Written by Terry

11 May 2012

I had met Donna on the internet and after chatting to her for a couple of years, she eventually agreed to come to Belfast to meet me. She was under no disillusion of what was in store for her and I just couldn't wait to have some fun with her. I picked her up at Belfast airport at 7 30 PM on a Saturday evening. She seemed more shy than she had been on the internet and I started to think that all her promises of what she would do with me , just may have been bravado on her part.

On the car journey to my home, I told Donna that there was a rock night at the Rosetta bar and if we were quick, we could be there for the start. Donna went upstairs and showered and changed her clothes. She came back downstairs and was dressed in a knee length skirt and a black jacket with a white blouse below. I told her that she looked good and joked with her that she was making me stiff. She laughed and said "Well there's no time to do anything about that right now, if you want to be at the Rosetta for the band starting"

I was a bit shocked by her statement. Maybe things were going to get hot after all. On the drive across town, we chatted and suddenly Donna reached over and started to unzip my jeans. She fumbled inside and I popped my top button to let her hand have free access. Theen her hand was around my cock and out of my jeans. She rolled the foreskin back and forth and then suddenly, she went down on me. I felt her warm, moist lips envelop my cock and felt the suction start to draw it deep inside her willing, wet mouth.

I was getting very excited and she told me to let it go if I felt like it. I became more rigid as she sucked and licked my cock and I could feel her tongue probe my cum hole. It was all too much and I felt the cum rise and surge up my shaft. Donna gulped wildly as I ejeculated between her willing lips. Then she sat up and smiled at me and popped my softening cock back in my jeans, before zipping them back up again.

We arrived at the bar and went inside. The place was crowded and the band was just about to start. The lights dimmed and we found a couple of seats in the corner. Donna asked me if I had liked my car treat and I told her, yes and that I was stiff again. "Allready? she asked WOW! I told her to go to the powder room and remove her panties. She knew what I meant, because I had told her about what I had done with a girl in this pub some years ago. Before she went, she took off her jacket and dropped it on my knee. I reached below the jacket and freed my cock, which had become rigid again. I had just enough time to slip on a condom before Donna came back. She stood in front of me for a while. I could see her check to see if anyone was watching. Then she looked at me and I nodded to her. She sat down slowly and I did my best to guide my cock into position, but it missed the target. Another try and then another and then I was in. I felt the warmth of her pussy lips close in around the head and then slide down my shaft. She sat there, impaled on me. I heard her sigh softly as I entered her. She took her jacket and put it on her knee. No one was looking in our direction and Donna started to squirm on my lap. Then as the band played, she moved about, in time with the music, getting more and more confident as she did so. I popped out a couple of times, but she just reached between her legs and guided me inside again.

Donna was really getting off on this and she was really riding me hard now. I felt as though she just didnt care if anyone saw us or not. I held her hips as she bounced up and down and then I started to cum. She moaned loudly and I shot off. I felt her orgasm and then felt my semen fill the condom. We sat there for a while and let ourselves recover before Donna slid off me and made for the powder room to freshen up.