Written by PhillipPreston

7 May 2012

My wife and I are Seamed Stocking fans and we both get a kick out of showing off her legs and heels. Some years ago we were at a meeting of like minded people at a hotel in the west country. There were mainly couples and a few single older men.

Earlier in the evening up in our hotel room it had been a real treat to watch my wife dress for the evening in her black Basque, see through nylon panties and of course the Cuban heeled seamed black stocking. Just to think of her socializing with all the other couples later on in the evening with all her best undies on under her dress was a real turn on.

She could see how excited I was and asked me if her outfit was suitable for the evenings adventure. I said I could not wait, and the thought of other men looking at her legs and feet was a huge turn on. Playing with my aroused state she teased me and asked what would I like to see happen during the evening. This may sound very mild but I asked her if it would be ok if sometime later during the social event I could come back up to our room and leave her alone with the group downstairs. She laughed and asked what I would do up in the room alone ? ...... I had to admit I would be thinking of her being looked at and that I would be so exited about leaving her alone I would have to masturbate.

Later in the evening things had gone really well, all the folks were really friendly and it was very sexy seeing many other wives and girlfriends dressed up in seams a heels. We had got chatting with a single chap who had joined our small group when my wife leaned over to whisper in my ear, that it was time for me to go up to our room. I looked a little flustered but she winked at me and said all would be fine.

I made my excuses and headed upstairs. It was thrilling to know that she was talking and flirting all by her self with all that sexy gear on beneath her dress. I lay down on the bed and let my imagination take over. The thoughts I came up with got me very exited and I could not help myself but to start touching myself. The room phone rang and she asked me what I was doing ........ I admitted to her I was masturbating about her. She told me that the single chap had invited her up to the bar to get a drink and while she was getting of the sofa to join him her dress had ridden up to reveal her multiple suspenders attached to her Basque. He had made a comment about how good her legs looked and the number of straps. Listening to her talk like this I could not beleive how daring she was being...... I asked her where she was now and what was going on ?

She said she was sitting on a tall bar stool with her legs crossed and that the tops of her stockings were very nearly on show. She also asked me what she should do next ? I said that it was a massive turn on to know she was downstairs almost flashing herself to other men and if she wanted to and felt happy she could carry on where she was. She told me she loved me and said she would call again. I lay there with crazy thoughts going through my head, What is it that is so strange about the turn on of thinking or watching your wife with another man. We had talked about this while making love but it had always been just on the basis of a fantasy, now it was going further !

I had to see for my self what was going on downstairs so I slipped back down to the bar. There she was just as she said, at the bar on a stool with her dress riding very high on the thighs. She looked very sexy and I could hardly control myself. The chap was talking with her along with another couple and they all looked engaged in the conversation. I joined them and gave my wife a kiss as I put my arm around her waist. They were talking about photography and how seamed stockings were not seen much in every day life. The other couple moved on leaving the three of us alone. The chap was a bit shy by himself but my wife then said to him out of the blue that she had enjoyed his comments on her suspender straps .... he went a bit red in the face, I think because I was there but said that he had only seen that many straps in lingerie catalogs.

I looked at her face and she looked very turned on ....... what happened next had me floored. She asked him if he would like to come up to our room and see the real thing and maybe take a few photos of his own to take home with him. I was stunned and when he said yes he would love to do that all I could do was to agree it would be fun.

We arrived up at the room and we were all a bit unsure how to proceed but my wife broke the ice by sitting on the end of the bed and pulling up the her dress to reveal her stocking tops. She was behaving like I had never seen her before and I asked her to come into the bathroom for a second. I shut the door and she pounced on me with a kiss and asked me if everything was alright with me ..... I spluttered yes but was it really what she wanted and if she thought it was going to far we could stop it now ! Then she came out with it and said she was really turned on with the thought of him seeing her undressed. I took her hand and let her touch me through my trousers. I was rock hard. She then took my hand and slipped it under her panties, she was wetter than I had ever felt before. She said to me lets go a bit further and see where it goes, with that she asked me to unzip her dress which I did and then she made me follow her out of the bathroom.

Our friend was siting on the bed and his eyes popped out at the site of my wife with no dress on. She walked up to him and her suspenders were almost at his eye level, she took his hand and turning around asked him if he could un-clasp some of the straps and straighten up her seams. He looked at me as if to ask if it was ok and I nodded for him to go ahead. I sat down in the chair and watched him as he touched my wife's leg and unhooking the straps and then running his hands up and down the back of her thighs pulling the seams straight.

When he had finished I was so turned on I could hardly control myself, my wife's eyes were shut and she looked like she was enjoying his touch as much as I was enjoying watching. It was very obvious he was also turned on by the bulge in the front of his trousers. My wife then told me to come over and stand on one side of the bed while she asked him to stand on the other, we did as we were told. She then lay down on her front on the bed showing off her bottom in her see through black panties and her legs with the now straight seams. She giggled and told us to drop our trousers. She turned her face to look at me with a wicked smile as I duly pulled my pants down to reveal my hard on. I looked across the bed and saw our friend had done the same and he was as hard as me. She then turned her head up and propped herself on an elbow to take a good look at him, she glanced and he and smiled, then ordered us to masturbate over her seamed stockings.

Neither of us lasted very long and soon her black stockings were covered with two healthy streams of hot cum, while we were doing our stuff her hand had slipped down the front of her panties and she was having some fun of her own. She came with a cry and lay there for a second in exhausted. Then she asked us both if we had enjoyed ourselves, we both said yes and could not help but smile at the situation, Then she rolled over sat up and took both of us in hand so to speak. This blew me away as I had never imagined my wife touching another man ....... we both became hard very quickly and she proceeded to masturbate both of us at once, it was such a turn on to see her fingers wrapped around another mans hard on that I could not help but come again shooting myself over her breasts that were bulging over the top of her basque, soon my cum was joined by his and her boobs were sticky with white cum against the black nylon of her bra cups.

My wife suggested that our friend take a couple of photos to remember the occasion and then take his leave. He was more than happy and left us thanking both of us for such and exiting night. After he was gone she grabbed me and kissed me so hard I had no choice but to cling to her for all I was worth, she broke off and pulled off her panties dragging me on top of her. By this time I was coming back to life but I was not in a fit state to satisfy her so I parted her legs and could not beleive how wet she still was. As I was licking her she asked me if she had taken it too far, I came up for breath and said hell no and that it was fantastic to watch her hold him. She then asked what would I would have done if she had taken him in her mouth ? I was flabbergasted to hear her talk like this as we had only fantasized about her giving another man a blow job. I said that I think it would have been ok but I was not sure, the thought of it did turn me on and I was hard again in a second, she looked at me and smiled, then said maybe next time.

We ended making love there and then and were both asleep within a short while. The next morning my wife was a little shy about the night before but I assured her that I was fine about what had happened and that it had not gone to far. We both agreed it had been very naughty and would look forward to the next get together.