Written by Andy

17 Feb 2014

The story starts with me and three friends.

We have known each other for a number of years, we are what I suppose you call average men, we go to work, pay the bills etc, but we share a liking for Rugby.

I am 49, single, as I have been for awhile now, the others are all about the same age and married, sometimes happy, sometimes not so happy.

We meet regular to train in the gym, watch and on occasions' play rugby, we are no international players but we do enjoy a game and a few drinks afterwards.

It came as no surprise when it was agreed to go to the Cardiff Arms Park one weekend to watch a game, we have done it before and know the stadium and area quite well by now.

We made reservations at the Holiday Inn and all was set for a weekend of spending time watching the game and a few drinks afterwards.

The game itself was good, the local crowd were friendly, as they always are and afterwards its into town for the rest of the evening. We are not the sort who drink until we can no longer stand or find our way home, those days are now gone, but we do have our fair share of beers.

The night started well, we had something to eat and then we picked our way through the busy pubs, listening to the rugby songs and chatting to the locals.

It got towards the back end of the evening, it was suggested we go to Dempsey's, its close to the hotel and a good place where we normally finish the night off. The four of us started to leave, I needed the toilet, I said to the other three I would meet them there, it takes an age to get served so no point in all of us waiting.

I finished up and left the pub, made my way through the streets, all the pubs were still full with people enjoying what was left of the evening, it’s a great atmosphere after the matches and a great chance to socialise with the local rugby supporters.

I entered the pub, it was busy and could not see the other three, I made my way to the bar and checked my phone, no messages from the others. I sent a text off, it said no net work available so I waited.

As I waited the bar staff served customers and a guy stood next to me waiting to be served, the staff asked what he wanted to drink, he looked at me and said this gents before me, I realised he meant me.

Its ok I said, I am waiting for my friends, I am supposed to meet them here.

He turned back to the staff and ordered a Vodka and a Wine.

You down for the game? he asked.

Yes, me and my mates watched it, not a bad game thought. Are you into your rugby? I replied.

Yes, me and my wife both like to watch the matches, its ideal with us living so close to the ground.

The bar staff came back with his drinks, is that all, she asked?

He turned to me and said, let me get you one whilst you wait.

I initially said no as I was waiting for the others, but i was unsure how long they would be, so I agreed and ordered a red wine, it was getting towards the time of the night I could not take on board any more large volumes of beer.

The bar staff went to get my order, the guy turned to me, John, he said, and held out his hand. I shook it and replied, Adrian.

He enquired, where have you travelled from. The Midlands, I replied.

The bar staff returned with my drink, John paid for them.

We are sat over there, he said, and indicated to another part of the pub with his hand. Why don’t you come and join us whilst you wait, he continued.

This was good, someone to talk to about rugby whilst waiting for the others I thought.

John led the way and we approached a table, sat at it was a lady on her own.

John was about the same height as myself, of average to stocky build, he might of played some rugby himself I thought, he had short hair which was greying in places and I placed him in the early to mid fifties.

As we approached the table I saw the lady look to her husband, away to myself and then back to her husband.

John handed the Vodka to his wife, saying at the same time, we have a guest, his friends have disappeared and I have asked him to join us until they turn up.

I turned from John and to his wife, I am Adrian, and held out my hand for her to shake.

She took the offer and said, Amanda.

I sat down and watched as she took a sip of her drink.

Amanda was younger than John I guessed, she was petite, dressed very smart and had a little cleavage on show. She had a very nice body I remembered thinking to myself.

John and I talked about the game and Amanda could certainly hold her own when it came to the sport also.

She spoke about the game with somewhat amount of passion and her eyes would light up when she did.

We sipped our drinks and they seemed to disappear all too fast.

My round I said, and asked if it was the same again.

Yes please, said Amanda, and handed me her empty glass. John looked at her and said, you are enjoying them tonight, how many is that now?

Amanda smiled, if you cant treat yourself every now and then, what is the point? she said, and gave a playful wink to John. He smiled at her and agreed.

I went to the bar and returned.

The conversation moved onto ourselves. I discovered that John and Amanda had children that had left home, this had left them with time on their hands to discover new adventures together, rugby being one of them.

The bar shouted for last orders, my turn, said John, before there was any arguments he disappeared into the crowd leaving me and Amanda alone.

As the evening had worn on I had found out that both John and Amanda had a great sense of humour. Amanda would come out with little jokes that made me laugh. As the Vodka went into her she seemed to relax more and her infectious smile appeared more often.

You been single long? she enquired.

