Written by johnny

4 Aug 2010

Hello i've read loads of horny stories on here and tnought it was about time i put one or two of my own up for public consumption. This is a story going back nearly twenty years ago when is was in my early twenties. And took place in a smallish but popular seaside town on the east coast.

It was quite late at night around the eleven mark and at the height of summer so it was still very warm when i popped into some public toilets for a quick pee. As i walked up to the urinals I passed the waste bin. I notice some small black and white photos on the top of its closed lid. On closer inspection they were of an sexy woman probably in her early thirties with a stunning figure dressed in only a oair of stockings and suspender belt holding her fairly hairy pussy wide open. Not being to shocked at this discovery as i'd seen things like this before as this was about the only way a man could show nude pictures of his wife back in them days with there being no internet for such thing (god this does make me feel old). Well me being me thought i'll have these to wank over later and picked them up and stuffed them in my pocket. Before doing what i'd actually gone in there to do.

I was about half way through my pee when another bloke came in, strangely he didn't come over to the urinals or go to the stalls. Just standing near the sink and bin not really moving. I'd finished my peeby niw and started to make a move to leave, when suddenly he spoke and said "I see you found the pictures of my wife, what do you reckon to her?" I replied that she wasa sexy woman, but felt a little awkward about having taken the photos so asked the bloke if he wanted me to put them back. He said it was ok for me to keep them but if i wanted to see the real thing he had his wife outside in the car. I'd had some previous dogging experience so agreed to go outside and meet her.

I walked out behind him and he pointed to a dark car parked about 100 yards up the road. We walk up to it in almost silence as we got closer i could make out a woman sitting in the passenger side. I walked straight up to the passenger door and tried it. To my suprise it opened and sitting the was the woman in the pictures. Wearing just a bra, knickers and stockings. Which concidering the car was parked on the main road along the seafront was extremely daring and horny.

I squated down in the doorway and intoduced myself whilst reaching out to cup one of her ample breasts. I then moved to the other one and popped it out of her bra to reveal the nipple which was a cherry red and stuck out like a chapel hat peg. I lent forward a sucked it into my mouth and had a quick chew. Sitting back on my haunches I then ran my hand over her smooth stomach and then down between her legs, to feel here pussy through her knickers which were dripping wet. At this point her husband got a little windy about our exposed position, so suggested that we move further along the front to a quieter access road. Being on foot i jumped in the back of the car and we headed off to the access road.

Once we arrived I hopped out and opened the passenger door and started up where I had left off. But this time she lent over and unzipped my jeans and pulled out my by now rock hard cock and started to wank me off. I romoved her bra and chewed on her nipples somemore whilst rubbing her pussy through her knickers. It wasn't long before I wanted to see and suck on her pussy so i got her to take her knickers off. As in the picture her pussy was covered in a thick but neatly trimmed thatch of hair. My fingers began to explore her slit to feel the wet folds that lay between.

It wasn't long before her husband hot her to suck his cock and to allow me continued access to her pussy he got her to kneel on the the seat with her lovely round arse sticking up in the air. I began to finger her with two fingers but she was soon encouraging me to add more. Soon i had all fourfingers up her pumping in and out with her pussy making squelching sounds every time i pushed into it,which got louder with every thrush of my fingers. Then all of a sudden she tensed and let out a loud moan and came with three great squirts of cum from her pussy which soaked my t-shirt and jeans. She then pushed her arse out of the car door and told me to cum over it. So I stood up and furiously began to wank myself off and with in no time I was splashing my cum all over her loverly arse cheeks.

And as quickly as it had started it was over as they thanked me and drove off with her still stark naked in thd oassenger seat. Leaving me to walk home with pussy cum drenched jeans and t-shirt. Luckily like a said earlier it was a hot night so I started to dry off quickly.

Please forgive any miss spellings or typo's but i done this on my phone.