Written by steveandpat

19 Feb 2012

Rhodes Greece

I love going on holiday to Greece we have loads of sun sea and plenty of sex on the beach, we usualy go for 2 weeks and we stay in a nice hotel and always hire a car and we always break the holiday up between us by this I mean one day we do what Pat wants to do and then the next day we do what I want to do.

The first day it was what Pat wanted to do so we went shopping and generaly having a look around the place and renewing old friendships and so on, the next day was my day so it was in the car after an early breakfast and a drive down to one of the local nudist beaches we got there early so we unpacked the car and found a nice place in between to large rocks so we had a sun trap as well as a bit of privacy should any younge people come playing.

Being as it was early I went for a walk over the rocks nin the sea and as I got just around the corner I came across a French coulpe and the woman was giving her man a blow job I tried not to look out of place and not to attract other peoplesw attention and I stood there watching for a while when the man looked up and saw me there I was just about to move away when he beckond me over so I went over to them but being as I don't speak French and they did not speak any English it was hard in the end I just shrugged my shoulder and smiled at them, The lady then got up and moved over to me and pulled my shorts down and started to suck my cock for me she was giving me a nice suck when a family of Italians came from over the rocks so I hastely pulled my shorts back up and made my goodbyes and made my way back to Pat who when I got to her was naked and lapping up the sun I sat down beside her and was telling her what had happened when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a man over the way also naked and playing with his cock his cock was not the biggest that I had seen but it did look a decent size I told Pat about him and how he was wanking looking at her so she sat up and opened her legs giving him a good look at her pussy we were just about to call him over when we noticed that there were about 5 men in all around the rock pool all in different hiding holes so Pat turned over and layed back down and I started to read the paper, I was reading for about ten minuets hoping that some of the men would get up and go when a black guy came into site he walked past us and said hello in broken English we replied hello and he carried on walking and stopped by the next large rock he spread his towl out and then looked around and started to undress and when he got to his boxers I gasped as the boldge could easily be seen from where we were and if the buldge was any thing to go by this man had a big cock, I was telling Pat to have a look when he turned his back on us removed his boxers and sat down he sat there for a few minets then he turned in our direction and he had a massive hard on and was slowly rubbibg his cock up and down I told Pat what he was doing and she slowly turned to take a look then she said yes he has a nice big cock but every black man who has ever fucked me has only ever wanted me to suck then and then thay fuck me and that's all I had to admitt that she was right but I still wanted to see this big black cock up her. We both layed there in the sun for a while then we sat up and had some thing to eat and drink and being as it was now the afternoon and I had seen no action I was just about to say shall we try the other beach when the black guy stood up he was not hard now but his cock was massive even just hanging down he then started to walk in our direction and when he got to us he started to try to pass the time of day with us when all of a sudden he just blurted it out and he said would you like me to fuck your wife for you and I must admit that this caused me to be speachless for a second or two and when I could talk I said that he would have to ask the wife being as it would be her that he was going to fuck so he did infact ask her if he could fuck her and she said that every black man who had had a big cock and had fucked her in the past had never done any thing for her its been wame bame thankyou mame to this the black man replied that he promised that she would have complete satisfaction and that I could even put his cock up her pussy if I wanted to, to this Pat said OK then but not here where every one can see so the black man said I am in an appartment just down the road so we told him to go and we would follow in 15 minets to make sure that no one else followed us. When we were sure that we were not being followed we got into the car and started to drive along the road and met up with the black man he then led us to where he was staying we stopped out side and went in he introduced him self as Andre and he then offered us a cold drink which we had he then started to strip off his cloths so that Pat could have a good look at the size of his cock she had a good feel and said that it felt nice and while she was slowly wanking his cock he started to undress her when she was also naked he said to me are you going to strip as well and I of course said yes and removed my shorts and tee shirt Andre then said we all take a shower which was good as we all had been on the beach for most of the day and it was nice to be fresh. Andre started to wash Pat's back and he turned slightly so that I could see his cock he then winked at me and looked at his cock so I put some soap on my hands and started to wash his cock for him and while I was doing so it got harder and harder and I do believe that it must have been at least 11" long and thick as well Pat then started to move her hands around so I took mine away and let her finish the job off Once we were all clean we dried and made our way to the bedroom he instructed Pat to lay on the bed and he then started to massage here until he got to her pussy and he then began to lick and suck her pussy it was not long before she had an orgasm but he still continued to lick and suck her in fact he carried on for at least half an hour he then looked up and said to her will you suck me now and of course she did Pat could not get much of his cock into her mouth but she tried her best while she was sucking him I started to finger Pat and I was amazed at how wet she was and I thought that his cock should slid in to her alright, Pat carried on sucking for a while then he said can I fuck you now to which Pat replied yes please, so I gave him a condom to put on which he tried but it was to small and spit this happened three times so I just said ok go with out so he moved down between Pats legs and slowly started to put his cock up her while he was fucking her he was making sure that I could see every thing and he was with drawing his cock from time to time to let me have a good feel and to put it back up her he had been fucking Pat for what seemed like ten or so minuets when he started to grunt and started to fuck her faster this gave Pat another orgasm and then he gave out a big grunt and I knew that he had shoot his load I was the expecting him to withdraw from her but no he just continued fucking away and as he was fucking her the spunk was running out of her he carried on fucking her for a while and I know that he shot his load again before pulling out of her and leaving a nice creampie for me to see I then fucked Pat and added my spunk to that already up her we then got up and showered again and got dressed then we had another drink and it was then that Andre told us that he was a French holiday rep and that he shared the apartment with a friend and that he would be interested in joining us if we wanted Pat said that if it would be as good as with Andre then she would give it a try I replied to her well it will have to be on one of your day's and not mine being as it was you who wanted to do it although I wanted it to happen.Andre then said that they would both be off Saturday afternoon and that it would be a good day to do it so we made arrangements to meet at 2 pm on Saturday and then we got in the car and left while driving I said that I had really enjoyed the afternoon