I explained my situation, she listened, her eyes fixed on mine, I told myself it was just the Vodka and to not get any daft ideas.

John returned with the drinks, only this time he had brought two for every one.

Amanda gave out a little excited thrill, you will get me tipsy John, she said, but took the drinks all the same.

Seems a shame not to make the most of a nice evening said John, and gave his wife a cheeky smile. Someone is going to get lucky tonight I thought thinking John would be getting romantic with Amanda upon their return home.

We carried on talking, I took my phone out to check if the others had tried to contact me, there was nothing, I was not too concerned, I know that my mobile only sometimes works in Cardiff with my network supplier. John handed me his phone, use mine, he said. No its ok, I replied, they have probably stopped off at the Indian for something to eat, I will catch up with them at the hotel.

We finished our drinks and it came time to depart. I had enjoyed Amanda's and Johns company immensely. There was a relaxed, fun loving side to them that was easy to absorb.

Well that’s it, there is no more drink said John, we will have to call it a night.

I wouldn’t mind one more said Amanda, and looked at me, don’t suppose your hotel will let us in will they?, she said.

I am sure they will, I replied, I looked at John, I didn’t want to start a domestic and waited for him to respond.

John looked at me, they will serve you but not us, we are not guests at the hotel.

I have been going to watch the rugby matches for sometime now and we always end up in someone's room at the end of the night for a night cap, hence why we always bring something to drink and take it into the room. I always take a bottle of wine or vodka.

My mind raced as to how this was going to sound, I do have Vodka in my room, I said, I had started to follow it with but its normally for a night cap with the boys, but Amanda had already heard the words Vodka and I didn’t get chance to finish.

Great, she said. Your hotel is near to here, can we finish up there, just for one? She looked at me with her big eyes and smiled.

I had been in their company for part of the evening and I had enjoyed speaking to them both so much, I did not want it to end also.

Ok, I said, but what you will have to do is walk into the hotel first, go straight to the lifts and to my room, I will follow you in and collect the key from reception and meet you there. I gave them the room number and we departed.

As we walked up the street I followed Amanda and John, they walked arm in arm. I couldn’t help but notice Amanda's bum. It was very pert and she had a short black dress on that showed her legs off, I think it was at this point I felt very pleased that I had suggested the coming back to the hotel room scenario.

We approached the hotel, I let Amanda and John go first, if they did get thrown out I would be there to see them, I gave them a few minutes and they did not reappear. All is good I thought, I entered the hotel, went to reception and got the key, no sign of Amanda and John so they must be up stairs waiting I assumed.

I took the lift and got off at my level, as I walked down the corridor I saw them waiting outside the room. My heart began to race, I wasn’t sure as to why, we are only going in for a drink I said, they are not interested in any thing else. As I approached them, John was looking at a painting on the wall, Amanda gave me a look and smile that said she was happy to see me.

We entered the room, I quickly tidied up, wasn’t expecting anyone back I thought. I got the glasses off the side and pulled the bottle of Vodka out of my holder.

The room had a conventional lay out, I had a double bed and also a single, I always ask for a double as I cant sleep in a single very well.

I poured the drinks and handed them out.

I sat initially on the double and Amanda and john on the single, as we relaxed and drank a bit more I started to recline onto the bed.

I said if you need to smoke you can probably open the window.

We don’t smoke said Amanda, in fact we don’t have any naughty habits she said, and looked at her husband with a smile, he looked back and smiled, he then gave her a little kiss.

Amanda and John seemed in many ways an ideal couple, they were affectionate towards each other and had a great sense of humour and communication skills, they are lucky, I thought.

My mind was jolted back into the room.

I need the little boys room said John, and with that he shuffled off the bed and into the toilet.

Amanda looked at me. I am guessing you play rugby as well as watching it, you look like you do.

And what do you play? I asked. As soon as I had said it I thought that sounds so wrong in this scenario, in a hotel room and with her husband only feet away, I was sure it was going to go wrong.

Amanda looked at me, I don’t she said, but I would like to.

I wasn’t sure if we were on about the same thing, my mind racing, I had trouble to think now, my heart was racing in my chest. That comment was going to come back to haunt me I thought.

The short dress Amanda had on was riding up her thighs, when she said that my eyes immediately went to between her legs, I couldn’t stop my myself, even if I had wanted to, the Vodka was working it magic on both of us it would seem.

Amanda looked away, I shaved my legs tonight she said, and with that raised her one knee as she stroked her hand over her leg.

My eyes were still focused between her legs, and there it was, the sight of her panties. My heart beat so hard now I thought I was going to have an heart attack.

