Written by Lancsman2

29 Sep 2014

I thought I would tell you about my Sat night, for some time now I have been looking after the sexual needs of a married lady whom I met off here, her husband Brian has an issue getting an errection and she still has needs, they had tried masturbation but she still needed making love too and sometimes just a good hard fucking, Brian has listened and watched us over the months and is happy she is not going to leave him and I am not going to run away with her , its a good relationship and we all get what we want out of it with us meeting up at least once a week sometimes more.

Sat night I had arranged to take her out for a few drinks, some flashing and flirting then back to her house for some serious fucking together ( her words not mine) anyway she had dresses as I had requested, wrap over dress with nothing on underneath , it is very easy to open those dresses and often her tits will pop out and she can show off her fanny while we are out. Brian met me at the door and handed over June to me and said take good care of her, off we went to the first pub with me having a good feel of her pussy and a bit of finger fun in the car-park before we went in, have to say she was wetter than normal and she said she was as horny as fuck saying she wanted my cock deep in-sider her sooner than later and hoped I had saved my spunk for her as she was going to drain my balls mmmmmmmmmmm

Inside of the pub she bumped into an ex lover and some of his friends, he knew I was not her husband and kept asking her who I was and where was Brian, in the end she told him the truth that I was her Fuck buddy and Brian knew all about it but would he keep it quiet, he agreed but only if he could have one last fuck together, she asked me what I thought ( well as I am not her husband I said go for it ) anyway it ended up with us all going back to Toms flat where we fucked her every which way we could for over 4 hours , driving her home she was covered in spunk in her hair over her face and tits and I know it was running out of her pussy as there was a pool of it on my seat ( good job they are leather seats) when I took her to the door Brian opened the door and she just said I have been well fucked now I need my bed