Written by 1loneranger

12 May 2009

As a regular visitor to the Kent coast (I keep a little holiday flat there) I was keen to find out about the 'local scene',dogging sites etc. So after a fairly fruitles search on S.H I took to having a drive around in search of possible dogging sites.

Eventually I gave up and one eve just parked up in a wide open carpark close to a beach and went for a stroll. There where quite a few people out, walking dogs mainly and I exchanged a couple of quick 'good evenings' with a few of them.

On returning to my car I decided to put the hood down,it was a warm evening especially for April. While in the proccess of putting the hood cover on I noticed a couple I had earlier seen on the beach with thier dog. They seemed to be showing some interest in my little soft top car. As it's quite a funky little thing I often get this so wasn't too surprised.

The couple approached and out of the blue the fem said "lovely evening for going topless " ( WHOOSH ! Straight over my head ) "Yep" I replied " That's what it's good for". "And a lot more, I bet" she replied. Looking and feeling a bit puzzled I asked " Like what ?" " If you're up for some fun, we'll show you !" Chipped in the guy for the 1st time. Hesitantly I said Yeh, I was up for it.

Under the fems instruction, the dog was relogated to thier car, both us guys were told to sit in the front seats. She climbed in and stood over us, foot in each footwell, upper body out above roof level. Lifting her skirt to reveal no nickers and the lovliest little pussy I had seen for a while, the 35yr old fem started to push her pussy into our faces alternating between us.

Christ she tasted good ! Now very wet indeed from both of our attentions she squatted down and like a magicians trick the gearstick in my little car dissapeared from sight...yep...straight up inside her in one move ! From this position she began to wank and suck on both our dicks, sharing her mouth equally between us.

After a short while she must have cum 2 or 3 times on my cars gearstick, by now I was ready for some shagging...but...didn't want to push my luck. Whith a big smile she said to me "Ok, you want a suck or fuck ?". "FUCK" I blurted. She laughed and said "ok, follow me". She climed over into the small backseat area and leaning right out over the back of the car on her belly she offered up a lovely pert arse with her now red and buldging pussy peeping out from below.

Her hubby had by now climbed out and was stood at the back of the car bollock deep in his wife mouth, wasting now time I slid into her juicy pussy and began slowly moving back and forth. Accross his wifes back the hubby says " When you're ready, she loves being fucked hard up her arse and to feel you cum there" WHAT ? This was getting even better ! (As if it could !)So, a short while later I was slipping into the tightest, lovliest arse I could wish for. She arched her back and for a second removed her husbands cock from her mouth and said " Now,hard and fast !". I obeyed the lady and soon was hammering away as hard and fast as I could !

Both me and hubby came within a split second of each other which seemed to drive her into even more of a frenzy. The last few seconds were like holding on to a bucking bronco...YEEEEEEHAAAAAAA!

The fem and I both fell back into my car puffing and panting and sweating heavily, even though we were all but naked and out in the open.....SHIT ! Out in the open ! I hadn't even thought about passers-by ! Looking around sheepishly I saw the hubby, now dressed with dog on lead standing close by. "Don't worry" he said "The last went when we were having our dicks sucked" PHEW !

We parted company with a "See ya around & thanks" from both of them, I thanked them, waved them off as I drove off and have never seen them since. Though, every time I clean out my little car I still find sand....it gets everywhere !