I stared between her legs, there is no other way to describe that moment. I could see her panties and they left very little to the imagination. I could just see her pussy lips through them. I prayed that the toilet didn’t flush and in would walk John, I wanted that moment to last forever, my cock starting to fill with blood and rise, I wanted Amanda to see me getting hard so she understood what I was feeling.

Amanda continued, I do like my parts smooth, she didn’t look at me but knew exactly where I was looking and slightly parted her knees some more.

Now I had a very clear view up her dress, I could now see that she had shaved her fanny also, I could just see the lips, they had started to part and i almost started to undo my own trousers I was that turned on.

The toilet did flush at this point and in walked John shortly afterwards, my gaze now firmly on him and me trying not to show the bulge in my trousers.

What we talking about, he said.

I could not think of a thing to say at this point, fearing the worse would come of it.

Me shaving, said Amanda.

John looked at her, I take it we are talking legs? he said.

For now, replied Amanda.

She is very attractive, don’t you think, said John.

Now my mind was racing faster than my heart, how do you answer that one I thought.

You are very lucky, I said, hoping I had been diplomatic.

Amanda was very attractive, I had noticed it when I first saw her, but I never dreamed I would be tackling that question over Vodka and in my hotel room.

More drink? I said and hurried to fetch the bottle, I recharged our glasses and resumed my position on the bed, just in case John needed to use the bathroom again and I could get another look up Amanda's dress.

Yes I am lucky, John said and he looked at his wife. He leant forward and kissed her fully on the mouth, she responded by kissing him back.

I was unsure at this point if it was a moment for them to share or the start of something more. They stopped kissing and looked at each other for a second, I sensed there was something between them, at that point they had communicated with each other with out saying anything.

John took Amanda's glass and placed it, with his own, onto bed side cabinet between the beds. He never said anything, never made eye contact with me, he just returned his gaze to his wife and resumed kissing her.

She kissed him back.

John started to move his hand from Amanda's waist and bring it up her dress, over her stomach and onto her breast, gently massaging her nicely shaped tits. Amanda carried on kissing him.

The blood started to rush to my cock again, was this just a couple having too many drinks and a bit of fun? or was this something more. Either way I didn’t want it to end.

They carried on kissing, I could see Amanda's nipples through her dress, they were very hard and her pert tits responded to Johns touch in my presence.

His other hand moved to the back of her dress, I could hear the sound of a zip being pulled.

Amanda's dress came forward slightly, his hand rubbing her tits moved to the edges of the dress on her shoulders, still kissing her he pulled the dress forward and off her shoulders, exposing her tits to me.

Amanda stopped kissing john and looked at me with a very naughty smile, she had gauged my reaction perfectly. Shall we stop? she enquired.

No please don’t, I replied, I just wanted them to restart their fondling.

Amanda leaned forward and removed her arms from the dress, this left her naked from the waist up. I looked at her tits, they were great and my hand went to the outside of my trousers where my now very erect cock was showing through.

Amanda and John resumed their kiss, Johns hand going to her tits again that were now totally exposed, I could see Amanda's nipples going erect.

Amanda placed her hand into Johns lap and massaged his cock through his trousers. She had parted her legs slightly also now, I could now see back up her skirt and those lovely shaved fanny lips started to look moist through her panties.

John moved his hand from her tits and down on to her knee, I could see him pulling the one leg towards him and pushing the other away. This parted Amanda's legs, and her dress rode up her thighs as he did so.

My cock wanted to explode, I could see Amanda's shaved pussy, it had just a very flimsy piece of panty material stopping it from being totally exposed to my gaze, John moved his hand in between Amanda's legs and massaged her, I could hear her wetness as he gently moved his hand.

John moved his hand up and slipped it inside her panties, Amanda gasped as he slid a finger inside her.

John looked at me, I still felt slightly awkward at looking at his wife being fingered right in front of me by himself.

Come and sit next to her, he said, and nodded his head to her side.

I didn’t need telling twice, with my erection poking through my trousers I stood up and sat next to Amanda, they both watched me as I did so, Johns hand still inside her panties and moving around.

Amanda turned towards me, she said, would you like to kiss? She never waited for the answer, she already new the answer and leant forward and kissed me, I kissed her back.

I felt Amanda's hand take mine and she guided it towards her tits, I played with them and tweaked her nipples, all the time John kept fingering her.

I felt Amanda's hand touch my cock through my jeans, she leant back and placed her other hand onto Johns crotch area.

Two hard cocks she said, and started to kiss me again, still rubbing us both.

