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Right place right time

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I'm currently working away from home in a tiny Oxfordshire village converting their garage into a little bedroom with en suite. I've worked here a few times and know them well enough that I stay over a few nights each week.

The nearest town in abingdon and I'm usually there each morning by 7 for the builders merchants to open.

Yesterday there was a bit of a delay as a delivery was coming in and it meant a 10 minute wait...enough time to check out the "meets" on here. There was one from a couple in Oxfordshire, and although it's a big county I seemed to fit what they're looking for so sent over a message more in hope than expectation. I mentioned that I was staying nearby and free most evenings.

Literally 2 mins later a reply came back with a contact number. Sure enough I whatsapp and straight away they ask whereabouts I am at that moment. I whizz back a screenshot of my location and immediately they call. The lady introduces herself as Jess and explains they're only a few minutes drive away in witney. Could I call in for a chat with a view to an overnight that night.

Of course I could. Soon my van is loaded with plasterboard and I'm on my way to meet Jess and Duncan. Their house is easy to find although I have to mull around to find a parking spot. It's Duncan who greets me at the door with a firm handshake, leading me to the lounge. I can hear Jess upstairs getting their kids up...the usual commotion. One by one their two children come downstairs for breakfast and I'm introduced as daddy's friend from work as Duncan hands me a cuppa tea. Jess follows in a bath robe looking sensational even with no make up. Mid 40s, brunette, curvy size 14ish. Theres a sense of urgency as the kids are off to their grandmas house as its the summer holidays and as soon as theyre back upstairs to clean their teeth, jess opens the bath robe. I almost choked on my cuppa. It was just a 5 second flash but Jess was fully kitted out. Black stocking, panties, suspenders and bra. Her bra and panties highlighted with tiny baby blue flowers as a trim. "Duncan will soon drop the kids off, giving us 20 minutes to get started"

I was like a kid on Xmas morning being told to wait before opening my presents.

I sat on a stool at a sort of breakfast bar and Jess sauntered within arms reach. I was able to slip my hand inside her robe and panties to grab a handful of wet cunt.

Just enough to give me a little teaser for whats ahead before Duncan and the kids came downstairs, said their goodbyes and were soon heading out the front door. Duncan called out "I have to drop into tesco on the way back so might be quite a while." Perfect

Literally the second the door closed and we were all over each other. I soon pulled away, asking Jess to lose the robe. It fell to the floor and what started off as giggles soon changed to lust. "masturbate for me" I tole her. Jess pulled her panties to one side and started strumming like a good un, staring at me as if waiting for the next instruction. I quickly stripped and started stroking my cock. "keep wanking but come suck my nipples." Jess obeyed. "Play with my ringpiece but keep wanking and sucking!" Again Jess obeyed, slipping a finger up my arse.

"Im going to lie on the floor and I want you to grind your cunt on my face." Jess let out a uh huh. Her cunt tastes so good. Jess had picked out I love my nipples being sucked and had spat on them before playing with them. We stayed like this for longer than I'd realised because soon I was aware of Duncan watching us as he encouraged his wife to be a slut. His words were enough to send her to her first orgasm and her cunt tightened on my tongue. It had barely subsided when Duncan loomed into my live of vision as he stood above me. "suck his cock" he instructed. Jess didnt need asking twice and as she bent over Duncan kneeled either side of my head and entered her. I sucked her clit for all I was worth, flicking it with my tongue as his veiny cock pounded away at her. Lots of hard slapping as he spanked her arse.

Duncan stood up, his cock flopping out of her gaping hole. I couldnt see her sucking him dry but the sounds were unmistakeable. Some whispering between them followed then Jess got up, kneeling almost in a ball on the settee. Duncan handed me a condom, looked at Jess and asked, "you sure about this?" Jess nodded. He looked at me, "Go easy but she wants to try anal." As I slipped the condom on, Duncan dripped lube down her arse crack then dripped some on my cock. I was already close to coming and knew I wasnt going to last long. Her arse opened for me, a gasp from Jess then more encouragement from Duncan and I was slowly into my stride. This was heavenly but all I could think of was dont come. As horny as it was I could feel my cock losing stiffness so then was desperate to cum. After admittedly only a few minutes I pulled out, whipped off the condom and wanked. Jess was clamped to a nipple and playing with my arse which thankfully was enough for me to cum, with jess bending to catch most of it before saring a salty kiss first with me then with Duncan,

We just lay there in silence for what seemed like ages before Duncan broke the ice. "Fancy a sleepover next week?"

It will mean a drive up to Witney but the answer was yessss

Written by Chichesterhandy

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