put his hand on the top of her blouse, near her cleavage to move it open to give us all a better view of her bra and cleavage, my wife just let him carry on and he soon had his hand back between her legs rubbing up and down, although she did stop him actually touching her pussy, as we were in a public place.

They then started to have a quick snog and he moved his hand to feel her arse and rub up and down it ( at home when she was getting ready she put a thong on saying if he wants to feel my arse it will feel better in this)

She told me later that they had already had a quick snog before I arrived and he told her then where he would put his hand when I arrived, as things were hotting up we needed to go somewhere quieter, unfortunately we couldn’t go back to our house, so it would have to be outside.

We decided on a place and all got in his car to get there, the car park was pay and display so while I went to get a ticket I left them standing outside the car, when I turned towards them he was standing behind her and ran his hands over her breasts as I watched, again he told her when I looked their way he would do this.

We walked for a while until we found a secluded spot where they immediately started snogging, tongues on tongues, tongues in mouths, he was also rubbing her breasts outside her blouse, before undoing some buttons and putting his hand inside and inside her bra to rub her nipples, he pushed her back against the wall and thrust himself against her so she could feel his cock pressing against her, she was really enjoying the attention her nipple was getting and started to rub him outside his jeans, he soon had more buttons undone and had her breast out and bent down to suck and kiss it, he did the same to the other breast, commenting that he loved her nipples, she had pulled his zip down and had her hand inside his boxers wanking his cock, he tried to feel her pussy, but she wasn’t ready to let him do that as we were outside.

Eventually this brief but very horny encounter came to an end, and after making themselves respectable, he said turn round and he got behind her and started to feel her arse through her leggings, then put his hand down the back of them and having a good feel of her bare arse, he did try his luck and started to move his hand round the front, but she said not here all good things come to those who wait.

So a bit tame and short, but we are trying to arrange for him to visit us at home so if that happens I will post again.