I wanted to cum but thought the urge, I placed my hand onto her inner thigh nearest to me and moved my hand up, I could feel Johns hand as it went in and out of her fanny. He stopped and moved his hand, I took this as a sign for me to take over.

I gently touched her fanny through her panties and could feel her dampness, this drove me on. Amanda was still kissing me so I slipped my hand inside her panties over the waist band and soon found her smooth shaved lips, parted and very wet. I moved downwards and soon found her open and slipped my finger in, Amanda groaned with pleasure as I did.

I looked over to John, his eyes fixed between Amanda's legs, watching this other man fingering his wife right in front of him and hearing her wetness as he did so.

John took his top off and his trousers and everything else, I could see his erect cock, it was of average size, his foreskin pulled back and over his engorged penis head, he took Amanda's hand and placed her hand onto his cock, I watched as she started to rub him, pulling the skin back and making his head swell with blood.

Amanda stopped kissing me, are you going to get yours out too? she asked playfully.

I removed my hand from her panties and seconds later was the same as John, naked, I could see Amanda looking at my cock. She reached forward and placed her hand around the shaft, and started to rub, it was my turn to moan with pleasure now.

Amanda resumed kissing me and restarted to wank John off also, I placed my hand back into her sodden panties and found her clit, gently rubbing her I could feel her breathing speed up and tiny moans emitted from her mouth whilst she kissed me.

Amanda knew we would all come soon if it carried on, she stopped and stood up, her dress falling to her waist and her gorgeous tits remaining pert and with the nipples hard. She removed her dress and pulled her panties down, there she stood, totally naked in front of a man she had only met hours before.

She got onto the bed on all fours, her mouth going for my cock and slipped her lips around my cocks head, I could feel her tongue licking the eye and I wondered how long I could stop myself from coming, I think if it had not been for the Vodka I would of already.

John moved himself to Amanda's rear, I could feel Amanda being pushed forward every time John pushed his erect cock into her, his hands were on her ass and I could hear his upper thighs slapping against Amanda's ass as he fucked her. His thrusts got harder and Amanda was having problems sucking me off as she was starting to cum herself.

I heard John encouraging her as he fucked her.

Enjoying that cock in your mouth as I fuck you? You like two cocks you naughty girl, don’t you? Bet you want his hard cock inside your fanny? Will he come over all your tits?

Amanda carried on only mumbling yes to all of Johns questions.

I could feel Amanda stop sucking me, she was cumming and so was John, he threw his head back and moaned as he did so, Amanda had her eyes closed and enjoyed her orgasm also.

John pulled out of Amanda and sat back onto the bed, his once erect cock now flaccid and covered in Amanda's Juices and his own cum.

Amanda opened her eyes and looked at me, she was still on all fours. She stood up and went to the double bed, lay on her back and opened her legs, John looked at me and said, I think she wants another mans cum between her legs.

I looked over and could see Johns cum slowly trickling out of her wet and open fanny.

I wanted to fuck her so much, I went over and placed myself between her open legs.

I felt Amanda's hand go onto my shaft and guide my cock into her, I felt her wetness and warmth of her fanny as I pushed my cock into her.

Is he in? I heard John ask.

His cock is hard and in my pussy John, she replied, he is going to fuck me and cum in my pussy she continued.

I started to fuck her, John was asking, can you feel him inside of you? Are enjoying another mans hard cock ?

Amanda replied between gasps, yes, I can feel his cock swelling and he is going to cum.

John came over to the bed, his cock was hard again now, he knelt next to Amanda and lifted her head slightly so she could suck him off as I fucked her.

I could feel myself cumming, Im cumming i said, keep fucking me, she replied, I want to cum on your cock, and she returned to sucking John.

I could feel myself cumming, it rose from my balls, up the shaft of my cock and exploded inside Amanda. I gave quick small strokes as I did so and John came into Amanda's mouth knowing that I had just cum into her pussy.

I collapsed off Amanda and onto the bed, John went on to the single bed and Amanda lay next to me, eyes closed and enjoying the moment.

Nobody spoke for what seemed like an eternity, finally it was Amanda who broke the silence.

That’s our first threesome she said, We have talked about it lots but never actually done it until tonight.

I looked at John and then to Amanda. Did you both enjoy it? I asked.

Amanda said, immensely, its everything I thought it would be, only more exciting because we actually did it. We took that step.

She looked at John and held a hand out to him which he took. The look between them said it all. They are a couple very much in love, planning and willing to inject a new experience into their lives.

John smiled at Amanda and they both knew it was the start of a new chapter in their lives.